Vampire Hunter trophy in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Vampire Hunter

Destroy the lord of Castlevania.

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How to unlock the Vampire Hunter trophy

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    13 Sep 2016
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    Defeat Dracula, the boss of Chapter 6. Dracula has three forms, his human form, his demon form, and his final form is a three headed, winged demon.

    Form 1: His human form is the easiest part of this battle. First he'll teleport around the room and cast Hellfire, Inferno, or fire pillars from the ground. When he teleports, try to jump over him to avoid damage and keep hitting his head. If he teleports in a corner, jump kick his head to avoid damage. Keep this up and he'll switch to his second form.

    Form 2: His demon form is a little harder but still easy if you know what you're doing. He can shoot a fireball to the ground creating a wave, jump over characters and poison them with projectiles, shoot a large beam (like Chapter 1 boss), and summon ghosts that chase you and can curse you when hit. The fireball wave is easy to dodge, simply jump over it. When you see him jump, try to run to the opposite side of the room to avoid poison, or try to dodge the poison. The large beam can be avoided by running to the opposite side of the room and double jumping just as he shoots it. Ghosts can be tricky to dodge but keep jumping and running around. Keep attacking him and dodge all the attacks and he will go down. Then he'll change to his third form.

    Form 3: His three headed, winged demon form is his hardest. You'll notice that he has three heads and giant claws, both of which can damage you if you run into them. He has many attacks in this form. He has his claw swipe, he can shoot triangular projectiles at players, and shoot out heart projectiles. When a female gets hit with a heart projectile, Dracula will have temporary control over that character. If a male gets hit, he will only take damage. He can also summon other spells which are indicated by a circle in front of him. When the circle is red, he will cast fire pillars below an ally. Just keep running back and forth to avoid them. When it's orange, he'll shoot a fireball to the ground a create a wave similar to the one created in his second form. Simply double jump over it. When the circle is purple, there will be purple lines all around the room. Be sure to get in between the lines before he shoots his lasers. When it's red and white he will cast Demonic Megiddo, which is a large ball of dark energy that does massive damage. The only way to avoid this is to stand in the very corner of the room. He also can cast immunities upon himself. When he glows dark blue, he is immune to physical attacks. when he glows light blue, he is immune to magical attacks. Keep damaging him and try to avoid all damage possible. Like I said before, playing online will greatly increase your chances of defeating him. If you're having trouble, go back and farm for better equipment.

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