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Revelation trophy in Dynasty Warriors 8


Upgrade all skills to Level 10 or higher.

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How to unlock the Revelation trophy

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    This trophy is boring to do because the talents do not increase all in the same speed.

    This is the list and the condition :

    Accuracy : Triumph over an enemy having made a combo of 500 minimum (the number need to be confirmed).

    Quick learner : Defeat an enemy having a change of state. Take Pang Tong and set fire to the enemies with his EX attack or then use the musou of CaoCao to freeze your enemies (i've used Cao Cao and the skill won 6 points in one battle with his musou attack).

    Fortune hunter : Kill least 1500 enemies (some people says 1800) and kill then an officer.The stage "Yellow Turban Rebellion" is very good for this.You kill more than 3000 enemys in one try.Don't worry if the skill don't move, finish the stage, and retry.I did it 4 times, skill 0 -> 13.

    Victory cry : Defeat an enemy officer by possessing a weapon of the same affinity (the officer will have neither exclamation mark on his head, nor octagon).

    Health springs : Defeat an enemy officer with an affinity which favors you (the officer has a blue octagon on his head).

    Musou springs : Defeat an officer with an musou attack.

    Rage springs : Defeat an officer while you are in rage mode.

    Burning spirit : Kill an officer with a switch attack (R1) until he dies.(spam the button).

    Secret art : Triumph over an enemy with the bonus who double the speed of movement (the boots).

    Nullification : Defeat an officer by using a weapon which disadvantages you (an exclamation mark will appear on his head).

    Equestrian : kill an officer while your riding your horse.

    Havoc : Defeat an enemy officer less of 2 min from the beginning of the battle.

    Health boost : Triumph over an officer by having your bar of life at the maximum.

    Attack boost : Defeat an officer while your attack is doubled (collect an ax).

    Defence boost : Defeat an officer while your defense is doubled (collect an armor).

    Mighty roar : Kill an enemy officer by using a storm rush (removed the blue octagon above the head of an officer to be able to make a storm rush).He must die during the storm rush, otherwise that doesn't count.

    Steely heart : Kill an enemy officer with a switch counter. To make this, just use a weapon which disadvantages you (the officer have an exclamation mark on his head) and wait that he makes an attack of load ( a blue light appears on him), to make a switch counter, be fast.This skill is hard, but not impossible.Do it in the difficulty "beginner", to kill him in one attack.

    Determination : Defeat an enemy officer by having your life in the red.

    You must to know that the level of difficulty influences the increase of the talent.
    I suggest you to finish all the story, and the Ambition Mode.You'll have just between 3 and 6 skills to increase.
    If you play in difficulty "difficult" or more, the skill will increase faster. Don't panic if you don't unlock the levels quickly, the system of evolution is strange, some stage will give nothing, finish it and redo, and you will evolve your talents.
    The evolution of the skills is probably based on the system of experience (in my opinion).
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