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Little Lost Girl trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Little Lost Girl

In Origins, release Samantha.

Little Lost Girl-0.8
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How to unlock the Little Lost Girl trophy

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    Something useful: A Free Zombie Blood Power-Up:

    - To get the free Blood Power-Up you want to freeze 3 wagons around the map that are on fire. They are all around the vicinity of the Excavation Site and once the third one is "cooled down" a Zombie Blood Power-Up will appear by the Pack-A-Punch. Very helpful for shooting down the plane while under the effects of Zombie Blood or killing the Red Baron. The three locations are looking across to the Juggernog area, the left side of the Excavation Site coming from the Workshop, and towards Generator 5.

    Step 1: Build the Phonograph:

    - Phonograph is located at the Excavation Site.

    - The record is in 3 different areas around the Excavation Site

    Step 2: Built the Elemental Staffs

    Ice Staff (blue)

    Record - Tank Station by Generator 2 (3 locations all in bunker)

    Staff Parts - Only when it is snowing, Dig Piles (3 parts). Each area of the map can give one part, spawn/gen2/gen3, church, and the middle.

    Fire Staff (orange)

    Record – In Church

    Staff Parts - (1) Kill Armored Panzer soldats Zombie (Round 7 - Drop reward)

    Staff Parts - (2) Start Generator 6 (reward box)

    Staff Parts - (3) Shoot down aircraft with orange glow. There is a audible indication when it is out. (raining) Will drop staff part around dig site (2 O’clock)

    Lightning Staff (purple)

    Record - Wind Cave

    Staff Parts - (1) Ledge only accessible from tank (1st section before stop on right)

    Staff Parts - (2) Ledge only accessible from tank
    (2nd section by dig site on left)

    Staff Parts - (3) Ledge only accessible from tank (2nd section by church on right)

    Wind Staff (yellow)

    Record - Lightning Cave or near its entrance

    Staff Parts

    One part in each of the 3 Giant Robots

    To enter: Shoot glowing foot to open hatch and have that foot step on you. Part inside.

    B) Assembling the staffs

    In order to construct a staff (once the record and 3 parts for a given staff have been obtained) an elemental stone is required. These stones are located in the Crazy Place.

    To access the Crazy Place,

    1) Take the gramophone to the corresponding named cave (fire staff = fire cave, ect..)

    2) Place gramophone on bench to open portal.

    3) Located on a pedestal near center of room in the elemental stone.

    4) Build exit and leave.

    5) Repeat process inother caves to get other stones

    To construct a staff (once all 5 parts are collected, Same for all staffs)

    1) Use gramophone to open staircase under pack-a-punch

    2) Below Pack-a-Punch there are 4 knight statues, each a color of the 4 staffs. Go to the appropriate color statue and build the staff.

    Step 3: Upgrade the Elemental Staffs to their Ultimate Version

    Upgrading the wonder weapons on Origins require you do do two puzzles per staff. One in the Crazy Place and one on the regular map. Some puzzles are
    difficult and so here is a cheat sheet:

    *Ice Staff*

    Go to the Ice Area in the Crazy Place. Look above. You will see a line of symbols. To your right is a light blue slab with a different type of symbol on it. This symbol correlates to one of the symbols in the line above you. Look in the picture and shoot the correct one with the Ice Staff. A new symbol appears on the slab. Do the same until you've done all symbols in the line.

    The second Ice puzzle requires you to shoot 3 tombstones with the Ice Staff, and then with a Ballistic weapon. The first tombstone is behind Juggernog behind the footstep where the soul box is. The second tombstone is in the next footstep of the same foot, you'll see it when facing the Excavation Site. The third tombstone is behind the building at Generator 2, where the tank rides by. There also lies a destroyed robot.

    That's the second puzzle. Go the the bottom of this step to find the rest.

    *Fire Staff*

    1 - This step takes place in the Crazy Place. You can get there by building a portal in one of the element mines. Once inside find the fire area. It should see the color red in various spots.

