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Under the Red Brick trophy in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Under the Red Brick

Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time

Under the Red Brick0
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How to unlock the Under the Red Brick trophy

  • MitchCRafT_nM3MitchCRafT_nM3
    16 Jan 2016 15 Jan 2016 16 Jan 2016
    Hi, in this solution i will show you where to get all the red bricks via a YouTube video which has time stamps, i will tell you the character needed to find the red bricks, i will also give you some tips on the most efficient way to do this. I also have posted a video on where to go to purchase the red bricks once you have collected them and a video on stud/money farming.

    A note before we start is that once you have collected the red brick in each level you don't need to finish the level to keep it as you will be playing in free play mode. Once you have collected it just ht the option button>Return to watchtower> Save and exit, then you can move on to the next level.

    OK first of all you are going to need Plastic Man as he is your main character for collecting the bricks.

    I play every Lego game by completing the story first then tidying up everything else afterwards because this way you will have unlocked all the characters that are part of the story and it just so happens that Plastic Man is in the story and he'll be unlocked during the course of the story in the Watchtower, just before Level 6. If for some reason the game glitches you can use the code below to unlock him via extras in the menu by pressing the option button, this is also where you activate all the red bricks you have found and purchased.

    Plastic Man code: H2VB8Z

    You will also notice in the extras menu there are 4 red bricks that you can purchase without needing to collect them. They are as follows, Mini Characters, Unlimited Light, Unlimited Fuel and Unlimited Electricity. Do not purchase these straight away as i will explain why with tips on which bricks to unlock first later in the solution.

    Now you will also have noticed i mentioned that you have to purchase them as well as collect them so the first video will show where you go to purchase them.

    So now that you know where to purchase them now you need to go find them but before that i want to give you a tip on which bricks to purchase first to make things easier on your self. Now another reason to play through the story first is so that you will have collected a good amount of studs/money used to purchase the red bricks and characters. There are 5 red bricks that are stud multipliers that start with 2X then range up by 4X, 6X, 8X and 10X. My advice is that after collecting these you purchase the most expensive one you can afford and activate it straight away because this way when you go collecting the rest you will start earning studs much quicker for your next purchase. For example the 2x stud multiplier is 1 million studs but the 4x multiplier is 2 million so if you have say 1 and a half million i would save up for the 4x multiplier rather than just buying the 2x multiplier. The great thing is the multipliers are the first red bricks you will be collecting, presuming you go collect them in order of the video of course.

    Another thing you will notice is that the multipliers work on top of one another for example if you have the 2x and 4x multiplier activated you will be collecting studs 8x the normal.

    Now that is out of the way here is the video that will show you where to collect them with time stamps underneath.

    NOTE: Some parts of the levels will need you to do some of the puzzles to get to the red brick but the video has completed them already for convenience so just play through the level until you get to the area with the red brick. Do not worry a lot of them are very early on and you can load different sections of each level as shown in the video. This is an opportunity to collect more studs though smile

    00:01 to 00:55 - Studs x2 - Pursuers in the Sewers
    01:03 to 01:48 - Studs x4 - Breaking BATS!
    01:55 to 02:42 - Studs x6 - Space suits you, Sir!
    02:48 to 04:20 - Studs x8 - Space Station Infestation
    04:24 to 05:27 - Studs x10 - The Big Grapple
    05:30 to 06:33 - Disguises - The Lantern Menace
    06:39 to 07:29 - Gold Brick Detector - Europe Against It
    07:35 to 08:46 - Minikit Detector - Big Trouble in Little Gotham
    08:51 to 09:44 - Quest Detector - Power of Love
    09:48 to 10:46 - Adam West in Peril Detector - A Blue Hope
    10:48 to 11:31 - Attract Studs - Jailhouse Nok
    11:36 to 12:30 - Festive Hats - All the Rage
    12:34 to 13:23 - Character Token Detector - Need for Greed
    13:31 to 14:36 - Fast Build - Aw-Qward Situation
    14:40 to 15:57 - Collect Ghost Studs - Breaking the Ice
    16:02 to 16:47 - Bat-Fight Captions - Same Bat-time! Same Bat-channel!

    Now that you have collected all of them work on purchasing those multipliers so you can rack up plenty of studs to purchase everything else.

    Here is a video showing you a goo place to farm studs

    Once you have collected and purchased them all go in to the Options menu>Extras and activate them all and then the trophy will pop.

    Good luck and happy gaming toast
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