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You woke up granny! trophy in The Playroom

You woke up granny!

Keep pumping a balloon until it bursts.

You woke up granny!0
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How to unlock the You woke up granny! trophy

  • MitchCRafT_nM3MitchCRafT_nM3
    26 Aug 2014 26 Aug 2014
    There is a lot i explained in
    The PlayroomHidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in The Playroom worth 22 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy


    It covers adding a mobile device to your PS4, using the Playstation App and trouble shooting.

    I will paste it here also and then go on to the guide its self.

    For those who have the Playstation App, paired mobile devices to the PS4, the DLC installed and know how to system link skip down to where i underline and in bold text writen "And now for the guide"

    Ok so there are a couple of things we need to do to get this trophy.

    1.Obviously have your camera lol
    2.You will need to download the AR studio DLC for The Playroom from the PSN Store (free)
    3.You will need a remote device for example the Playstation app on iphone you can system link to your PS4.

    At some point in the future the VITA will be able to use this DLC also but when ever i try it gives me a message saying AR STUDIO is not yet ready for use with the playstation Vita system, for now please use a tablet or a smart phone to play.

    So VITA is not an option at the date this solution was written, only smart phones and tablets.

    Which ever device you are using just go in to your app store and search the term "Playstation" and you should find an app looking like this

    Note for DLC: You will need to restart the game for the AR Studio DLC to show up in the Playroom menu. So once downloaded and installed, which you can check the status of by looking at your Notifications then Downloads from the main PS4 menu and if you look to the right you will see "AR STUDIO for THE PLAYROOM" Under that it will say either downloading or installed and also Add-On.
    You will not be able to do this trophy until the status reads Installed and all of the above mentioned has been done.

    Once it reads installed hold down the PS button and select close application, if The Playroom is the application to be closed then click OK. Now the DLC will be on The Playroom menu..

    So go open up The Playroom from the PS4 main menu.

    Once the game has started you have the option to set the camera up again or just jump straight in to the game. If you have been using it on a regular basis and nothing has been moved around in your gaming room you could probably just hit "Skip to game!"

    If like me maybe you have moved the camera around or changed the layout of your room in anyway i would then be inclined to pick the "Go though camera setup again" option just to make sure everything is in place making it easier for your self. Go ahead and follow the on screen instructions until you are fully happy that the set up is right for you.

    OK so now we are ready to go, DLC=Yes Mobile device app= Yes camera set up = Yes Application restart if needed = Yes

    Finally we are ready to go, lets do this!

    First get your mobile device, i will be using my Iphone seeing as the VITA is not ready for this DLC to be used with. (26/8/2014)

    Today i will give instructions using the iphone which will be the same for all tablets and mobile devices alike and when this does become available to use in the Vita i will update the solution to include that too.


    Ok first of all open up your Playstation App on your device which should have Notifications, Invitations, Game alerts and Messages along the top. Under that it should say connect to PS4, if not there is a refresh symbol you can click and if it still doesn't show up make sure you have your WI-FI settings switched on with the device you are using also on your PS4 go in to settings then Playstation App Connection Settings, now press X on Add Device which will give you a code with a time limit before that code becomes useless so open the Playstation App on your tablet or smart phone and enter that code when prompted to and you will now have that device linked to your PS4. Another handy thing is you can name your PS4 just like you can name your phone in the bluetooth settings so if there are more than one near by you know which is yours.

    To do so enter settings again then system>system information click X and the keyboard screen will open up allowing you to give your PS4 its own name making it easier to find your own ps4 when using the app.


    Ok so we need to start The Playroom up and either set up the camera again or skip and just play if you feel the need to set up the camera again go for it if not follow me in to the game.

    Scroll the touchpad along until you get to AR Studio and press the touchpad.
    Now we need our Playstation App, so get your iphone/pad, android tablet or whichever you are using your Playstation app on and connect to your PS4. You then want to wait for the loading screen to say tap to continue so when prompted do so. You want to be using this as a second screen not a remote screen!

    Next go in to controller effects and create a balloon, simply pick the balloon already there and use the pen to follow the line art then click OK .

    You will then come to a screen on your mobile device asking which controller to apply the balloon to, obviously picking your own.

    Now all you need to do is hold down the touch pad which will start making a balloon and blowing it larger the longer you press as if you were really making a balloon to the point where it pops and it pops with a trophy inside.

    Hope this is of help.

    I will happily answer any questions.
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