    There are four large concrete cylinders that hold four candles. In order to complete this step you must kill Templar Zombies with the Staff of Fire near these candles. The candles will light one at a time as you kill zombies.

    The the fourth candle is lit a noise is heard and then Samantha will begin talking. That indicates that this step is complete and you can move on to the next step.

    2- Now go to the church. At the bottom around the tank you will see unlit torches with a number near it. The one without a number represents the number 4.

    Go to the upper floor of the church and look on the wall. You will see symbols where some of which are lit up. Look at the picture at the top of this EE step to see which symbol represents which number. Once you know the number, go to the bottom floor near the tank and shoot the torches with the numbers you found on the top floor.

    That's the second puzzle. Go the the bottom of this step to find the rest.

    #For complete wind and Lightning upgrade, go here:

    *Wind Staff*

    Go to the Ice Area in the Crazy Place. Look above. You will see a few circles of symbols. Go to the picture, there it will tell you in what position each circle has to be. Shoot the each circle (where exactly doesn't matter) with the Wind Staff to make it move.

    _*After you've done the second puzzle, the final steps will be the same for all staves.*_

    An orb will appear in the hidden area of the Excavation Site. At the bottom of the Excavation Site there are four objects that look like stone gears. Each of these stone gears has for knobs with what looks like a Gem on the end. The orb is below those gears and must be released. In order to be released all of the gears must show the same color gem as the staff element color.

    There are four switches located in this room. Two are on the cement steps and two are on the wooden walkways. The two on the cement steps control the top two stone objects. The switches on the wooden walkways control the bottom two objects. I added numbers to the pictures on the right. The objects have red numbers and the switches have green numbers. Switch number one controls object number one, and so on.

    Approach a switch and press your action button. One of the four objects will rotate, and the gem will change colors. Continue to press your action button until all for of these objects have the same gem color as you staff.

    When all of the colors are correct, shoot the Orb below the cement objects with your staff. It will make a noise and shoot up into the air.

    Now go to the Crazy Place and place your stave in the corresponding altar. Now you need to collect souls in the Crazy Place by getting kills. Once you have enough, you can pick up your upgraded staff!

    Step 4: Placing the staffs in the Giant Robots

    - You want every person in your group to have one of the Ultimate Staffs. Also make sure that you have all 6 Generator's turned on (credit goes to Suydam1). From that point you want the person with the Ice Staff to head to the Church. They have to put that staff in the Giant Robot Freya. Have your second teamate with the Wind Staff head to the Juggernog area. They have to put the staff in Odin the center Giant Robot. Have your third teamate take the Lightning Staff to the Generator 2/Speed Cola area and put the staff in Thor. After you finish that have your final person take the Fire Staff and place it in the new slot at the bottom of the Excavation Site. If you are playing with less then 4 people, then just do this staff by staff with the number of people you have.

    Step 5: Fill up all 4 chests

    - If you have completed this step already skip it. There are 4 chests located around the map. One is located by Juggernog where the MP-40 is located. Another location is by the Excavation Site. The third is located by Generator 5. The final location is located by the Church. You have to continue killing zombies by the chests making sure there souls go into the chest. You know you completed it when the chest disappears.

    Step 6: Get your upgraded melee attack (Super Punch)

    - If you filled up all 4 chests you should all have a medal above your perks. You then can go to the spawn zone chest or Generator 6 chest and open it. You receive your upgraded melee attack which is a very strong melee attack until Round 18 and is needed for future steps of the Easter Egg.

    Step 7: Purify the Tablet
    - For this step you can actually have one person do it instead of all but the choice is yours. You want to grab a tablet from the Tank Station and take it to the Church. Upstairs you will see a type of fountain. It has holy water in it. To place your tablet in it hold X. After that is done melee zombies around it to "purify it". You will hear music play when you completed it but periodically check it to see if you can remove it.

    Aternatively, you can shoot an upgraded staff shot at the ground in front of you and quickly pull your shield out. The kills of the staff's storm will count as melee.

