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The End?

Enter an End Portal.

The End?-0.4
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  • shadowbow745shadowbow745200,865
    22 Sep 2015 27 Sep 2015 09 Feb 2016
    0 1 5
    You need 9 eye of enders because there are already 3 in eye of enders in the portal already. you can get eye of enders from killing enderman this is what they drop. The trick is to look at their feet as they will teleport if you don't. You are also going to need blaze rods as well which you can get from the nether be careful when getting these as it is easy to die in the nether. This is also get you
    MinecraftInto The NetherThe Into The Nether trophy in Minecraft worth 22 pointsConstruct a Nether Portal.
    MinecraftInto FireThe Into Fire trophy in Minecraft worth 23 pointsRelieve a Blaze of its rod.
    Just use the guide below if you want the coordinates.
  • Bad_Kharma71Bad_Kharma7110,617
    09 Feb 2016 09 Feb 2016
    0 2 0
    I can't take credit for this but saw it in a forum and cant remember which one to give the person credit but I just verified it and its there and works just haven't done it yet. Start a new world, SURVIVAL, PEACEFUL, SEED: -5061013197205050898, travel to coordinates X:1091, Y:68 Z:90. You will be on an island, dig straight down to coordinates X:1091, Y:42 Z:90 and it will put you right in front of the END PORTAL. Now all you have to do is gather the materials and jump in the portal. smile
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