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Sweet Perfection

Complete 100% of the main story

Sweet Perfection-1.6
10 November 2019 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Sweet Perfection trophy

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    Credit to: "Jason Mitchell" for this step by step completion


    Luca - 1.6% (1.6/100%)

    - Speak with the moogle hiding on the second dock while chasing the impostor
    - Complete the mission by retrieving the Garment Grid

    Celsius - 1.8% (3.4/100%)

    - Speak with Brother, Shinra, Paine and Rikku while on the bridge of the ship
    - Speak to the Hypello Barkeep in the cabin area
    - Rest in your cabin
    - View the "Journey's Start" Treasure Sphere

    Mt.Gagazet And Floating Ruins - 3.2% (6.6/100%)

    - Reach the top of the Floating Ruins within the time limit
    - Complete the mission by defeating Leblanc
    - Back on the Celsius after the mission, speak with Brother and choose to "Comfort him"

    Luca - 1.6% (8.2/100%)

    - Complete the mission by reviewing the events of your previous visit
    - Speak with Rin and learn how to play Sphere Break

    Mi'ihen Highroad and Mushroom Rock - 4.8% (13/100%)

    - Enter the Highroad for a bonus scene
    - Speak with all the Youth League members, including Yaibal
    - Speak with Clasko
    - Enter Mushroom Rock and take on the "Foggy Fiend Frenzy!" mission
    - Complete the mission by reaching the Youth League Headquarters
    - Speak with Clasko and allow him to board the Celsius
    - Speak with Lucil twice outside the Headquarters
    - Listen to all of Maechen's story without skipping or interrupting a thing and shake his hand when he finishes
    - Follow Logos and Ormi to the Den of Woe and retrieve the sphere, speak to Maroda while there
    - View the "Crimson Report 1" Treasure Sphere on board the Celsius
    - Speak to Clasko on board the Celsius

    Djose Temple - 1% (14/100%)

    - Wait in line at the tent outside the temple then speak with Gippal

    The Moonflow and Guadosalam - 0.6% (14.6/100%)

    - Speak with Tobli to begin "Shave the Hypello"
    - Complete the mission without losing any cargo

    Guadosalam - 0.4% (15/100%)

    - Head to the entrance to the Farplane for a bonus scene

    The Thunder Plains - 0.2% (15.2/100%)

    - Enter the Thunder Plains for a bonus scene

    Macalania Woods - 2.2% (17.4/100%)

    - Speak with Bayra, Donga and Pukutak
    - Speak with Tromell four separate times
    - Complete "Follow That O'aka!" and allow O'aka to come on board the Celsius
    - Speak with O'aka on board the Celsius
    - You must pay off O'aka's debt in full before Chapter 3 to earn the full %. Complete the transaction for the data peddler in Guadosalam for the easiest route.

    Bikanel Desert - 0.8% (18.2/100%)

    - Successfully complete your first dig

    Bevelle - 0.6% (18.8/100%)

    - Speak with Baralai

    The Calm Lands - 0.2% (19/100%)

    - Enter the Calm Lands for a bonus scene
    - Choose which company to advertise for

    Mt. Gagazet - 0.4% (19.4/100%)

    - Enter Mt. Gagazet for a bonus scene

    Isle of Besaid - 2.2% (21.6/100%)

    - Complete the mission "Where's Wakka" on the island

    Ruins of Zanarkand - 1.8% (23.4/100%)

    - Reach the Zanarkand Dome and speak with Cid. When prompted, tell him "You bet I do!"
    - Complete the mission by obtaining the Treasure Sphere

    Celsius - 0.2% (23.6/100%)

    - Listen to the reports of the "Awesome Sphere" in Kilika

    Kilika - 1.6% (25.2/100%)

    - Speak with Dona in Kilika
    - Complete the mission (and chapter) by reaching the temple and defeating the boss


    Celsius - 2.4% (27.6/100%)

    - Rest in the cabin
    - Speak to Brother and choose to return the Awesome Sphere to the Youth League

    Mushroom Rock Road - 1% (28.6/100%)

    - Give Nooj the Awesome Sphere.

