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A New Perspective trophy in Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)

A New Perspective

You played GTA V in first person mode for 15 hours.

A New Perspective0
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How to unlock the A New Perspective trophy

  • Cryptic_AliasCryptic_Alias
    19 Nov 2014 19 Nov 2014 04 Dec 2014
    For the people that don't like the feeling of the first person mode I want to state that it is possible to get this trophy by just idling in the first person view. So if you want it you can leave your PlayStation 4 on overnight on first person mode and after the required 15 hours the Trophy will unlock.

    As mentioned by note that any time spent playing both single player or GTA Online in first person view will count towards the 15hrs required for the Trophy.

    Feel free to comment if something needs to be added to the solution.

    Happy hunting!
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    NocturnoLupoThe most amazing solution evaaarrr whooooo!

    Just kidding; it's a good solution for people not enjoying the FPS mode (Like myself). Thumbs up from me!
    Posted by NocturnoLupo On 10 Dec 14 at 21:13
    LAHIRU_PERERA_NZGreat solution for a very annoying trophy. Could not play 15 hours in FPS mode. Find it highly irritating.

    Add me on LAHIRU_PERERA_NZ with a GTA Message if you want to go for some Online Trophies.
    Posted by LAHIRU_PERERA_NZ On 23 Dec 14 at 23:11
    adonbilivit88My PS4 is currently on whilst I'm at work and I'm idle haha! Just hope the missus doesn't find it and turn it off! It's worth mentioning though I think you need to be in offline mode for this to work, tried it last night online and I got booted for being idle for too long! Hopefully it'll pop half way through the day! Nice solution clap
    Posted by adonbilivit88 On 25 Feb 15 at 09:38
    Cryptic_AliasI did it in the single player whilst standing in a safehouse next to the bed where you can save the game.

    The offline mode you mention is for multiplayer or also for single player? And if you could confirm that would be nice so I can add it to the solution. :)
    Posted by Cryptic_Alias On 25 Feb 15 at 18:31
    BluWarfareHDI've got almost 16 hours in first person mode and the trophy hasn't unlocked?
    Posted by BluWarfareHD On 03 Apr 15 at 19:49
    Cryptic_AliasAs far as I know the trophy isn't a buggy one, so I guess you need to give it a bit more time for it to unlock. What I had before with GTA V was that I had a trophy dat wouldn't unlock and stayed greyed out on PSN a few days later it was unlocked though. Could be a thing with your PS4 not getting the information from the Trophy servers correctly.
    Posted by Cryptic_Alias On 04 Apr 15 at 10:09
    PerfidiousSinnOdd glitch I got on this: I left the game idle for 16 hours to get this trophy. Didn't pop until I closed GTA V and re-opened it: the Trophy popped as the game was loading.
    Posted by PerfidiousSinn On 26 Jun 15 at 14:21
    NightmoonStalkerI could have sworn I got kicked for idling the other day.
    Posted by NightmoonStalker On 14 Jul 15 at 17:15
    mightybwanaYou do get kicked off for idling in Online. You can do it in single-player.
    Posted by mightybwana On 04 Jan 18 at 11:45
    Matik_MPHard to say it is a (big) solution, but definitely it is a tip how to easily get this annoying trophy. 1up from me.
    Posted by Matik_MP On 23 Apr 20 at 09:45
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