    Step 8: Return the tablet
    - This step can be difficult if not timed correctly. You have to take your purified tablet back to the Tank Station where you first picked it up at. There are two ways you can accomplish this. You can either take the tank there and jump off at the back entrance or you can walk back. If you take the tank path, just ride the tank all the way to the back entrance but be ready to jump off the tank right at the entrance. If you touch mud or water at anytime you fail that step and must return to the church and replace it in the holy water again. You don't have to punch zombies again though.

    Step 9: Obtain the Airstrike Grenades
    - Note that if you die once you obtain the Airstrike Grendaes you can receive them out of the box. From here you want to punch zombies again with your upgraded melee attack at the tablet until a power-up appears. It is the Airstrike Grenades. Save these as you will need them for the next step.

    Step 10: Build the Maxis Drone

    - If you have already completed this step, please skip it. You need to build the Maxis Drone for the next step. It requires 3 parts. (Brain, Frame, and Rotors) For the 2 parts there are multiple locations it can be in.

    • Brain:

    - On the table on the lower part of the spawn
    • Frame
    - In the Ice Tunnel, near Generator 6.
    - Near the crossbone sign on the tank pathaway at the Church
    - Near the crossbone sign on the opposite tank pathway behind the tank

    • Rotors:

    - Near the very bottom of the Excavation Site, on top of a box on a scaffolding next to a lever
    - On top of the Excavation Site near the Pack a Punch
    - In the Excavation Site around the Secret Entrance

    Step 11: Destroy the Seal

    - For this step you need at least 2 people. Also have the person with the Airstrike Grenades have the Maxis Drone. You want one person to enter a robot and press the red button. As soon as it says "Firing sequence linked/activated" you want to tell your partner to throw the Airstrike Grenade at the Seal at Generator 5. You will see it by a crashed plane. After you do that use the Maxis Drone and he will fly into the hole.

    Step 12: Destroy the Panzer Soldats

    - Once Maxis Done has flown into the hole some Panzer Soldat's will spawn. They spawn 2 per person in your game. You must kill all of them to be able to move on to the next step.

    Step 13: Spirit in the Sky

    - For this step you need to get a Zombie Blood power-up. Once you picked one up look in the sky for a plane with a faint glow to it. You want to shoot it down. After you do that you want to find the zombie moving clockwise around the Excavation Site. You can only see him while under the Zombie Blood power-up. If yours ends after you shoot the plane down but you don't kill the zombie, don't worry, you just have to get another Zombie Blood power-up and then find the zombie and kill him. He is known as the Red Baron as well. He will then drop Maxis Done. Hold X to pick it up. There is also a possibility of it glitching if you use the Zombie Blood you get from spawn after powering the 1st Generator. (credit goes to Tgamesmaster).

    Step 14: Elemental Melee Upgrade

    - You are almost at the end! Only a couple more steps. Make sure everyone has their upgrade! For this step you want to upgrade your Super Fist melee attack to the Super Elemental Melee attack. I would suggest doing this in groups of 2 as it only counts the ones you melee and incase you go down, it wouldn't hurt to have someone near you. You want to head down to the bottom of the Excavation Site. Where the 4 staffs are located. From there you will have zombies attacking you with white smoke on their arms. You want to melee them and continue to melee them until they drop a power-up. Once you pick it up you will do an animation and you have finished this step. You need all the people in your game to obtain this. Something I'd like to add about this that has nothing to do with the Easter Egg is that whichever staff you have equipped will be what Element your new fist attack does. Such as if you had the Ice Staff equipped then when you punch someone you will freeze them.

    Step 15: Crazy Place

    - You are at the end! For this step everyone in your game should have their upgraded melee attack. You now want to head to the Crazy World and place each staff into their slots. From there you want to continue killing zombies to power the staffs. You know you completed the step when your achievement appears and a vortex appears in the middle.

    How to activate the final cutscene:

    - Triggering this will end the game and trigger a cutscene.

    • Take the Maxis Drone to the Crazy Place (Argatha) after releasing Samantha. He will then fly into the vortex.

    • You can also press X on the teleporter in the Crazy Place to also trigger the ending cutscene. To do this method you must have all 6 Generator's on.
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