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Victorious trophy in Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars


Win 50 Online career matches

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How to unlock the Victorious trophy

  • MonkeyBrad91MonkeyBrad91
    13 Feb 2015 05 Jul 2014 30 May 2015
    Like all the online trophies in this game, this trophy is earnable without an opponent. Unfortunately, it must be done in a public game, not private, so staying alone isn't guaranteed. Just start a 1v1 and pick a nice easy map (such as the first one or the sand one). You can just score one goal per game and let the time tick down, but I reccommend you also push for the Striker trophy at the same time.
    Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-CarsStrikerThe Striker trophy in Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars worth 299 pointsScore 500 goals in your Online career

    Since the 500 goals will take a minimum of ~10 wins anyway, it's most efficient to do them both at the same time. This trophy will take hours, so expect the long haul if you're boosting this. Once the 500 is done you can return to doing one goal per game, meaning you only have to interact once every ~5 minutes. Good luck, and enjoy!
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    Prem-aka-PrinceHi, thanks for the clarification! I was really worried this trophy was broken now. Unfortunately I already spent quite a bit of time for over 100 goals, guess I'll have to restart >_<
    Anyway just two questions- do you know if it has to be a public game, and did you ever idle out when leaving it for too long? Thanks
    Posted by Prem-aka-Prince On 17 Feb 15 at 13:43
    MonkeyBrad91Not sure about the public/private thing, I wasn't willing to risk 5 hours work on testing it lol, so I just did it public. But not a single person joined me anyway during the time (I did it during the day when there was plenty of games up).

    And i don't think you can idle out, at least I've never seen it. Though i wasn't really afk for more than ~15 minutes at a time. And yeah, I know the feeling -- I've played this game for maaany hours online and tried boosting it twice. Was glad to finally see it completed, but I expect i'll still play online anyway -- Such a great game for split screening!
    Posted by MonkeyBrad91 On 17 Feb 15 at 14:32
    Prem-aka-PrinceCan I ask where -at least which region- you're from? I'm in the UK and the last time I played I had people joining about half of my matches. I could usually win if I had over 10 points lead before they got in but that meant I had to play defensively for the rest of the time until the full 5 minute match was over xD
    If I can't find someone to partner up with I might test private so we can know once and for all, bearing in mind the knowledge it'll only work if done without backing out to XMB, since 500 goals should only take an hour and a half or two if spending the whole time scoring goals
    Posted by Prem-aka-Prince On 17 Feb 15 at 14:39
    MonkeyBrad91I'm from London :) Maybe I was just lucky? Or this game does tend to be a bit finnicky with bad connections -- Might have been that my connection was bad so no one could join me. I was draining my broadband with an MMO at the same time.
    Posted by MonkeyBrad91 On 17 Feb 15 at 15:23
    Spot-on guide. Unlocked exactly at 50 wins in one sitting. Must be done in one sitting, guaranteed.

    I previously went 38 wins and had to go to the store so I left my PS3 on, but I forgot that I had the power saving settings set to auto-shutdown at 1 hour inactivity within games, so it shut me down while I was out cry

    This takes just about 5 hours to do, per player, in one sitting. If you aren't self-boosting, boost only with someone you trust with your life.
    Posted on 06 Mar 15 at 01:15
    Prem-aka-PrinceHi again MonkeyBrad91, the opening note about these being broken is now no longer needed. There was a recent patch specifically to fix these broken trophies (I think it's all the three cumulative online trophies). I finally got around to doing this and can confirm that you can now do it in separate sessions as it was originally intended. However, they also confirmed that you must do it in public matches, not private, so please could you edit this into your solution so others don't waste their time. Thanks. Source
    Posted by Prem-aka-Prince On 30 May 15 at 13:30
    MonkeyBrad91Will do thanks for the heads up, didn't know they'd fixed it. Love seeing that Psyonix are still caring for their fans despite the game being quite old!
    Posted by MonkeyBrad91 On 30 May 15 at 16:45
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