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Rescue Stan Lee from every peril (Single Player)

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How to unlock the Stan-tastic trophy

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    - This is a walkthrough guide for use in locating and saving Marvel Comics Legend, Stan Lee, from a total of 50 different perilous situations!

    - There are 15 main story missions, 11 Side-Missions (actually 12, but there's no Stan in "The Brick Apple"), for a total of 26. Each of which contains Stan Lee in varying kinds of danger, somewhere within the level.

    - There is 1 "Bonus Stan", which is earned automatically at the X-Men mansion during the prologue to Mission 8: "Juggernauts and Crosses". After which, the first location of the remaining 23 will be added to your map, designated by a blue circle with Stan's face in the middle. These locations must be completed one after another, in the same order as I have listed them. Every location will be unlocked/ available upon completion of Story Mode.

    First, the missions:

    #1: Sand Central Station - In the second area of this level, Stan Lee is trapped under a vending machine on the second level balcony behind the 1st gold chandelier. Destroy the vending machine to free him.

    #2 Times Square Off- In the third area of this level, Use explosives to destroy the silver objects above the fan motor, then use a character with Telekinesis to assemble and operate a pump. This will cause the water tower to burst, revealing Stan Lee.

    #3 Exploratory Laboratory- In the fourth area of this level, In the short corridor with the capsules lining the walls, use a magnetic character on the blue box to the left, then use a clawed character on the claw switch to release three enemies and Stan Lee.

    #4 Rock Up at the Lockup- In the first area of this level, On the upper level, on the far left, there is a Mr. Fantastic grate. Go through, then switch to Spider-Man. Use his spidey sense to reveal attachment points, then pull those down to release Stan Lee.

    #5 Rebooted, Resuited- In the second area of this level, Immediately after entering, head towards the camera and use a sand character to rescue Stan Lee.

    #6 Red Head Detention- In the second area of this level, Fly up to the top-left corner of the room and destroy the machinery holding Stan Lee.

    #7 Bifrosty Reception- In the first area of this level, Destroy the large silver wheel in the back of the room to release Stan Lee.

    #8 Mission 8 Prologue, X-Men Mansion - This Stan Lee in Peril is story-related and cannot be missed, assuming normal play through the story missions. He is unlocked at the X-Men Mansion in the prologue leading into mission 8. This does NOT count for the "Stan Lee in Peril" collectible in mission 8, and you must still earn that one for all 50.

    #9 Juggernauts and Crosses- In the third area of this level, To save Stan Lee, you’ll need to put out the fire on top of the small burning building on the left side of the area, then build some green handles onto it. Rip the building apart with a strong character and build the blue pieces inside into a trampoline.

    #10 Doctor in the House- In the second area of this level, After crossing the first energy bridge, use Spider-Man to aim a cannon with Stan Lee inside, then melt the gold panel on its back to shoot him to safety.

    #11 That Sinking Feeling- In the first area of this level, Use a magnetically powered character to remove some blue beams that are trapping Stan Lee in the upper walkway with the big pipe.

    #12 Taking Liberties- In the second area of this level, After the first generator, fly over to a balcony in the back and smash the cylinder holding Stan Lee down.

    #13 Rapturous Rise- In the second area of this level, In the same open area, look for Stan Lee trapped behind some flames. Put them out to save him.

    #14 Magnetic Personality- In the second area of this level, In the control room, fly up and destroy the silver hatch over the main console to release Stan Lee.

    #15 A Doom with a View- In the third area of this level, Activate the claw switch on the right side of the area, then build the pieces that drop down into a console. Use it to teleport Stan Lee in from the vacuum of space.

    #16 The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry- In the fourth area of this level, Head to the top-left side of the deck and use Sandman to knock Stan Lee out of the jet he’s trapped inside.

    #17 House Party Protocol- To save Stan Lee, blast the gold bars in the back-right corner of the room with Iron Man’s laser.

    #18 Tabloid Tidy Up- Switch to a character with claws to dig Stan Lee out of the ground on the right side of the room.

    #19 Nuff Said- In the back of the room, use Magneto to pull open a giant door, behind which Stan Lee is trapped.

    #20 A Shock Withdrawal- To release Stan Lee, open the vault at the end of the level and use Magneto’s mastery of magnetism to break down his metal cage.

    #21 Feeling Fisky- Free Stan Lee from behind the fireplace by putting out the fire with Iceman.

