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vs. Revolver Ocelot trophy in METAL GEAR SOLID - Master Collection Version

vs. Revolver Ocelot

Defeat Revolver Ocelot

vs. Revolver Ocelot0
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How to unlock the vs. Revolver Ocelot trophy

  • RMC131188RMC131188
    24 Oct 2023 11 Nov 2023
    To unlock this trophy, you must defeat the very first boss of the game, Revolver Ocelot in a shoot-out in the secret chamber where the Armstech President is being held hostage.

    The boss fight itself is very easy as you must simply chase and shoot Ocelot as he moves around the outside of the room. Be very careful as the centre area of the room is lined with tripwires which are connected to C4 explosives and the hostage which will kill him if triggered, resulting in a game over.

    He'll occasionally move to the opposite side of the room and fire either a direct shot or a ricocheting shot which can bounce off walls and hit you. He has a six shot revolver and his remaining shots are indicated by a small yellow gauge which is next to his life bar.

    Once his revolver chamber is empty, he'll usually hide behind one of the four pillars around the room to reload. This gives you a few seconds to run around to where he is and when he spots you and runs away, fire a shot at him. You can only hit him with a single shot as he becomes invincible for a second or two after taking damage.

    Never try to shoot him from the opposite side of the room as the chances are he'll run behind the hostage and if its in the line of sight from your weapon, you'll hit the hostage instead.

    A little trick I picked up years ago is to when you are in the line of sight of Ocelot when chasing him around the room, press the cn_S and cn_X together and Snake will run while having his weapon drawn and to shoot, release cn_S.

    After defeating Ocelot and watching a few cutscenes, Snake will increase his life bar and the trophy will be yours.
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