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Most Wanted trophy in Red Dead Redemption (PS3)

Most Wanted

Become a Public Enemy for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session.

Most Wanted0
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How to unlock the Most Wanted trophy

  • RealBlazeStormRealBlazeStorm
    01 Oct 2020 02 Oct 2020 02 Oct 2020
    I did this trophy in the way RichSeventy4 described over on TA, and it's super simple.

    Join a Friendy Free Roam lobby, this way other players can't kill you and aren't as likely to chase you.

    Go to Blackwater and across of the train station you'll find a red brick building. Climb up both ladders to get to the rooftop. You'll see that it's a big rooftop with edges around. This provides enough cover for people to be unable to spot you from all sides.

    For now, hop on one of the edges of the roof ( did it on the train station side) and shoot someone. Now the cops will be coming for you, though they'll come slowly. Keep killing until you reach your $1000 bounty and become a Public Enemy.

    Now simple crouch and walk up to the middle of the rooftop area. Nobody is able to see you and for some reason nobody comes up the ladder either. So you'll lose your wanted level very fast and you'll be safe. Now you just have to afk for 10 minutes and pop goes the trophy!

    You read that right, you don't have to be in Wanted for the 10 minutes!
    Waiting 10 minutes and escaping the cops are two seperate things that the trophy wants. Thus even without using this method you should just try to escape ASAP once you become Public Enemy and then just hide until the 10 minutes are over.
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  • BraylovskyBraylovsky
    28 Aug 2022 07 Jun 2023 14 Jul 2023
    While the guide made by RealBlazeStorm works, there is another way, and that is using the outfitter.

    Using the outfitter counts as "escaping" for the game, so you really dont need to ride into the sunset to evade the lawmen. I tried two locations this way, and both worked.

    In Chuparosa, go to the building that is the jail (it's in the north of town, near the walls). Go to the third floor, and start shooting at people until you get the public enemy status. Since the only way of reaching the third floor is using said stairs, you only need to keep a watch there. If other players (not NPCs) try to use dynamite to kill you, either stay still (since the explosion barely reaches the third floor) or go out to the balcony (that way you wont get hurt, but you will be exposed). Once the ten minutes pass up, go into the outfitter.

    You can also go to Cochinay and kill the livestock, and when the Mexican Army pops up, kill them (yeah, it's glitchy). If the soldiers stop appearing, kill more livestock (I recommend you to kill one animal at a time, since the animals take their time to respawn). Once you turn into a public enemy (also, you can't see your wanted level since, well, glitches) just fall back and stay behind the browning gun, or go into the outfitter.
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