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Good Samaritan

Achieve an A Rank in any Rescue Mission available

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How to unlock the Good Samaritan trophy

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    In order to get an A rank on any Rescue Mission, you need to do the following:

    1.) Prevent less than 10% of the collective structures be damaged
    2.) Save everyone (no causalities whatsoever).

    Your best bet simply to get this trophy is start the game on easy, plow through the first 2 areas and the first rescue mission will become available.

    IF YOU DO NOT GO TO THE RESCUE MISSION FIRST, i.e. you go into another area, WHEN YOU DO GO TO THE RESCUE MISSION THERE WILL BE AUTOMATIC CASUALTIES. So, once a rescue mission becomes available you need to complete it immediately.

    Although it is incredible easy on easy difficulty (and moderately easy on normal) I strongly advise anyone trying to gain the platinum for this game start immediately on the hard difficulty. In order to get the Valedictorian trophy (overall A rank for the game itself) you need to do the following:

    1.) Play the game on at least Hard difficulty
    2.) Use continues 4 or less times (unless you are playing on Very Hard, then continues don't matter)
    3.) Achieve an A rank on all Rescue Missions

    So, obviously, in order to snag that wonderful gold trophy, you should just start on hard difficulty anyway.


    First thing is first: when you see you have a rescue mission, SAVE THE GAME. I can not stress this enough. SAVE. If you fail to get an A rank, simply hit the pause button, go back to the title screen and reload the save.

    Here is the thing about this game: even on hard, stopping the enemies from killing civies and buildings isn't that difficult as long as you do one thing as quickly as possible - GET EVERYONE SQUADS ATTENTION ASAP.

    If you see 6 squads counted in the upper right corner of the screen, try to have all of them chasing you within 30 seconds. As long as they are focused on you, then they won't be intentionally attacking anything else (Raptors, with the Javelin, however, are really good at missing you and hitting buildings)...

    So that brings me to my next point: find a place on the map to draw everyone to. A place where there are no real buildings, or people, to get caught in the crossfire. Staying up high is often a good idea, but like with the second rescue mission (the one with the huge sewer culvert) it is best to get down there when everyone is on your ass. wink Use the maps to your advantage.

    I advise against using your dash + square at a distance, only because you have the chance of hitting buildings yourself. As a matter of fact, try not to use square at a distance at all UNLESS you are doing the burst + square. That has a much less likely chance of going stray and taking out a building.

    Lastly, on hard, enemies hit fairly hard, so having 10 baddies at your throat one after another, all getting pot shots in , is going to hurt. I advise leveling your Jehuty (awesome name - just really fun to say smile) immediately after the first mission (FACTORY.01). If you keep going back to the Factory instead of proceeding to TOWN.02, then you can fight the same dudes over and over again.

    Max level for this game is 8, but you don't need that for Rescue Missions. Simply getting to level 3 will give you an edge, but if you are really concerned, getting to level 5 grinding at the Factory will take you ~45 mins. wink

    As always, if you have any questions, additional information, or throw me a negative vote, please use the comments below.
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