    Celsius - 0.6% (29.2/100%)

    - Begin the mission to obtain the syndicate uniforms

    Isle of Besaid - 0.8% (30/100%)

    - Run the Gunner's Gauntlet and beat the required score

    Kilika - 0.2% (30.2/100%)

    - Speak with Dona and the other Kilika inhabitants

    Luca - 0.8% (31/100%)

    - Watch Shelinda's interview in the square

    Mi'ihen Highroad - 1.4% (32.4/100%)

    - Complete the mission by capturing a Chocobo and rescuing Calli within the time limit.
    - Speak with Clasko and Calli and allow them all to board the Celsius

    Mushroom Rock Road - 1% (33.4/100%)

    - Speak to Lucil and Elma outside the Youth League Headquarters
    - Speak with Nooj at the Den of Woe
    - On board the Celsius, watch Crimson Report 7

    The Moonflow - 0.2% (33.6/100%)

    - Complete the mission by selling all 10 tickets

    Guadosalam - 0.2 % (33.8/100%)

    - Speak with the guards outside Leblanc's home

    The Thunder Plains - 0.2% (34/100%)

    - If you chose the correct response in Zanarkand in Chapter 1, find and speak with Cid.

    Macalania Woods - 1.4% (35.4/100%)

    - Complete the mission by finding all the musicians for the Hypello

    The Calm Lands - 0.8% (36.2/100%)

    - Clasko leaves the airship if you allowed him to board earlier
    - Complete the mission by clearing the fiends out of the Chocobo Ranch
    - Capture a wild Chocobo (must complete by the end of Chapter 3)
    - Speak to Lin and Ayde at the Travel Agency

    Ruins of Zanarkand - 0.4% (36.6/100%)

    - Speak with Isaaru
    - Complete "Operation Monkey!" before the end of Chapter 3

    Djose Temple - 0.4% (37/100%)

    - Complete the mission by obtaining a Syndicate Uniform

    Bikanel Desert - 0.2% 37.2/100%)

    - Complete the mission by defeating Logos for a Syndicate Uniform

    Mt. Gagazet - 1% (38.2/100%)

    - Speak with Kimahri twice
    - View the extended hot springs event by entering from the overhanging cliff (don't follow the Fem-Goons and instead keep climbing)
    - Complete the mission by defeating Ormi for a Syndicate Uniform

    Celsius - 0.2% (38.4/100%)

    - Watch the Syndicate Uniforms being worn

    Guadosalam - 3.4% (41.8/100%)

    - Complete the mission by stealing the sphere back from Leblanc

    Celsius - 0.4% (42.2/100%)

    - Decide to head to Bevelle

    Bevelle - 2.6% (44.8/100%)

    - Complete the mission by infiltrating Bevelle and defeating Bahamut


    Celsius - 0.8% (45.6/100%)

    - After the opening scenes, rest in the cabin

    Luca - 0.8% (46.4/100%)

    - Win the Sphere Break Tournament

    Mi'ihen Highroad - 0.6% (47/100%)

    - Complete the mission by defeating the malfunctioning machina

    Mushroom Rock Road - 0.4% (47.4/100%)

    - Speak with Yaibal and Lucil

    Djose Temple - 0.2% (47.6/100%)

    - Approach the Djose Temple and view the scene

    The Moonflow - 0.2% (47.8/100%)

    - Speak with Tobli

    Guadosalam - 2% (49.8/100%)

    - Speak with Logos and Ormi
    - Speak with Leblanc
    - Speak with Logos and Ormi a second time after talking with Leblanc
    - Watch Ormi and Logos's spheres
    - Speak with Maechen
    - Obtain and watch Crimson Sphere 4

    The Thunder Plains - 0.2% (50/100%)

    - Speak with Lian and Ayde. When presented with an option, select Kilika

    Macalania Woods - 0.8% (50.8/100%)

    - Complete the mission by having paid O'aka's debt in full and defend the Travel Station

    Bikanel Desert - 0.4% (51.2/100%)

    - Enter the Cactuar Nation and speak with Marnela

    The Calm Lands - 0.4% (51.6/100%)

    - Complete the mission by rescuing the tourists
    - Help install the CommSphere at the Travel Agency
    - Help install the CommSphere at the Chocobo Ranch

    Mt. Gagazet - 0.4% (52/100%)

    - Complete the mission by defeating Garik and preventing war

    Ruins of Zanarkand - 0.2% (52.2/100%)

    - Speak with Isaaru
    - Last chance to complete "Operation Monkey!"

