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Half a Master trophy in KickBeat (Vita)

Half a Master

Complete 9 tracks with 5 stars on Master difficulty.

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How to unlock the Half a Master trophy

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    08 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014
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    Now this Trophy will be one of the last you will get on this game, along with the Survival and getting all perfect's in a song on Master.

    To start of with, to unlock Master you need to play through the story mode on Hard, then Expert and then to unlock all songs on Master play through them all to completion once each.

    Honestly as much as i could give advice, there's not much to say at this point in the game. If you've gotten up to this Trophy and have met the requirement to attempt then you know how to play the game, keep chains going and what songs you're already gonna have trouble with. While i struggled with this mode, after a few days of constant practise it become easier and i was starting to breeze through some of the songs.

    Here is what my scores were for all 18 songs on Master which netted 5 stars or above. If you are having trouble scoring 5 stars refer to my scores and see when you roughly need in order to achieve it. This Trophy is the halfway mark for the Silver Trophy of all 18 songs 5 stars, so pick your best 9 songs and have at them! Refer to the list below for larger scoring songs, which generally means more chance to score big and more often.

    Southpaw Swagger - It's Showtime : 1,083,875
    Styles of Beyond - Nine Thou (Grant ect ect remix) : 1,650,125
    Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People : 1,690,125
    Celldweller - Switchback : 1,897,625
    Pre-Fight Hype - It's Going Down : 1,447,125
    Blue Stahli - Takedown : 1,307,125
    Pendulum feat. In Flames - Self vs Self : 1,862,875
    Pendulum/Celldweller - Propane Nightmares : 2,256,375
    Voicians - Fighters : 1,484,750
    Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb : 1,631,000
    Shen Yi - War Dance : 1,014,625
    Rob Zombie - Scum of the Earth : 1,259,375
    Blue Stahli - Scrape : 2,336,250
    P.O.D - Boom : 1,134,259
    Celldweller - I Can't Wait : 1,969,750
    Papa Roach - Last Resort : 1,864,125
    Pre-fight Hype - Tug-o-War : 1,964,125
    Voicians - The Construct : 1,340,750

    Some songs, namely Shen Yi - War Dance and Voicians - Fighters i have extreme trouble with. It almost seems like some songs don't have the correct beat attached to them and it makes it hard to push the buttons and score to the beat when the beat seems off compared to enemies.

    Now there is a couple of things you should take note of, i did all these in freeplay as it reloads faster and there's no cutscenes ect HOWEVER doing the songs in freeplay WON'T unlock the Trophies when you hit 9 and then all 18 songs 5 stars. I personally was freaking out when after 13 songs being Mastered i hadn't got the Bronze Trophy yet. The trick is to go back into Story mode and complete any song with any score, i happened to do the first boss battle again and got 3 stars (mostly because you have no score multipliers) and both Trophies unlocked right after each other as soon as the song was finished. So don't worry if they're not unlocking, go back into story mode and try a song.

    With the boss battles, with the exception of MAYBE the final boss song 'The Construct' you can't earn enough points in story mode to 5 star them on Master difficulty. You need to do them in freeplay as it removes the special health bar against the Mercenary, the Helicopter and it's missiles and the Alien Tentacles and dangerous purple orbs. In freeplay you get the normal enemies with +500 scores so you have a chance at 5 starring the song.

    All in all, practise. The game is about getting better over time and practise makes perfect. When i first started this game i thought i would never come anywhere near this level of playability because of how bad i am at rythem games however after constant practise and patience (along with many swearing and cursing sessions, throwing the Vita at the wall and rage quitting) you will be able to obtain this ... eventually laugh

    Good luck!
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