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Tame an Ocelot.

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    This trophy can be easily unlocked in the tutorial world.

    Load up the tutorial and complete the basic features so you can go up the stairs.

    Once you have gone up the stairs you're in a cobblestone 'town' and on the left there will be an opening with some stairs down to where there is farming and animals, go down the stairs and head left.

    You should see some pens with chickens, cows, pigs and you guessed it ocelots, in front of the ocelots is a chest that contains the raw fish you need. Grab the raw fish and equip it and crouch (Press cn_down) and open the pen so that the ocelot runs out, follow it but not too close so you don't lose it, then you'll need to wait for the ocelot to calm down and stop being scared.

    When it calms down it should come back to you slowly with its head down looking at you, once near press L to tame it and providing it worked there will be a flash of hearts and the ocelot with turn into a either a ginger black and white or Siamese cat.

    Note: If the ocelot gets too close it will get scared off again and you'll have to start over and wait for it to come near you again. As well as this it you tame in this scared mode you will still see a flourish of hearts but no taming will occur.

    Here's a video
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