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The Completionist trophy in River City Girls 2 (Asia)

The Completionist

Obtained 100% completion.

The Completionist0
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How to unlock the The Completionist trophy

  • Doc_ChopperDoc_Chopper
    21 Dec 2022 21 Dec 2022 23 Dec 2022
    So here is the definite 100% completion guide.

    1. Finish the regular first walkthrough
    while also completing EVERY SIDEQUEST along the way. They are marked with a question mark on the map. As long as you check every mark, none of themn is missable.
    This includes the side quests for the collectible items. Each of them also give an achievement/trophy
    • Find every cat around town for the cat cafe [start the quest in Uptown]
    • Find every selfie spot in town and do a selfie. There is one spot per Area. Quest can be started in Uptown in the Resting Area
    • Find all tarot cards scattered around town
    Check THIS LINK for video guides of all the collectibles in game. Provided by trueachievements user Zasta 360gamestv

    2. Beat the New Game +
    • If you already did all collectibles in your first run, you don't need to repeat them.
    • Although NG+ has its own collectibles: 12 gears scattered around town.
    • But you still need to do all the OTHER SIDEQUESTS A SECOND TIME also
    3. Max Out one at least one character.
    This means, leveling him/her up to LVL 30

    4. Buy EVERY MOVE for EVERY CHARACTER in the Dojo.
    To unlock all available moves, that character must reach LVL 12. Remember, Characters you don't use actively still get XP indirectly and level up indirectly as you play through the game rspectively NG+. So neither leveling every character to LVL 12 is a big problem, nor gathering the money to buy the moves.

    5. Find every secret screen in the game.
    There is one secret screen per area.

    6. Use every CONSUMABLE ITEM at least once.
    Consumable items boost your stats in different categories, when you use them for the first time. These boni are listed next to the item in the shops. Once consumed, the stat boost will be not displayed again. Consumable items are usually food items. However, these items also count as such
    • books from the bookstore in downtown
    • the potions from the secret shop in the woods in Flatirons
    • the items from the pharmacy in downtown
    • as well as the items you can buy in the schools restroomThe items from Enokis Foodtruck. His truck will appear random around the city after you have beaten the restaurant chef boss in Ocean Heights. Easiest trick to get to the food truck. Go to the hideout in Capitol Ave. (Crosstown) and Save & Exit to the titlescreen. Reload the save and go outside. If the truck is there, it will appear on the right side in front of the house. If it is not there, repeat the Save & Exit method until the truck appears in front of the house.
    7. Get EVERY recruit
    • This includes EVERY COLOR VARIANT of the regular enemies
    • Also the recruits you can hire at least ONCE. Some of them are unlocked by beating sidequests or finding the secret screens
    8. Have obtained or bought every accessory item
    Most accessory items can be bought in shops. While others are awarded for progressing in the game, including side quests. This also includes the records from both record shops (Crosstown mall and Flatirons Camping site)
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