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Tower of Babble

In TranZit, obey the voices.

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How to unlock the Tower of Babble trophy

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    There are two 'paths' to follow to get this achievement. Maxis' path and Richtofen's path. I assume you're here because you want the trophy, not the experience, so I will only show you Maxis' path since that one is way easier.

    There used to be a lot of speculation over the amount of people needed for this trophy.
    Now we know there are two ways to get it (two within the Maxis path);
    -One where only two players are needed:

    -The other one which needs four players:

    I recommend to watch the 2-player video first, since that one tells a lot more needed details.

    The 2-player steps:
    1. Build and let every player grab a turbine.
    2. Turn the power on and off again.
    3. Hit the mystery box until someone gets the EMP grenade (only one person is needed to have it)
    4. Get under the pylon in the corn field which is in between the farm and the power plant.
    5. Place a turbine on either side of where the NavCard table can be build. (no need to build it)
    6. Maxis will say something, after this remove your turbines again.
    7. Leave one zombie and kill it when the lightningstorm is at its peak. This way a This will net a 50% chance of spawning in the Avogadro/electric guy. If he didn't spawn in, repeat this step.
    8. When the Avagadro has spawned in, re-place the turbines on the same spots where you placed them in step 5. Now you have to walk around and wait until the Avogadro is directly under the pylon. When he finally is under the pylon, throw an EMP grenade at him. This will kill him and if you did this correctly, Maxis will say something. Please note that the turbines still need to be at their spots when the Avogadro is being killed.
    This step is the hardest part.
    9. Place two turbines under two random flickering lamp posts. This should give you this trophy.

    Good luck.

    2020 Edit: A Solo way to complete this easter egg has been found, although it is a bit luck based. For this solo strategy you'll be doing the Richtofen side instead of the Maxis side described above. I'll let this video explain it all since it's great and it's where I learned the method:

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