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Tournament Ace trophy in WipEout HD

Tournament Ace

Win every race of an 8 stage Racebox tournament on Skilled or Elite difficulty.

Tournament Ace0
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How to unlock the Tournament Ace trophy

  • moobaamoobaa
    06 Aug 2013 06 Aug 2013
    This may seem like a daunting task, but even I (who can barely scrape a win together on Skilled difficulty) managed to complete it.

    Enter Racebox and set up the following:

    Race Type: Tournament
    Speed Class: Venom
    Difficulty: Skilled
    Weapons: Off (this is the important bit)

    Hit X, then pick a track you're comfortable with and add it to the Tournament eight times using the Square button. I used Anulpha Pass (Forward) - hey, if you're going to attempt to Beat Zico, you need to know it pretty well ;) I then chose one of the Icarus racers - Anulpha Pass is smooth enough that you don't need decent handling, and the top speed of the craft helped me.

    With this setup, I found races pretty easy to win - most of the time I could finish the first lap in 4th-5th place, and by the end of the second lap I was either 1st or 2nd. It helps to take the "high road" in Anulpha Pass (the elevated straight bit), though I'd avoid it on the first lap if it was crowded. I also managed to squeeze in a barrel roll most of the time, which is a nice little speed boost - just try not to boost into the back of one of the AIs.

    Just make sure the Weapons are off, and you should be fine :)

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    Jugoslav_JelashAgreed, Anulpha Pass is the best stage for this trophy. But, unlike you, I did use weapons. And yes - ''high road'' is a must, and with a ''proper use'' of those speed pads you don't even have to use the barrel roll (I didn't use a single one in those 8 races).
    Posted by Jugoslav_Jelash On 02 Nov 13 at 06:34
    Derezzed-AnonI also used weapons (To work towards 500 absorbs) but I followed the rest and worked perfectly +1 from me
    Posted by Derezzed-Anon On 02 Feb 15 at 12:14
    A_Tennis_GiraffeGreat solution, thankyou, although I actually used weapons as well (didn't try it without so not sure how I would have gone there) and got the trophy on my first attempt. I up-voted your solution as it definitely helped me get this trophy. Cheers!
    Posted by A_Tennis_Giraffe On 22 Mar 18 at 23:15
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  • moosoo19moosoo19
    14 May 2014 21 Nov 2018
    Do exactly as Moobaa's guide says but I've got 1 addition to make life a little easier. Start it up in 2-Player & leave P2 idle, this will actually slow down the other ships as to create a "catch-up" -esque effect for P2 making it easier for you to win each race.
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