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Iron Man

Wear a full suit of Iron armour.

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Trophy Guide for Iron Man

  • RedPandaboyRedPandaboy121,199
    17 Sep 2014 18 Sep 2014
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    Please credit Mattynicklin from for the following solution:

    You can do this on the tutorial level.

    Once you have completed it, go up the stairs and in the second building on the right is a chest with an iron pick axe and iron axe, take them both out of the chest.

    After that go over to the 4 iron blocks next to the pumpkins in the snow area next to the building you were just in.

    Use the iron pick axe and mine them.

    Next use the axe to chop 4 planks of wood off a building and create a crafting table.

    Then go on the decoration page and select the gold Ingot and go down to the iron ingot, each iron block will turn into 9 iron ingots making 36.

    Once you have done that go over to the armour section and create each piece of armour in iron. Then equip them.

    The trophy will then pop up.
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