Chinpoko loco trophy in South Park™: The Stick of Truth™

Chinpoko loco

You collected 15 Chinpokomon.

Chinpoko loco0
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How to unlock the Chinpoko loco trophy

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    To get this you have to get 15 of the total 30 Chinpokomon. Here is a list of the first 15 easiest to get, you can start collecting these just after the Tutorial when you enter Cartman's House from the backyard:

    1. Pengin - In Cartman's Garage to the right (key is in living room drawer). Walk over to collect.
    2. Chu-chu Nezumi - In the tree between Your House and Butter's House. Shoot down and collect.
    3. Monkay - In Butter's room, it is sitting to the right on the floor. Walk over to collect.
    4. Fatdactyl - On top of the Movie Theater ticket booth. Shoot down and collect.
    5. Sna-kat - In the tall tree to the left of City Hall. Shoot down and collect.
    6. Furrycat - Just past Kyle's House Heading towards Kenny's, just before the trees is a pile of logs, destroy these and then collect Furrycat.
    7. Flowerpotamus - On the back wall in Skeeter's Bar behind and to the right of Skeeter. It is on a shelf, so Shoot down and collect.
    8. Lambtron - In the Tower of Peace on the third floor Lambtron is hanging in a cage on the right balcony. Shoot down and collect.
    9. Rabbitech - Inside the police station, upstairs in the Evidence room to the right. It's up on the shelf against the back wall, use the ladder to climb up and collect.
    10. Roo-stor - Inside Professor Chaos's storage unit (you get the key from a drawer in Butter's room). To get inside the U-StoreIt you go up the ramp next to the homeless man store, shoot down the ladder, climb up and across the bilboard, and then back down the left side ladder. From there go back and to the left to access the back storage units, Chaos's unit is the last one. Roo-stor is on top of a metal pipe above the ladder in the room. Shoot it down and collect.
    11. Poodlesaurus Rex - Inside the school, in the front hall just outside the Cafeteria is a vent in the ceiling. When you come through the front hallway, you can shoot the vent that has a bent corner, and Poodlesaurus Rex will fall from the vent. Then you can pick it up from the floor.
    12. Brocorri - In front of the Tower of Peace, requires fart magic. Brocorri is frozen inside a block of ice next to the lantern to the right of the tower. Fart on the lantern flame from left to right to melt the ice. Walk over and collect once melted.
    13. Roidrat - In the attic of Jimmy's room, it is sitting on the floor just on the other side of the barrier below the shelf that the rats are on. Walk over to collect.
    14. Beetlebot - This guy is found in the last room of the Alien Spaceship after going up the elevator that requires the crystal fragment. The room will have holographic planets in the center and some monitors mounted on the wall to the right. Beetlebot is stilling on top of the big center monitor. Shoot down and collect.
    15. Vamporko - On the right side of the Community Center, requires Alien Probe. Mounted on the right side of the building above the basketball court is an Alien Probe Teleporter. Teleport yourself onto the court and walk to the right to collect.

    For a full list check here:
    South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3)ChinpokolypseThe Chinpokolypse trophy in South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3) worth 154 pointsYou collected all of the Chinpokomon.
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