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Overall challenges are cumulative across both games. Tower of Doom only has one unique challenge. All of the Shadow Over Mystara challenges are either character, abilty, or area specific.

**Quantity listed is the Tier 3 amount.**

General tips:

*For Magic User/Elf/Cleric in Shadow Over Mystara: Press Y to access inventory, you can tap B for another layer of inventory. There are three layers. Two are spells, The last is wands (for magic users) and other items.

*Use some VP and go into the Vault at the main menu and purchase Vampirism and Make it Rain. Turn on these house rules before you start a chapter. Vampirism will get you health every time you land an attack. Make it Rain will earn you a lot more money, so that way in the shops you can buy the max amount of hammers, daggers, and oil for those challenges (thanks Chucklestyle)

*This has nothing to do with any of this, but on the character select screen if you press Start instead of A on a character you get a different costume in game.

~ Overall ~

Level Up - Reach Overall Player Level 20
You earn XP towards this level while completing challenges, you will hit 20 by the time you're done with challenges.

Killing Spree - Kill 1000 Enemies of any type
You will get this naturally while beating both games and finishing up challenges.

Moneybags - Pick up 10,000 SP
Once you've earned 200VP from challenges, go back to the main menu, go to Vault, purchase the Make It Rain modifier. Go back to the game, press Y to change House Rules. Turn on Make it Rain. Enemies will drop a lot more silver.

Petting Zoo (Elf) - Use Polymorph to change 25 enemies into harmless animals
You can obtain this naturally by playing both games or if you want to grind, simply use up all your casts, let yourself be killed, and when you continue, the spell is restocked.

Slick Hammers - Hit 75 enemies with Ranged Hammer, Oil, or Large Oil
Try to throw oil into groups of enemies. In the shops buy the max amount of hammers and oil to help speed up the process.

Full Metal Jacket - Equip 15 Pieces of Armor
Equipping armor in these games is simply picking up items that you can't use from your inventory like rods, boots, certain rings, off the ground. Nothing you have to do to equip them.

Spellcaster (Magic User/Elf/Cleric) - Pick up 30 scrolls
Scrolls are random drops from chests and monsters. You will get this while playing the games.

Till Death Do Us Part - Use 50 Rings
When you pick up rings, just use them in combat and you will get this naturally. The rings drop randomly, so if you don't get it after playing through both games, you should get it while cleaning up challenges.

Zombie Killer (Cleric) - Damage 20 undead enemies with Turn Undead
The Cleric can cast this spell repeatedly, works on Skeletons and Ghouls.
Press A + B to cast it.

Loot Master - Open, Unlock, or Break Open 50 Chests
You'll get this easily while playing through both games.

Fry 'em Up (Magic User) - Electrocute 50 enemies
You can obtain this naturally by playing both games or if you want to grind, simply use up all your casts, let yourself be killed, and when you continue, the spell is restocked. There are also rings that cast lightning, which any character can use.

Monster Torch - Light 50 Enemies on Fire
Simple enough, just use magic user to cast fireball on groups of enemies, or use any character to throw burning oil. You will get this while working toward Slick Hammers.

Curb Stomp-a-Thon - Hit 50 Opponents on the Ground
Just go to enemies you've knocked down and attack them.

Pointy Things and Slings - Hit 100 enemies with Ranged Arrow, Dagger, Sling
Easiest with the Thief due to her infinite Sling, but doable with any character.

~ Tower of Doom ~

Just the Beginning - Complete Tower of Doom

~ Shadow Over Mystara ~

Help Wanted (Magic User, others with an item) - Summon 25 Monsters to Aid You
You can obtain this naturally by playing both games or if you want to grind, simply use up all your casts, let yourself be killed, and when you continue, the spell is restocked. Sometimes you will loot an egg which is a one time use summon.

Backstab (Thief)- Use Sneak Attack on 20 Enemies
Get behind enemies and press A to attack. Works on humanoid enemies like Dark Elves, Skeletons, and Gnolls, etc. I found this to be pretty tricky. I had good luck on Gnolls with bows, the Dark Elves during the Harpy fight, and the Skeletons before the Tel'Arin fight on the Skies Over Aengmore.