    #22 Put Up Your Dukes- Use a magnetically-enabled character to lift the weight off of Stan Lee in the upper-right corner.

    #23 Stunt Show Surprise- Use Spider-Man’s sense to find two handles on the right side of the tent, then pull down the wall. Next, use a character with a heat beam to cut through the golden wall and assemble the black pieces that fall out. Finally, use a character with telekinesis to dump Stan Lee out of the giant hat.

    #24 Reptilian Ruckus- In the final area of the level (on the far left), use a character with claws to dig up a Fantastic Four emblem, then switch to Mr. Fantastic and tickle the large venus fly trap that has Stan Lee trapped.

    #25 Stranger Danger- In the bathroom use a character’s super sense to find two handles on the light fixture and pull it down. Fly up through the hole in the ceiling and blast the lock on the coffin to free Stan Lee.

    #26 The Thrill of the Chess- Use an electrified character to charge up the wall panel on the left to free Stan Lee from his cell.

    #27 Bro-tunheim- Use Magneto to pry open the jaws on the center area’s wall to release the captive Stan Lee.

    *Stan Lee in Peril* - Manhattan Free Play Locations: (Remember, these locations will appear one at a time, and in the same order as I list them here. after finishing one, simply look around the map for the next one, marked by Stan's face in a blue circle.)

    DISCLAIMER: *You MUST complete Mission 8 - "Juggernauts and Crosses", before attempting these. Only after completion of Mission 8 will the first Stan Lee location appear in Manhattan.*

    #28 - Near Marvel Headquarters, use mind-control on the person behind the locked door and flip a switch on the left wall, opening the door for Stan.

    #29 - In Central Park, you’ll find Stan covered in chess pieces. Use Spider-Man to pull them off his creator.

    #30 - He’s had a bad cup of coffee and hulked out as a result. Hit him a few times to calm him down.

    #31 - Use Wolverine’s claws on the switch here to cut off the flow to an out-of-control fire hose that Stan’s got ahold of.

    #32 - On top of this building, Stan is perilously close to being squashed. Use Wolverine’s claws on the switch in the crane’s cockpit to save the day.

    #33 - A giant gorilla has Stan at his mercy atop the Empire State building. Blast the ape to save Mr. Lee.

    #34 - Above the deck of the helicarrier, a robot is swinging Stan around like a rag doll. Blast it to save the comic book godfather.

    #35 - Some sand people are attacking a partly buried Stan here. Use Wolverine to dig him up and kill the baddies.

    #36 - Stan is floating above this smokestack. Use Thor to smash the vent below and save Stan again.

    #37 - Stan’s drowning in Central Park and only Magneto can throw him a life-line!

    #38 - Somehow, Stan got stuck up a tree… in a taxi. Blow the tree and car to pieces.

    #39 - Only Hulk (or any Hulk sized character) is capable of lifting this weight from Stan’s chest.

    #40 - Stan has been strapped to the train tracks by an evildoer from the 1920s. Use Magneto to free him.

    #41 - Sharks are surrounding Stan here. Shoot them out of the water to return safety to the area.

    #42 - Use Hulk to smash through the weak walls here, unleashing a trapped Stan.

    #43 - Stan got a little overzealous with three grills at once. Use Iceman to put out the raging fires.

    #44 - Back in Central Park’s sandlot, use Spider-Man to pull apart the clown car, freeing Stan in the process.

    #45 - Why would Stan Lee get his head stuck in a mailbox? Who knows? Just get him out.

    #46 - On top of the Statue of Liberty, Stan is getting a little toasty. Use Iceman to put out the flames surrounding Mr. Lee.

    #47 - Another group of sand baddies are surrounding Stan. Beat them up and save the day!

    #48 - At the Roxxon plant, Stan is being electrocuted. Fly up above him and pull the switch to cut the power.

    #49 - High above the circus tent in Central Park, Stan is floating away holding a balloon. Shoot it down to save him.

    #50 - And finally, Stan is stuck under a Shield box in Deadpool’s room aboard the helicarrier. Blast the box to free him.

    - Congratulations! Your achievement should pop as soon as you've rescued Stan in Deadpool's room. I spent a very long time putting this walkthrough together, so please, if you found it useful, I encourage you to vote and offer any feedback you have! Be sure to check out the rest of my guides and solutions for the other Lego Marvel Superheroes achievements, and I will do my best to help you get 100% completion like me. Thanks!
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