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Legend of Wei trophy in Dynasty Warriors 8

Legend of Wei

View the ending (Historical & Hypothetical) for the Wei story.

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How to unlock the Legend of Wei trophy

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    Some battles have secondary objectives which will unlock hypothetical battles.
    To see these objectives, and replay the battle, select "story mode", "Wei", "select stage".
    For this trophy, you just have to unlock all the stars before the level "Battle of ChiBi".
    It's not an obligation to make those who are after this level, but i don't know if it's important for other trophy, so i suggest you to do all star objectives.

    I suggest you to select the difficulty "beginner", cause some missions are very hard to finish in normal (or more) difficulty (like stage 4).

    I've found some videos on Youtube which helped me.(Credit to : Jerzeeboii)

    Stage 1 "Escape from Luoyang"

    Defeating Lu Bu without retreating will change Lu Bu's voice lines spoken at Hulao Gate.

    You have to make that when you will have a stronger character, from the beginning, go towards LuBu and kill him.

    Stage 4 "Battle of Xu Province"

    Quickly defeating Tao Qian will enable the stage 'Battle of Puyang' to be unlocked.

    I've used Dian wei, be very fast when Tao Quian escaped from the castle.You need to kill 3,4 officers to open the door then take your horse and go on him, having 3 full musou bars help a lot cause your horse becomes faster and you can cross the groups of enemies without being stopped.Concentrate you only on Tao Quian and the enemie to open the gate.Forget Zang Fei and Zhao Yun.
    My 2 try was a succes.
    I suggest you to make a save when he escaped, to begin again if he leave the battle (don't kill Liu Bei; press start, quit the game, and press "continue" to the main menu).

    Video :

    Stage 6 "Battle of Wan Castle"

    1-Rescuing Cao Ang and Cao Anmin will affect the Battle of Chibi
    2-Failing to rescue Cao Ang and Cao Anmin will enable the stage 'Battle of Xiapi' to be unlocked.
    3-Helping Dian Wei to survive will enable him to appear in Guandu and Chibi

    1- When you reach the exit of the castle, find the location of Cao Ann and Cao Anmin.Save them before going out of the castle
    2- Second playthrough, don't rescue them.
    3- Once arrived at the exit of the castle. Make the mission of Guo Jia which consists in taking 3 bases in the south-west of the map, before the arrival of the enemy reinforcements.

    Video :

    Stage 8 "Battle of Mt Bailang"

    1-Enabling Guo Jia to escape safely will affect the Battle of Chibi
    2-Helping Guo Jia to withdraw safely will enable him to appear in Xinye

    1 and 2- Escort Guo Jia during the mission until he runs away from the level.You need to do some objectives but come back always with Guo Jia, and defeat all the officers, when their reinforcements will appearing, defeat them absolutely.

    Video :

    Stage 9 "Battle of Xinye"

    Defeating Xu Shu before rescuing Cao Ren will affect the Battle of Chibi

    When you enter the Eight Fold Gates, go to the south and defeat Xu Shu before rescue Cao Ren.defeat him quickly cause Zhao Yun and Guan Ping appear and will kill Cao ren.

    Video :

    Stage 10 "Battle of ChiBi"

    Completing all of the conditions will open up the hypothetical battle.

    You have to complete all star objectives untill you (re)start this battle. Guo Jia will then appear, speak to Guo Jia to start the hypothetical battle of ChiBi.
    The success of this mission will unlock 4 news battles on the road of hypothetical end of wei.

    Stage 13 "Battle of Mt Dingjun"

    Defeating Huang Zhong and helping Xiahou Yuan to survive will enable Xiahou Yuan to appear at Fan Castle.

    I suggest selecting Xiahou Yuan, he can't die if you control him.When Huang Zhong will appear at the northern left side of the map, defeat him before he captures Mt. Tiandang.

    Stage 14 "Battle of Fan Castle"

    Rescuing Pang De before he retreats will enable him to be present for the battle's victory.

    Support Pang De once battling against the enemy.Finish some missions when the battle starting, and as soon as possible, rush to Pang De and kill all the officers around him.

    Video :

    Stage 11 "Campaign for Jian Ye" - Hypothetical battle

    Forcing five supporters to surrender will prevent enemy reinforcements from coming to Xu Chang.

    Defeat Xue Zong, Zhang Wen, Lu Ji, Yan Jun and Zhang Zhao.

    When you completed all the missions; historical and hypothetical; the trophy falls clap
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