    Isle of Besaid - 2% (54.2/100%)

    - Complete the mission by clearing the temple and defeating Valefor

    Kilika - 1% (55.2/100%)

    - Complete the mission by saving Barthello and defeating Ifrit

    Celsius - 0.6% (55.8/100%)

    - Watch the events unfold

    Bevelle - 1.6% (57.4/100%)

    - Notice Gippal from the Highbridge and Antechamber
    - Head to the Bevelle Underground and witness the scene
    - Obtain and watch Crimson Report 1

    Djose Temple - 2.2% (59.6/100%)

    - Complete the mission by clearing the temple and defeating Ixion
    - During the events in the Farplane Abyss, after Yuna says, "I'm all alone..." Press X until you hear a whistle four times.


    Celsius - 1.6% (61.4/100%)

    - Watch Crimson Reports 2 and 3
    - Rest in the cabin

    Celsius CommSphere Network - 0.8% (62.2/100%)

    - View the Besaid CommSphere and speak with Wakka
    - View the Kilika CommSphere and speak with Dona
    - View the Mushroom Rock Road CommSphere and speak with Yaibal
    - View the Bevelle CommSphere and speak with Maroda

    Celsius - 0.8% (63/100%)

    - Speak with Paine on the deck

    Celsius CommSphere Network - 4.4% (67.4/100%)

    - View the Besaid CommSphere seven times to see all the scenes
    - View the Kilika Temple CommSphere and speak with Barthello
    - View the Luca CommSphere and watch each of Shelinda's interviews
    - View the Mi'ihen Highroad CommSphere and watch all of the scenes to gather the evidence that Rikku is the culprit
    - View the Djose Temple CommSphere and watch the Al Bhed
    - View the Guadosalam CommSphere and speak with Ormi
    - View the Thunder Plains CommSphere and capture the Chocobo
    - View the Macalania Woods Entrance CommSphere and watch the musicians
    - View the Macalania Woods Travel Agency CommSphere and listen to O'aka
    - View the Bikanel Desert CommSphere and speak with Nhadala
    - View the Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch CommSphere several times until Clasko appears talking to a Chocobo
    - View the Mt. Gagazet CommSphere and speak with Kimahri
    - View the Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs CommSphere a total of fifteen times to see all the scenes

    The Moonflow - 0.8% (68.2/100%)

    - Complete the mission by chasing Tobli to Guadosalam

    Celsius - 1% (69.2/100%)

    - Rehearse the concert

    Celsius CommSphere Network - 2.4% (71.6/100%)

    - View the Besaid CommSphere scenes with Lulu and Beclem
    - View the Kilika CommSphere scenes with Dona
    - View the Kilika Temple CommSphere scenes with Barthello
    - View the Mushroom Rock CommSphere scenes with Yaibal and Lucil
    - View the Moonflow CommSphere scenes with Elma
    - View the Guadosalam CommSphere scenes with Ormi
    - View the Macalania Woods CommSphere scene with O'aka
    - View the Zanarkand CommSphere scene with Isaaru

    The Thunder Plains - 0.4% (72/100%)

    - Complete the mission be clearing the cave and defeating Zalamander

    Celsius - 1% (73/100%)

    - Listen to the crowd's argument
    - Talk to Tobli and begin the concert

    The Thunder Plains 0.4% (73.4/100%)

    - Enjoy the show

    Celsius - 2.2% (75.6/100%)

    - Speak with Maechen
    - Speak with Leblanc


    Celsius - 2% (77.6/100%)

    - Watch Crimson Report 5
    - Speak with Buddy
    - Rest in the cabin
    - Speak with Buddy after resting

    Ruins of Zanarkand - 0.8% (79.4/100%)

    - Visit to complete the episode
    - Speak with Maechen and hear his final story

    Isle of Besaid - 1.8% (80.2/100%)

    - Visit to complete the episode

    Kilika - 1% (81.2/100%)

    - Visit to complete the episode

    Luca - 0.6% (81.8/100%)

