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How to unlock the Denizen trophy

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    While this trophy sounds simple enough, in reality it will take a long time to achieve. You can just keep playing trying to make the most of each game – you’ll definitely get there eventually. I thought it might be helpful though to share the strategy and approach I discovered worked well – the things that helped me cut down the total time.

    Things to note:
    1. The only time that counts towards the trophy is the time appearing under Level Time on the game summary screen after you complete each game.
    2. Each game lasts for one minute, unless you achieve additional time through game play.
    3. You can only play five games consecutively – after that you will have to wait for your hearts (games) to recharge. In my experience charging from zero hearts all the way back to five takes at least half an hour. Hearts do recharge while you play. You might get an extra game tacked on the end if you can keep the five games going long enough. Oh, and closing the game and then restarting doesn't recharge your hearts - the time needed to recharge is what it is, irrespective of whether you have the game running or not.
    4. If you play the daily scratch game when your hearts aren't full, you'll have five fully charged hearts when the scratch game is done.
    5. Your hearts also recharge completely when you progress to the next level.

    Some maths:
    Let’s suppose that every game you play lasts for only one minute - you will need 6000 games to get the trophy. Let’s also suppose that you play five games and then wait for them all to charge up before playing again. At thirty minutes for each five game set, it will take an estimated 700 hours elapsed time to get the trophy (excluding things like sleep and having a life). Play for two hours per day this way and it will take you a year to get there.

    1. You have played the game enough to get all bonuses and totems to level 4
    2. You have a healthy balance of gems in the bank to use for rent. You can earn a good supply of gems by playing the daily scratch game every day, and through doing well in the weekly tournament (which you automatically enter just by posting a score). Winning the weekly tournament also nets you 15 extra lives – 20 games in a row to enjoy! You may score some gems from your friends through NEAR as well. The biggest consistent gem gain comes from levelling up.

    Bonuses to rent:
    1. The Added Crystals bonus allows 8 gems on the game board at once. Cost 250 gems.
    2. The Longer Frenzy bonus prolongs Score Frenzy time to 20 seconds and multiples the score by five. Cost 400 gems.
    3. The Profit Crystals bonus increases the number of points for one gem on the game board to 10,000 points. Cost 250 gems.

    Effect? There are more crystals to use in matches, you earn more for every one of them you get through a match, and when you make a few matches quickly to get into Score Frenzy, you will increase your score. So these are all about maximising your score.

    Totems to rent:
    1. The Purple Totem adds bonuses to the game board. Cost 600 gems.
    2. The Orange Totem adds time to a level. Cost 300 gems.

    Effect? You will add time directly through two orange matches in a row. You will add more bonuses to the board through two purple matches in a row – with any lucky they’ll be clocks to give you the chance to match for more time. So these are about maximising your Level Time.

    Total rent per game 1800 gems.

    To summarise, the idea is to increase your Level Time per game as much as possible while at the same time maximising your score so that you can level up faster (to reduce waiting time for hearts to recharge if you use up all five).

    Game play tips:

    1. If you have a choice between a match that does have a crystal and one that doesn’t, make the one that does. If you match lots of crystals you can achieve the highest multiplier of 20. With the Profit bonus you will add 20 x number of crystals x 10000 to your score. Eg, if you got 100 crystals through matches, you’d add 20 million to your score for that game!! 100 might seem like a lot but if you get long games going and prioritise crystal matches, you could get double that.

    2. Look for the bonuses – the clocks and magnifying glasses in particular. Try to keep track of where they are so when the gaps fill, if you can make a match with them you are ready to act. If you find your bonuses are all in the corners or edges of the game board, re-spin the board. There are more opportunities to make matches with bonuses in the middle than on the edges.

    3. If you have an orange or a purple match available, save it if you can until another match appears. Match them consecutively (i.e. two in a row) to achieve your totem bonus. Orange adds 10 seconds to your time. Purple throws a couple of bonuses on the board - if you’re lucky they will be time bonuses (+ 10 seconds) or magnifying glasses that show you all possible moves.

