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vs. Liquid Snake trophy in METAL GEAR SOLID - Master Collection Version

vs. Liquid Snake

Defeat Liquid Snake

vs. Liquid Snake0
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How to unlock the vs. Liquid Snake trophy

  • RMC131188RMC131188
    27 Oct 2023 11 Nov 2023 11 Nov 2023
    For this trophy to unlock, you must beat the final boss of the game, Liquid Snake in a hand-to-hand duel atop the wreckage of the now defeated Metal Gear Rex.

    The main thing you need to remember here is that this boss battle is timed as seen by the timer in the top right of the screen where the radar usually is. I'm not sure if the difficulty affects the amount of time you have to defeat him but on Normal difficulty, the time is 3 minutes which is plenty.

    The main strategy to this boss fight is to simply do Snake's punch-punch-kick combo to him, he'll always retreat after this, then he'll either edge towards you for a few punches or a single kick which can knock you down but is easily avoided due to its windup time of a few seconds. Be careful to stay away from the edges when fighting Liquid as falling from the main fighting area will result in a game over.

    When his health is more than 50% depleted and he retreats to the arena edges after an attack, he'll do a grunt/shout and perform a charge attack/tackle against you which can take a good amount of health off you. To avoid this simply move out his path as he performs his charge and then lay an attack on him.

    He'll get knocked down after every attack once his health is around 25% left, simply lure him near the edge when his health bar is very low/empty and knock Liquid off the edge of the arena and this trophy is yours!

    Good Luck!
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    A_KlR_AIn my case, after trying the above, another method worked very quickly. The one described below. Which one is better? The one that will work for you :)
    The easiest fight in the game. Of course, it may be irritating at first. But knowing what needs to be done, we will finish it quickly. What do we need to know? To defeat him quickly, you need to... spam the attack, but only with your fist. This is important. By spamming quickly, Snake will also throw a kick, which may give Liquid time to cool down and attack us. That's why we spam ONLY fist attacks. The second important thing is to run after Liquid and when he stands, always in more or less the same places, spam attacks. And last but not least, avoid the bull attack.
    Posted by A_KlR_A on 18 Jun at 17:53
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