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Speed Runner

Beat the fastest time of all missions of the game.

Speed Runner+0.4
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How to unlock the Speed Runner trophy

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    Beating the fastest times of the levels is not really that complicated, if you know what to do and use this tips. I myselft have unlocked ~80% off all fastet times when I wrote this guide. So believe me, even if you read this and i still didn't unlocked this trophy myself, my tipps still are useful and work. wink

    I would recommend
    - the following modifications depending on the situation
    * Grenadier: doubling the damage dealt with hand grenades. Quadrupled if you equip this mod twice. Perfect for boss fights.
    * Computer: Will always show the position of bosseson the mini map. Positive sideeffect, it also displays enemies hitpoints.
    * Dodger / Dodger+ : Will increase the chance not being hit while rolling by 20%

    - Trying to beat the times, after you just finished a level and know what you have to do respectively where to go.

    - Enable Item quick select with the left stick

    - Holstering your weapon and selct another item like the radio gives you a little boost in speed and mid-air control when you use a heavy gun + mods

    - To roll thorugh levels. Not only is this faster then running. Also, most enemies can be passed without getting hit while performing a roll. Effect increased with "Dodger" mod. Also, jump down ladders or gaps, as you don't take any damage doing so.

    - Let Mrs. Zero teleport you back to the starting point of a level to avoid backtracking if needed.

    - Some obstacles can be passed faster if you intentionally take in damage by crossing it directly (roll!). For example the wide pale gaps in the P.O.W. camp or magma pools in the temple.

    - Furthermore, in some levels there are shortcuts available, if you call in a C4 or First-Aid crate and using it as a stepstone.

    - For gathering missions, you have to remember where the stuff you need is exactly located and thus plan your route in before hand. Again, remember that Mr. Zero can teleport you.

    - For bosses: Besides using the double "Grenadier" mod + Grenades trick a weapon with a decent ammount of damage and average weight is always helpfull. So a shotgun is always a good choice in most of the levels. I prefer the "Mew Orange"

    I won't recommend
    - the regular "Sprinter" modification as it increases the damage you take when hit by enemies. This is esspecially a problem at the beginning of the game, when your armor has not been upgraded much. The "Sprinter+" mod doesnt have this side effect. You could use the when it becomes available. But personally, I never really needed neither one of them.
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