Amateur Astrologer trophy in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Amateur Astrologer

Earn a total of 100 Stars (Quickplay+)

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How to unlock the Amateur Astrologer trophy

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    In Quickplay+, whenever you play a song, you can earn stars in various different ways.

    Each song in the game and every DLC track available for the game (which have now been delisted as of April 2014) has 63 obtainable stars which can be obtained by completing challenges to a certain standard.

    Each star can only be earned once, if you replay a song then only stars you have not previously obtained will be added to your total.

    You can get up to 6 initial stars by playing the song on any instrument and getting the corresponding star rating. Getting 100% without breaking streak always earns 6 stars on any difficulty.

    Then there are instrument and band challenges, there are usually 3 guitar challenges, 2 bass challenges, 2 drum challenges, 2 vocal challenges and 3 band challenges (require 2 or more people).
    Each challenge has a Gold standard, Platinum standard and Diamond standard. Getting Diamond gives you all 3 stars for that challenge. Platinum gives 2 and Gold gives 1.

    If you are playing as part of a band (2 or more people), you cannot do the solo score challenges for your instrument as well as the band score challenge. You can do any challenges for your instrument however that do not involve score (like note streak, hitting notes in solos etc.)
    Depending on the challenge, it may be only possible to get Diamond on Expert difficulty so if you are finding it hard to get from Gold to Platinum or Platinum to Diamond. You may find increasing (or decreasing) your difficulty may help.
    This could also help on challenges on TOUGH Expert songs, going down to Hard difficulty may get you more stars than what you could get on Expert.

    And lastly there are the power challenges, you can get a lot of stars from these. The best powers to use in my opinion are Star Power Generator and Star Power "x6" (takes your multiplier to x24 from x4).
    I usually play Hard/Expert on Power challenges so I'm not sure whether 20 stars is possible on the lower difficulties but you are welcome to try.
    The maximum you can get is 21 stars (21st star is for 100% without broken combo).

    The challenges are mostly designed to get you to play on the higher difficulties, if you play well on Expert on most instruments, you will get a lot of stars.

    Given all of the above, the maximum amount of stars possible on any song is 63 stars.
    42 from the standard challenges and 21 from power challenge.

    There are nearly 100 setlist songs on the game so it is possible to get nearly 6000 stars if you are perfect on your star hunting without even considering DLC.

    For this trophy, you only have to obtain 100 stars total in Quickplay+. Remember that each star can only be earned once.
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