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Restricted Airspace

EMP 10 enemy aircraft out of the sky with the hovertank in "Bio Lab."

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  • niteowl1980niteowl1980431,267
    05 Nov 2014 05 Nov 2014 30 Nov 2014
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    Towards the end of the Biolab mission you take control of a hover tank as part of the story, this part is unmissable.

    As you progress through the forest you encounter three types of enemies; infantry, tanks and aircraft.

    You have three types of weapons one for each enemy. Infantry need anti personal missiles and you switch to these by pressing cn_S , tanks requires missiles and these are selected by cn_T and aircraft EMP shells selected by cn_O.

    Every time you either see an aircraft, hear an aircraft or one of your team gives you an audio cue such as "chopper incoming" switch to EMP shells with cn_O and take them out.

    There are about 12 on the level and you need 10 for the trophy. Keep and eye on the "trophy system" bar on the left of the screen as this is your shield. If you get destroyed you get put back to the beginning of the level.

    Below is my footage of this section, the trophy popped for me at the end but you can't see it as it is PS4 footage.
  • L0k0h360L0k0h360140,990
    08 Nov 2014 08 Nov 2014 08 Nov 2014
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    At the end of mission 10 you'll ride a tank. You'll have to knock down10 flying vehicles with the PEM cannon. The vehicles are all together,so If you miss anyone just load chekpoint and try again.
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