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Legend of the Dark Knight

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Legend of the Dark Knight-0.9
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How to unlock the Legend of the Dark Knight trophy

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    - All Initials are either Challenge track name or District name
    - don't have patch installed with digital or remove the save data if own disc
    - if patch not installed, SV #15 can be done in three separate fights instead of forced into a single fight: no dmg; 15+ variations; x50+ combo

    - notes GP #15 - did lower 3 districts, then SP, counter-clockwise 4 districts, back to left side of bridge (next to SP), waited, clear out mid (can cause issues between which mob ends the CiP), fly to container on west side of SP, wait for CiP to pop--takes 3-5 mins--in front of your character, drag last one or two mobs southeast to small area next to fence/bridge where district/area name changes to Pioneers Bridge then take them down in that spot
    - open up Deadshot's pred room when available (save for WN #9)
    - failed completing WN #10 in all three places: during Deadshot side mission, pool area in Hotel, and didn't count during Black Mask's side mission--it should have worked in Hotel pool, but I messed up.
    - For WN #10 - 15 to complete within a single playthrough: do #10 by/at hotel pool; #11 anywhere; #12 for Black Mask church mission; #13 outside Steel Mill; #14 Firefly first pred room; #15 Firefly second pred room

    :+:Comprehensive Guide for Legend of the Dark Knight challenges:+:
    (Note: Removed update patch)
    + (location, more info); (Track Challenge #X) - (instruction or info)
    ---head to first main mission--
    + 1st area after intro, GCR Tower; Worst Nightmare #1C - follow the script
    + After completing GCR Tower, roof of GCR; Gotham Protector #1C - run off roof, glide, dive bomb, pull back, repeat
    + building across from GCR, gargoyles; GP #2C - glide towards GCR then dive bomb to ground
    + Gotham Pioneers Bridge, bridge objectives; GP #3C - each drill has a mark on map, complete them
    + rooftop near GCR Tower, one with three mobs; Shadow Vigilante #1C - five counters
    + streetlight on ground, lower right of Coventry; GP #4 - get on lightpost below enemy, wait for him, use take down, drop back down
    + same rooftop, has a blue Lounge sign above this; SV #2C - get x3 combo from counters then use batarangs, complete thrice
    + same rooftop, blue Lounge sign over it; SV #3 - managed to finish fight with 5 mobs with x8 multi after last challenge, both counted
    + west of blue Lounge sign rooftop, CiP; GP #5 - popped up nearby doing other challenges
    + on bridge in Coventry, near Blackgate Prison sign; WN #2 - take down all three in stealth
    + south building in Burnley, GCPD rooftop; GP #6 - took down three, saved smoke pellet takedown for fourth (armed with gun) mob
    + along the bridge, Gotham Pioneers Bridge; GP #7 - just glide, accelerate boost, dive bomb until 250 meters along outside of bridge
    + south of the bridge, Soder Cola building (DD); GP #8 - CiP right next to it, get to top of Soder Cola roof
    + beam above last roof, Soder Cola building (DD); GP #9 - glide, dive bomb, re-gain altitude, repeat and do along outside of bridge
    + north of bridge, two AR glide drills; GP #10 - complete both drills
    + roof near Intermediate AR drill 2, roof with 5 mobs; GP #11 - glide to them, dive bomb, release shockwave
    + between AM and ID, near Amertek building; GP #12 - get to highest point, jump off, dive bomb to ground/water area
    + same place as above, ground area; SV #4 - two from random rooftops, third here against mobs
    + south of bridge, two Adv. AR glide drills; GP #13 - complete both drills
    + just west of bat drop in DD, hanging street with mobs; GP #14 - went to one end, got up on N building, dive bomb & glided near ground
    + each district, different areas; GP #15 - read notes***
    + near Gotham court house, opposite roof; SV #5 - took down three mobs with 15 combo
    + near last spot, on the ground; SV #6 - beat up four mobs got 3x variation
    + near last spot, the street nearby; SV #7 - around 7-8 mobs, just kept dropping explosive gel, leading them over it
    + near last spot, CiP; SV #8 - ran into mobs with slide, also slided again towards the end
    + same spot, CiP; SV #9 - only one armored heavy, did two counters doing the beatdown
    + just north of bat drop in PR, church CiP; SV #10 - 1 armored, 2 grabbed guns (high threat), strong combo, decent variation, hit once
    + same area, random street fights; SV#11 - get to x12 multi, use gadget
    ---continue story---
    + penguin boat mission, big room with hostage; WN #3 - take down all enemies without being seen
    + Southwest in Ind. Dist., outside Steel Mill; WN #4 - use sonic batarang to lure each enemy to it then into silent takedown, do thrice
    + left and back to same spot, outside Steel Mill; WN #5 - knew movements from previous then went from left to right, no Detective Mode
    ---continue story---
    + first time w/ Joker, Gotham M. Bank; WN #6 - explosive gel on the two walls then vent then corner then hanging ledge on teller window
    ---continue story---
    + inside Steel Mill, Drug Lab area; WN #7 - find a lone enemy, cape stun then beatdown, escape to perch, repeat for all
    --continue story, read notes***---
    + inside Gotham Hotel, Lobby area; WN #8 - don't use detective vision, don't be seen, eight mobs in room, learn their movements
    ---pause story---
    + Deadshot side mission, Gotham M. Bank; WN #9 - first was silent in a side room then grate, knockout smash, inverted, then ledge
    -- possibly same spot?, same?; WN #10 - ? - read notes***
    + after Shiva's side mission to Black Mask's, outside church; SV #12 - disrupt gun mob, glide down on knife mob, get 20 critical strikes
    + after Black Mask's side mission, outside church again; SV #13 - same as above, disrupt gun mob and get x30 multi, then do variations
    + West of the church, behind Courthouse - SV #14 - get focus mode, knock everybody over with crit strikes, use multi-takedown for x3 TDs
    + street north of TB drop point, random street fight; SV #15 Pt. 1 - disrupt gun mob, several others with no dmg taken, x48
    + outside the church again, in front of church; SV #15 Pt. 2 - disrupt gun mob, run as many variations as possible, x18
    + street south of TB drop point, on ground; SV #15 Pt. 3 - made sure to keep knocking down gun and knife mobs, reached x57 combo
    ---continue story---
    + Pioneers Bridge for Firefly, first bomb room; WN #10 - just take all enemies with silent takedowns, avoid mid perches
    ---pause story---
    + just south of Steel Mill, north of where you were; WN #11 - first mob you come across, toss sonic bat, explode it
    ---continue story---
    + Pinoneers Bridge for Firefly, first bomb room second visit; WN #12 - grate, knockout smash on sniper, wall, tightrope/inverted, ledge
    + Blackgate Prison, predator room; WN #13 - run in, get on back wall perch, third walks into hostages, jump down, toss in SG, get 3 TDs
    ---after the story---
    + WGD #1-15 - was collecting all throughout playthrough, all the Riddler trophies, Anarky tags, and other side missions/quests.
    ---NG+ story---
    + GCPD building, Swat Division after Interrogation room; WN #14 - bunch of mobs beating Anarky hobo, R1 lock two mobs, then mob + p.tank
    + GCPD building, Bullpen pred room; WN #15 - wait for first guy on walkway to pass a bit, throw sonic at ladder, R1 claw both mobs off
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