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This is Art! trophy in BLEACH: Soul Resurreccion

This is Art!

Perform a 2,000 Slash combo.

This is Art!0
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How to unlock the This is Art! trophy

  • EmpathicMIMICEmpathicMIMIC
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013
    Although ExsphereBrawler's solution is completely valid, I have an easier way to get this done with just a level 1 character, meaning all those "Extended Combo Time" bonuses are not required.

    Once you unlock Barragan, take him into Mission 3 (timed mission). Here you have a lot of enemies in a very enclosed area.

    Now, I know Barragan is extremely slow, but he has one move that makes him a combo beast: Respira. Jump and press triangle to unleash this move that will do continuous damage to enemies for a few seconds. Bunching enemies up and using Respira will increase your combo as well. And the best thing about Respira for this trophy? It takes FOREVER for Respira to kill anything, even on normal! laugh

    All I did was use Respira, move around (to recharge my spirit gauge, just to be safe), and repeat. I had a 2,000+ hit counter before I got to the boss at the end of the mission.

    Do not, under any circumstances, use your ignition trigger. I got into the habit with characters like Stark and Ichigo to use my ignition to increase attack power, and that works with Respira too. It will kill enemies too fast leaving you scrambling for something else to hit.

    Below is a video that demonstrates how to build a fast combo with Barragan. Credit goes to BitingLion. If I missed anything please leave a comment.
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  • ExsphereBrawlerExsphereBrawler
    02 Aug 2013 02 Aug 2013 10 Sep 2013
    I personally found this and the 1,000 slash combo to be near impossible when I first started, though with some leveling it can be much easier. First and foremost you need to level your character of choice to do this (mine was Ichigo) up to obtain the extended combo time nodes. These help tremendously as you are progressing through the stage as it near doubles the time. You may need to level other characters to reach different parts of the development map for these. These grids will be the ones you want for combo enhancement.

    Rukia Subgrid
    Stark subgrid
    Stark subgrid
    Soi Fon Subgrid
    Yoruichi/Byakuya subgrid
    Grimm subgrid

    After obtaining these, I suggest you obtain more bars for your spiritual pressure if you're going to use a similar method to mine. Personally I used standard Ichigo for this. The combo you'll want to use is square x 4 and then jump with X leading in to the Tenburenjin (used by pressing circle rapidly in the air) which builds up the combo nicely. If you can launch more people in to the air, the greater the combo will grow. It's also worth noting if you are in an enhanced state the move will pick nearby enemies up off of the ground, making it easier to chain them together. I'm sure you could find ways to do this with other characters as well, but I simply found this easier.

    If you'd like a suggestion as far as a stage I personally did this on Mission 3, very hard difficulty. The enemies are resilient so you have plenty of time to keep them in the combo and the boss at the end of the stage is Rudbon and he supplies you with infinite enemies as long as you don't kill him. If you kept the combo throughout the stage, you shouldn't need him to spawn too many. Watch the 8 minute timer, as this will end the level. Dashing into enemies helps keep the combo alive even if the enemy is guarding, this is a helpful tip to keep in mind. Also, dashing in to the nearby item pots will help your cause tremendously while he drops more enemies for you to combo.

    Another suggestion would be the character "Barragan" after getting all of the slash upgrades as well as each bar of spiritual pressure. The ignition boosts as well as the spirit regen rate will help as well. With this character, go in to Score Attack 3 and simply keep abusing his Jump + Triangle move. It follows enemies and keeps hitting them. Keep throwing this out there and you'll build up the slash like crazy. Be careful however, as when you're in an enhanced state Barragans "Death by Age" kicks in automatically and will kill average foes near you. I suggest using a standard triangle attack which is much like a getsuga if an enemy is just out of reach. You can't dash in to enemies to save your slash as easily as most die on the spot. Don't forget to use your ignition attack if need be, better to save the slash than have a slightly less effective respira.

    This link below helped me when trying to find the best means to level.
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