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I'm back and I bought a friend trophy in RESOGUN

I'm back and I bought a friend

Complete the game in local co-op with your friend, without dying

I'm back and I bought a friend-0.9
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How to unlock the I'm back and I bought a friend trophy

  • RyanMushr00msRyanMushr00ms228,906
    25 Jun 2014 25 Jun 2014 05 Jan 2015
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    **Edit** Update changed it so restart puts you at the beginning of the game!
    Must be local co-op or share play for this trophy.
    Do this on rookie so enemies and bosses die quicker.

    Original Solution below
    Still rather simple to do with 2 controllers and a rubber band.

    Must have 2 controllers!!! you can die just restart level that you died on and continue on! Also able to be done solo and rubberband the R3 button on the second controller the other way you are facing.
    Best done on rookie, i saved all bombs for the final level which takes care of the boss pretty fast.

    When you boost your partner boosts with you so they are invicible until you stop. You using your boost doesn't drain theirs so your partner can boost immediately after. This helps from getting out of tight situations.

    Dont forget to use your overdrive! And good luck!
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    XonatronI did this without dying, with a friend who died twice, and the trophy did not unlock. It seems that both player cannot die.
    Posted by Xonatron on 13 Aug 14 at 17:01
    RyanMushr00msYes as stated above lol. Good job tho! That's means you can deff do it :)
    Posted by RyanMushr00ms on 13 Aug 14 at 18:21
    madmankevinI'm back! And unlike last time, this time I come bearing good news! It appears that sometime in September there was a 1.04 patch that changed the "start from beginning" option. So now if you die in a level, just lose all of your lives and hit 'X' to continue. You start back on the same stage! Go through the stage without anybody dying, one by one until you're done, and boom, trophy! Go nuts with your bombs too because you can lose all of your lives to restart a stage with two bombs!

    Also... we now have Share Play! So not only is this local only trophy now easier to obtain, but you can call in a friend from wherever they are! I just unlocked this trophy today using both the restart method and Share Play (with the final bosses) and was hoping I could spread the word!

    Get your trophy before 1.05 folks!
    Posted by madmankevin on 02 Nov 14 at 03:53
    RyanMushr00msGood to know buddy!
    Posted by RyanMushr00ms on 02 Nov 14 at 16:59
    RyanMushr00msIts not luck if you're good enough at the game you can handle rookie mode with a controller idling while shooting one way. This is the simpler way for people without a friend to do it with.
    sorry you feel otherwise. You didnt try this method and fail so dont beg vote because you share played with someone and it failed
    Posted by RyanMushr00ms on 04 Jan 15 at 06:37
    RyanMushr00msNeg* if you can beat veteran solo. And experienced without dying by yourself. You can surely carry on rookie dual wielding controllers and wrecking house with both nemesis.
    Posted by RyanMushr00ms on 04 Jan 15 at 06:39
    RyanMushr00msIf you die or your teammate dies. No trophy. You got to 4 which is really good. If you got to 5 boss with a couple of bombs, you can wipe him out almost immediately. Plus there's a spot under him you can hide and shoot in his last phase and then boost out before it closes you in.
    Posted by RyanMushr00ms on 05 Jan 15 at 14:58
    RyanMushr00msOkie dokes lol. Good luck. If you enjoy twin stick shooters you'll be able to do it. This is my favorite game on the ps4
    Posted by RyanMushr00ms on 06 Jan 15 at 04:22
    grundogLFC1892Worked for me too just something to add is that one of the bosses killed me but my explosion finished him off I quickly paused before level ended an hit restart level which thankfully didn't void the trophy thumbs up buddy
    Posted by grundogLFC1892 on 18 Jan 17 at 16:21
    Miojo666Very doable with a rubber band on second controller's right stick + the continue trick (lose all your lives then hit continue). The level 5 boss is kinda tricky and you might have to put the second controller on your lap and control both ships but I could manage it (i saved my overdrive for the phase when he starts shooting bullets as that was where my second controller died on the previous attempt).
    Posted by Miojo666 on 09 Jun 20 at 19:03
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