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Power Changes Everything

Completely upgrade your Exo.

Power Changes Everything-0.2
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  • lostmantella9lostmantella9264,172
    04 Nov 2014 05 Nov 2014 05 Nov 2014
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    To get this achievement you have to completely upgrade your Exo suit in the campaign. In order to fully upgrade your Exo suit you'll need to complete Exo challenges to get upgrade points. The challenges and there Max out numbers are
    Grenade Kills-320
    Intel- All 45

    If you complete all of them you'll have enough points to max out your Exo suit. All the challenges are pretty easy, they can NOT be farmed by reloading checkpoint though but here are the easiest ways I found to get them done.

    Kills 1600- After the campaign you should have around 1400 kills, simply replay a few levels to get the remainder.
    Headshots 175- this challenge is pretty easy, I got it midway through the campaign without even going for it, if you don't have it by the end of the campaign, simply reply a few levels aiming for enemies heads.
    Grenade kills 320- I recommend using your smart grenades whenever you have some throughout the campaign. Also kills with the "MDL" gun count as grenade kills so pick one up whenever possible, if you don't get it by the end of the campaign, Load up the mission "crash" on recruit, After you land there should be a MDL sitting besides the box in front of you. I used this gun and smart grenades throughout the mission to earn heaps of grenade kills also refilling ammo whenever I could.
    Intel All 45- the intel is fairly simply to find, use a guide on youtube if you're having trouble, most of the intel is pretty obvious though. I only had to look up a guide for 1 intel.

    After all the challenges are done, upgrade your Exo suit between missions on the main menu. :)
  • Vergil-XTVergil-XT196,714
    08 Nov 2014 14 Nov 2014
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    You can upgrade your soldier in the SP-Campaign. These are the challanges:

    Kill 1600 Enemies
    175 Headshots
    Kill 320 Enemies with Grenades
    Collect all Intel (45)

    So i would recommend to do headshots as much as you can. 175 are not much and i had it in Mission 10 or so. Another advise i would give is to do the 320 Grenadekills during Mission 2 in the Grenade-training-section. You can restart it as much as you want and you get 14 kills every time. After i had completet everything i still needed 120 Grenadekills and 340 Kills. So before you have to go back to this mission again i would say do it directly because it will make your way much easier because you have alot of upgrade points right at the beginning and you don't have to focus on grenadekills anymore and kill all the enemies easily with your guns. But if you already have done the campaign and you still need kills, feel free to go back and and do Grenades/Kills here. If you still need Headshots after you did everything else i would take Mission 4 "Fission" There ale alot of enemies right at the start of the level and on recruit you can do Headshots without problems. Another thing to notice is that you have to play the mission until the and to upgrade your suit. I didn't found it anywhere else.
  • JieBie88JieBie8895,380
    07 Nov 2014 07 Nov 2014
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    Tip for easy & quick gathering of Kills & Granade kills ....just do the granade training over and over again counts towards both. Just don't forget to end the whole level or you will lose all kills :)
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