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Down By The River trophy in The Walking Dead

Down By The River

Complete chapter 2 of episode 4.

Down By The River0
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How to unlock the Down By The River trophy

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    I will skip conversation pointers, as those choices are entirely up to you.

    You find yourself near the back of a house, looking for a way in.

    If you want to chew Ben out for leaving Clem, do it now. The first time I played Episode 4 I wanted to do this at a later point but there were no conversation markers towards it anymore.

    All windos and the door are sealed shut. Notice the doggy door, on the bottom of the door to the house.

    Pick up the shovel (next to the shed, on the right).

    Dig up the dog, next to the doghouse in the back of the yard.

    Pick up the dog's collar.

    Use the collar on the doggy door.

    Once inside, you'll have to check all the doors on the ground level. There are three doors to be checked; one on each side of the fireplace (in the room with Christa, Omid and Clementine), and a large one in the hallway, next to the stairs. There's more stuff to investigate but only the doors will get you to continue with the story.

    You'll have to climb the stairs to go to Kenny.

    It's your first big choice of the episode: Will you kill the undead boy, or will you let Kenny do it?

    Put the body in the dog's grave.

    Pick up the shovel and shovel loose dirt into the grave until the story continues.

    Once on the waterfront, check the telescope. It needs a coin to work, and bashing it in won't work. By now, you should've noticed the gruesome walker wall.

    The cash register of the newsstand is completely empty, but you can bash in the newspaper machine. It's to the right on the street, just right of the street you came from.

    Use the coins on the telescope. Look to your far left, notice the person.

    Sneak towards the newsstand, and look over it. There's a short fight with the person, but you don't have to win it for the story to continue - there's no real consequence to losing. If you do want to fight; it's two moves with the A button; once to deflect the first blow, and once to get the upper hand in the fight - you don't have much time and the screen jitters, so press A as soon as you have the option and keep your cursor near the person's right arm.

    After the conversation, you run into the ally left of the newsstand after miss Assassin's Creed. Take Kenny's hand; just like in episode three, he won't be able to hold on to you.

    Push the dumpster out of your way.

    Try to open the manhole. It won't work, but Molly will throw you her climbing pick.

    Pick up the climbing pick.

    Pry the manhole open with a quick-time event, you'll get into the manhole and receive the trophy.
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