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Memory Album

You earned the title "Memory Album"!

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How to unlock the Memory Album trophy

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    For this trophy, you need to see all of the Diva Room events, including birthdays. These events are triggered with Floor/Shelf Items and Gifts, both of which you unlock in the Rhythm game (mostly) then buy from the shop.

    For the Floor/Shelf Item events, you need to place the item from the Remodel menu, then go into the Item Events menu, then simply select the item you placed. Here are the Floor/Shelf Items you'll need to buy along with the songs/conditions that unlock them:

    Floor Items
    Papercraft Miku - Level 2 Affinity with Miku
    Papercraft Rin - Level 2 Affinity with Rin
    Papercraft Len - Level 2 Affinity with Len
    Papercraft Luka - Level 2 Affinity with Luka
    Papercraft Kaito - Level 2 Affinity with Kaito
    Papercraft Meiko - Level 2 Affinity with Meiko
    Totem Pole - Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!
    Guitar - Odds & Ends
    Keyboard - Weekender Girl
    Microphone - Black Rock Shooter
    Decorative Plant - Negaposi*Continues
    Suit of Gold Armor - Hm? Ah, Yes.
    Suit of Silver Armor - Unhappy Refrain

    Shelf Items
    Miku Figurine - Level 4 Affinity with Miku
    Rin Figurine - Level 4 Affinity with Rin
    Len Figurine - Level 4 Affinity with Len
    Luka Figurine - Level 4 Affinity with Luka
    Kaito Figurine - Level 4 Affinity with Kaito
    Meiko Figurine - Level 4 Affinity with Meiko
    Eek, a Leek! - God-Tier Tune
    SLR Camera - Freely Tomorrow
    Handheld Game Console - The MMORPG Addict's Anthem
    Cake Assortment - What Do You Mean!?
    Tea Set - Black Rock Shooter
    Seafood Stew - Continuing Dream
    Fortune Box - Sadistic Music Factory
    Green Flower Vase - Monochrome Blue Sky
    Yellow Flower Vase - Unhappy Refrain
    Pink Flower Vase - World's End Umbrella
    Fishbowl (Red Fish) - Time Machine
    Fishbowl (Black Fish) - Monochrome Blue Sky
    Fishbowl (White Fish) - World's End Dance Hall

    IMPORTANT!: The Papercrafts and Figurines can only be triggered when in their appropriate rooms. For example, to trigger the Papercraft Miku event, it must be placed in Miku's room. Papercraft Luka in Luka's room, and so on.

    ALSO IMPORTANT!: The Fortune Box has 3 different events: Very bad, Just so-so, and Very good. They play at random and they all must be triggered for the trophy. Just keep selecting it until you see all three events.

    Now for Gifts, all you have to do is give them to the character. It doesn't matter if they like it or not. Here are the gifts you'll need along with their unlocking songs/conditions:

    Orange Juice - Urbandonment
    Iced Coffee - Black Rock Shooter
    Melon Soda - Secret Police
    Taiyaki - Tengaku
    Macarons - Hm? Ah, Yes.
    Cookies - The MMORPG Addict's Anthem
    Donuts - Melancholic
    Tuna Sushi - DYE
    Rice Omelet - Nostalogic
    Birthday Cake (Player) - Level 6 Affinity with everyone
    Birthday Cake (Miku) - Level 6 Affinity with Miku
    Birthday Cake (Rin & Len) - Level 6 Affinity with Rin or Len
    Birthday Cake (Luka) - Level 6 Affinity with Luka
    Birthday Cake (Kaito) - Level 6 Affinity with Kaito
    Birthday Cake (Meiko) - Level 6 Affinity with Meiko

    Sheet Music - Continuing Dream
    Hand Fan - Summer Idol
    Sunflowers - Time Machine
    Tulips - ACUTE
    Daisies - Unhappy Refrain
    Stuffed Bear - Ashes to Ashes
    Stuffed Rabbit - Glasses
    Stuffed Cat - Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!
    Paper Fan - Remote Controller
    Jack-in-the-Box - Sadistic Music Factory
    Maracas - Negaposi*Continues
    Tambourine - Cat Food
    Calligraphy Paper - Continuing Dream
    Sketchbook - Odds & Ends

    IMPORTANT!: The Calligraphy Paper has 6 different events. Each event triggers randomly when you give Calligraphy Paper to someone.

    ALSO IMPORTANT!: The Sketchbook has 12 different events. Like the Calligraphy Paper, each event is randomly triggered. Here's how it works, though: Basically, the character you give the Sketchbook to will draw a picture of another character. However, they'll never draw a picture of themselves so when you have both events for one character, switch to that one and keep giving Sketchbooks to him/her to get the others. Each character has 2 different events: a good drawing and a bad drawing. This may be difficult to understand, but once you see it, you'll get what I mean.

    On a side note, you can also get the Birthday Cake events by visiting the appropriate character's room on their birthday. The dates are as follows:

    Hatsune Miku: August 31
    Kagamine Rin and Len: December 27
    Megurine Luka: January 30
    Kaito: February 17
    Meiko: November 5
    Player (You): Visit anyone's room on whatever date you set on your profile in the Records menu.

    There's a quick way to know if you already have an event or not. You'll know if you already have an event if you can skip it. If you can't, then it's a new event. This is especially handy for the Fortune Box, Calligraphy Paper, and Sketchbook events.

    Use the Event Collection tab under the menu in Diva Room to keep track of what events you have/need.
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