    - Complete the mission by following the moogle and completing the episode

    Mi'ihen Highroad - 0.2% (82/100%)

    - Visit to complete the episode

    Mushroom Rock Road - 3% (85/100%)

    - Complete the mission by fighting with the Youth League and completing the episode
    - Go to the Observation deck and speak with Lucil to receive Nooj's Sphere
    - Watch the "Deathseeker" Treasure Sphere on board the Celsius
    - Obtain all the Crimson Spheres and defeat the bosses in the Den of Woe

    Djose Temple - 0.8% (85.8/100%)

    - Defeat the Experiment while its Attack, Defense and Special levels are below 5
    - Repair the Experiment and defeat it again when its Attack, Defense and Special levels are AT 5

    The Moonflow - 0.4% (86.2/100%)

    - Visit to complete the episode

    Guadosalam - 1.2% (87.4/100%)

    - Join the musical group and complete the episode
    - Speak to Tromell and obtain Baralai's Sphere then watch it on board the Celsius

    The Thunder Plains - 1% (88.4/100%)

    - Complete the mission by defending the towers
    - Enter the caves and defeat the Machina Panzer to complete the episode
    - Speak to Cid aboard the Celsius
    - After speaking with Cid, head to the bridge to view another scene

    Macalania Woods - 0.6% (89/100%)

    - Visit and view the scenes at both springs to complete the episode
    - View the scene with O'aka and Wantz near the Travel Agency to complete another episode

    Bikanel Desert - 1.2% (90.2/100%)

    - Locate the gatekeepers and return them to the Cactuar Nation to clear the episode
    - Defeat the Jumbo Cactuar in the Cactuar Hollow to complete another episode
    - Defeat Angra Mainyu to complete another episode
    - Once you've cleared the Cactuar Nation episodes, speak with Benzo

    Bevelle - 1.8% (92/100%)

    - Visit to complete the episode
    - Enter Via Infinito. Explore and defeat the bosses to obtain Crimson Spheres 6 and 8
    - Defeat Trema in Via Infinito to complete another episode

    The Calm Lands - 0.4% (92.4/100%)

    - After raising the publicity level of the company you chose in Chapter 1 to level 5, visit to complete the episode
    - Dispatch all three levels of Chocobo and defeat the Anything Eater in the hidden dungeon to clear another episode

    Mt. Gagazet - 1.2% (93.6/100%)

    - Visit to complete the episode

    Celsius - 0.6% (94.2/100%)

    - After completing all episodes in each location, receive the Mascot dressphere
    - Speak to Brother to leap into the Farplane

    The Farplane - 0.8% - (95/100%)

    - Advance into the Farplane and find Leblanc

    Celsius - 1% (96/100%)

    - After entering the Farplane, board the Celsius and speak with Shinra, Buddy, Brother and Cid.
    - Return to the Celsius a second time from the Farplane and speak with Rikku

    The Farplane - 4% (100/100%)

    - Defeat Venagun
    - Defeat Shuyin

    During the ending scene, press X to hear whistling and when prompted by the Fayth select "Yes!" to view the well-earned perfect ending.
    Showing both comments.
    rdenton85 I've just gotten this trophy so wanted to add something. I did everything in first play except for the final scene with Cid when at 95%, and I missed one of the conversations with Maehen - DO NOT SAVE AND EXIT IN ZANARKAND WITHOUT TALKING TO HIM FIRST!. It makes him vanish and affects the 100%. This left me at 98%

    But on the second playthrough, I gave the Awesome Sphere to New Yevon. So take on the mission in Mushroom Rock Road where you'd have given the sphere to the Youth League and complete that mission. That takes you to 99%.

    Then in chapter 3, go to Bevelle and the cutscene gives you an extra 1%.

    So by giving the Awesome Sphere to the other side and then doing the missions right away, that's an extra 2%, and no you won't need to complete the game.
    Posted by rdenton85 on 30 Apr 15 at 15:36
    ELECTROWEAK1 Just to add... I finished the game at 99%. I gave the awesome sphere to new yevon and still remained at 99%. I fast travelled to mushroom rock road and upon speaking with yaibal it popped. Thought I would post in case someone had a similar issue.
    Posted by ELECTROWEAK1 on 23 Sep 15 at 00:35
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