    4. Think about your purple and orange matches when there is more than one option available to make a match. If a spin in one direction matches four squares but a spin in a different direction only three, you might want to do the three (depending what else is available) because then you retain a valuable coloured square for other matches. This is particularly important when these colours are clustered together on the game board.

    5. With the purple totem, if you already have valuable bonuses on the board, don’t do two in a row. The bonuses thrown can overwrite the ones you already have. I lost time bonuses for coin bonuses – too small to be useful!

    6. If you have made an orange or purple match but don’t have another one available, consider re-spinning the board. I did this often; particularly if there was a lot of the colour I needed spread out on the board, and often achieved a new board that had the match I needed.

    7. Match the magnifying glass bonus as much as you can. If you do and you see only a couple of matches, re-spin the board immediately. The idea once you have this bonus active is to just madly match everything you can while the bonus lasts. Don’t wait for squares to drop or gaps to fill – this way you can make matches that would disappear otherwise. A long string of matches without pause will net you a high score. I did find though that if I got an orange match during this, especially when I’d created a lot of gaps on the game board, it was worth waiting for everything to drop into place to see if another possible orange match would appear. The orange totem is powerful because it is an instant ten seconds which can be the difference between keeping your game running and seeing it end while you still have good squares on the board.

    8. If you find yourself stuck looking for a match but the board hasn’t re-spun automatically, re-spin it yourself. Usually there will only be one or two matches there (unless you’re having a bad day!) and it is more efficient to try for a better board than waste time looking for them.

    9. When you’re doing sit down type activities, keep Montezuma’s running too. You can use up your five hearts quickly if you like – then they’ll be recharging while you do other things. Even if you started the games and then just let each minute run down, those five minutes will still add up. Enlist the help of others too - your partner/child/parent/friend/visitor/house mate/etc. might enjoy having a go, all minutes you won't have to do yourself!

    10. Kick out mode happens when the game drops down a match of six for you. A blue pulsing bar appears down the left side – easy to miss. If you tap the back touch screen during kick out mode you can take out squares for score. I didn’t find this all that useful because while you are tapping you aren’t matching and it uses up time. Occasionally I used it to remove a lock or a square in the way so I could get a second orange or purple match – or to grab a clock bonus without having to match it with something first. It’s imprecise and if you have a clock on the bottom or side it’s pretty much impossible to target it.

    11. Dark mode happens at the end of the game if you have had a Score Frenzy and a Kick out mode during the game. Annoying black smoke covers the screen – if you rub at the back touch screen you can clear it a little. The more skin you have in contact with the back touch screen the more area it seems to clear. My strategy for this was to look for a magnifying glass bonus – that way I could see where possible matches were without having to actually be able to view all the relevant squares. That aside, I basically followed all the same tips as above, including re-spinning if I couldn’t find a match.

    Does this work?
    I believe it does. My longest game is 15:01 and my highest score is 312,838,600 – I’m quick but I’m not a jewel matching legend by any means! The legends have scores in the billions!! My top stats were probably a fluke but I was achieving ten minute games regularly and often had scores over 100 million. This meant that I rarely ran out of hearts – I could usually get enough score within five games to level up and recharge them. I had bad game sequences where it seemed like every game was a grind to find any matches and I was continually re-spinning the board, but even then could usually get one really good scoring game to get me over the line to the next level.

    How long did this approach take me?
    I started on the 21st January 2014 and finished just over three months later – from what I can tell by looking at the statistics of other players, that’s a lot less elapsed time than most people who have the trophy ended up playing for. I did hammer the game a bit when I was getting close though, but even without that I still would have gotten the trophy relatively quickly.
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    grundogLFC1892Some solid tips there mate got bored of them game so mostly just idle my 5 lives away but for people who still play it properly brilliant.
    Posted by grundogLFC1892 on 02 Aug 14 at 08:32
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