Equip Weapons - Equip 50 weapons by selecting from inventory
Some weapons you will loot can be equipped, this does not count limited use items like daggers, oils, or hammers. Press Y to go into inventory, select the weapon and press A, then press X to use it. You can also go to the Gnome Village with a Fighter or Magic User, trash your items, and buy up a bunch of swords or wands. After you leave the village you can just equip each one.

My preferred method of grinding this was to start at the Grove of Destruction chapter with a Magic User but press START instead of A on the character select screen. He will be wearing green robes and will have 3 or 4 wands in his inventory. Equip each wand and then let the enemies kill you and DO NOT continue. Go back to the main menu and repeat. Make sure you do not choose Exit Game or you will lose the challenge progress from that session.

Gold Digger (Dwarf) - Use the Treasure Hunter skill to open a chest twice 15 times with the Dwarf
Stand in front of chest, press A to open the chest lid, quickly tap A to loot what pops out so that the chest doesn't despawn, Press A again to hit chest with your axe.

Gnomes R Us - Buy 1 item in the magic shop in the Gnome Village
Choose the chapter The Grove Of Destruction. After fighting the Displacer Beast, agree to help the Gnomes. After fighting some more monsters the Gnome will say you're too big or something and offer to sell you a potion, say Yes to buy the potion and you are sent to the village. In the village there are two doors to go in. The item shop is the blue door, it is locked. Go into the other building, press A to talk to the person near the door, they tell you the shop should be open now, go back out and go into the item shop. Buy any item. If you have a Magic User or Cleric, buy a Wand of Paralyzation to help with Paralyzation Nation challenge. (credit to Clad Master for how to get the Wand)

Paralyzation Nation (Magic User) - Paralyze 25 Enemies
You need a Wand of Paralyzation to bash enemies with to unlock this.

See Gnomes R Us challenge for how to obtain the wand. Simply equip the wand and press A to use it by physically hitting enemies until you've completed the challenge.

Alternate method of getting the wand: Choose Grove of Destruction chapter. On the character select screen, select magic user and press START instead of A. The Magic User will be wearing a green costume and already have the wand in inventory. Every time I have started this chapter, he has the wand of paralyzation.

If you're having trouble with the MU throwing the wand, play on the following level 'The Cave of Rafael'. On this particular level, both the green MU and my regular MU possessed the wand of paralyzation and was able to continually use it without chucking it. (Thanks Mickey Burns)

Petrify Enemies (Magic User) - Petrify 25 enemies
You can obtain this naturally by playing both games or if you want to grind, simply use up all your casts, let yourself be killed, and when you continue, the spell is restocked. Try to get a group of enemies in front of you. Sometimes it will petrify 2 or 3 of them at once.

Stickwaver (Magic User) - Use a Wand 50 Times
Simply equip a wand and press A 50 times.

Engage! (Magic User) - Use the Teleport ability 30 Times
Simply hold Down and press B B quickly and repeat.

Cannonball! (Dwarf) - Perform 25 Cannonball Attacks
Press B, Down + B. You can do this repeatedly until you finish it. (credit to RPG Master 1985)

Sting Like a Bee (Dwarf) - Use rapid attack 50 times
While fighting enemies with the Dwarf, keep tapping A until the axe starts swinging super fast.

Hands Full - Kill 30 monsters while Fighter is dual wielding
You need to find and equip a Short Sword to do this. Select chapter Skies Over Aengmore. After fighting the Harpy and Tel'Arin on the flying ship, when you can choose path, pick B The Forest of Despair. Walk forward until you see a sign and a large greenish rock. Get on the left side of the rock and push it to the right. Go inside to find the short sword inside one of the chests. Open your inventory, select it, press A. Then press X and he will put the shield away and you'll be dual wielding. Now just kill things. (credit to xD Rick and EstebanKane for finding this)

The Final Chapter - Complete Shadow Over Mystara

So Desperate! - Perform 50 Desperate Attacks
I found this easiest with the Fighter, but you can use others. Just press A + B.

Use Rapid Fire (Thief/Elf) - Use Rapid Fire 20 times
Equip the Sling and then press X repeatedly and you will see the rapid attack happen.
You can also use the Elf with the Bow to do this (thanks HootDaddyX360)

Use your Down Up Technique - Use your down up technique 25 times
I found this easiest with the Fighter. Just press Down, Up + A for a special attack.
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