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vs. Ninja trophy in METAL GEAR SOLID - Master Collection Version

vs. Ninja

Defeat Ninja

vs. Ninja0
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How to unlock the vs. Ninja trophy

  • RMC131188RMC131188
    26 Oct 2023 21 Nov 2023 21 Nov 2023
    To unlock this trophy you must defeat the third boss of the game, the Cyborg Ninja. This boss fight is easy when you know what you're doing, it is simply a battle where you must change tactics in every stage of the fight and with this little strategy, you will be victorious!

    **One piece of equipment that is of use, but not necessary for this fight is the Thermal Goggles which can be found in the cargo room on the upper level of the tank hanger**

    After passing through the hall littered with bodies and the cutscene introducing the boss, the fight will start. Start by running up to him and perform a full melee attack (cn_O,cn_O and cn_O) on the ninja, retreating when your attack has finished. Run up to the ninja again and perform another melee attack on him. Once this attack has finished, the ninja will turn invisible and jump away. This is the beginning of the first phase of the boss battle where the ninja will discard his sword and proceed to fight using hand-to-hand combat and he becomes slightly more dangerous!

    Once he starts walking towards you, run towards him but be ready to move away quickly as he'll teleport next to where you are currently facing and do a strong jab attack which can knock Snake to the ground. Once he teleports and is in the middle of his hook attack animation, move to the side of him and do another full melee attack then retreat a little. The ninja may run at you at several points then stop a bit away then he will perform a sort of cartwheel kick attack which can also knock Snake down so keep moving and don't stop near him if he's running! Repeat this strategy and eventually once his life bar is depleted a bit more, you will move onto the second phase of the fight where he will jump away and turn invisible, telling Snake to find him. This is where those thermal goggles will come in handy!

    At the end of the cutscene, the ninja will reveal where he is hiding in the room. There are several spots where he will hide including the bottom right corner of the room, between two cabinets along the right wall and between the large row of supercomputers along the left wall. Simply select and equip the thermal goggles (cn_L2 + cn_up or cn_down) to aid in your hide and seek game with the boss. When you find him, give him a good punch punch kick (cn_O,cn_O and cn_O) for being a chicken and he'll retreat after each attack. Do this a few more times to eat away some more of his life bar and then you'll move onto the third phase where he will teleport away and now state how he enjoys this beat down we're currently giving him.

    This part is pretty much the same as the first phase except when he teleports, he will do it multiple times instead of once and his attacks become more frequent as he'll start running towards you instead of walking. Simply dodge any attacks he performs and once you have hit him enough times with your melee attack, his life bar will be depleted. Move away from him once his life bar is empty as he'll now go into his energy frenzy state and if you're standing close to him when he does this, it'll knock Snake down and take some life away.

    To finish this fight, equip either your SOCOM pistol of FAMAS rifle (cn_R2 + cn_up or cn_down) aim using cn_LSc and unload a few rounds into him (cn_S) He'll teleport around the room so follow him around while you put more and more bullets into him and once you've shot him for the third time, the boss will be defeated and a few cutscenes will play out. Your shiny new trophy will unlock once the game switches back to Snake.
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