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Everything we've been through trophy in The Last of Us Remastered

Everything we've been through

Fully upgrade Joel with supplements

Everything we've been through0
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How to unlock the Everything we've been through trophy

  • MitchCRafT_nM3MitchCRafT_nM3
    23 Oct 2014 28 Aug 2014 26 Sep 2014
    For this you need to look for pills and sometimes there are plants laying around in gardens that you can pick up.

    Once you have gathered enough, hit the touchpad and R1, you will see a list of upgrades for Joel.

    I usually go for Health, Listen mode, Crafting Speed and healing speed before anything else.

    I have played this game numerous times and never have i got this in one play through so don't worry if you don't either as you will still have the skills continued over on to New game+.

    Good places to find a lot of them are in shiv doors and safes.

    So my advice is to follow my guide i put in
    The Last of Us RemasteredScavengerThe Scavenger trophy in The Last of Us Remastered worth 188 pointsFound all collectibles
    and follow the video for all collectible trophies in one go and also follow the safe video guide along with it as they are not included as they do not relate to any trophy but the contents will help you get this trophy and the one for upgrading all weapons as safes are usually full of pills and creation parts.

    All Safes & Codes

    And the video for all shiv doors which will earn you
    The Last of Us RemasteredMaster of UnlockingThe Master of Unlocking trophy in The Last of Us Remastered worth 31 pointsUnlock all shiv doors

    here are the time codes also if looking for specific doors

    I would also like to advise you on a small issue people thought were glitchy trophies yet i believe is actually down to a poor save system. One night i decided when in the library just after opening a shiv door and Ellie telling me a joke that i would save and play again the next day, well when i loaded my save i was lucky to notice that the shiv door had been closed again. I opened the door again and all the pills and other collectibles were still in it as if i had never collected them before saving. I then decided to wait and see if the joke had reset also which it had! So be careful when saving when around shiv doors and jokes because you may load your game up and the pills you collected will not be counted if the shiv door has not been saved as being raided.


    01. (Downtown) The Goldstone Building / 0:52
    02. (Museum) The Concession Area / 1:21

    03. (The Woods) Storage Area / 1:54
    04. (The Woods) Back Ally of Marquis Music Store / 2:20

    05. (Alone and Forsaken) Kingston Bookstore 2nd Floor / 2:55
    06. (Alone and Forsaken) Just before The Hotel / 3:29
    07. (Financial District) HS&L Credit Union / 3:50
    08. (Escape the City) Right after meeting Henry & Sam / 4:18

    09. (Hydroelectric Dam) Control Room / 4:49

    10. (Science Building) Lecture Room 104 / 5:06

    11. (Cabin Resort) Behind the Motel (Joel) / 5:37

    12. (Underground Tunnel) Security Gate Area / 6:22

    13. (Hospital) Floor 6 Reception Area / 7:14

    Amazingly i found a guide to finding all supplements in Spanish but language really makes no difference at all as all you are doing is following a visual guide so if you want to try get them all in one playthrough without having to go in to new game+ you can try.

    Here are all videos for all supplements . If you manage to get this done all in one playthrough using the shiv doors, safes and the locations shown in the videos below please let us know.

    Good Luck!
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    niteowl1980Just to add that if you are planning to do a new game + on grounded or survivor then don't bother upgrading your listening ability. This ability is disabled in the harder difficulties and you will get the trophy if you upgrade everything else. This saves you having to find quite as many supplements.
    Posted by niteowl1980 On 22 Jul 15 at 11:35
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