Lucky 13 trophy in Unit 13 (Vita)

Lucky 13

Achieve a 5-star rating in 13 operations.

Lucky 130
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How to unlock the Lucky 13 trophy

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    Getting 5 stars is based on points. Try to get the most points you possibly can in a mission, and understand what gets bonuses for which missions. Deadlines, for example, award you bonuses for getting through the mission with a lot of time remaining. Elite gives you bonus for not taking damage. Covert gives you bonuses for not killing enemies. Other than Covert, there's a bonus for killing all the enemies in a mission, so make sure you get everyone in a mission when possible. Usually, when you finish an objective, the game spawns enemies in the surrounding area, so keep an eye on that.

    Here's some scores to shoot for (thanks to Sherufanir and for the list):

    1: 95,182 (you can go lower)
    2: 68,418
    3: 95,878
    4: 104,757
    5: 87,195
    6: 130,967
    7: 79,227
    8: 125,393 (you can get lower)
    9: 97,957
    10: 111,196 (can get lower)
    11: 105,372
    12: 99,498
    13: 87,465
    14: 124,856
    15: 85,950
    16: 101,109
    17: 134,010
    18: 86,804
    19: 78,143
    20: 104,694
    21: 102,150
    22: 87,853
    23: 155,348 (can get lower)
    24: 100,792
    25: 79,110
    26: 105,856
    27: 232,292 (can go MUCH lower)
    28: 92,791
    29: 99,428
    30: 130,623
    31: 111,886
    32: 89,650
    33: 157,372
    34: 152,195
    35: 120,700 (can go lower)
    36: 276,675
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    A_Tennis_GiraffeDo you know if there's anything else that determines how many stars you earn other than just overall score?
    I got 97,802 on mission 17 but only got 3 stars.
    On mission 36 I got 140,821 but only got 2 stars.
    I always used the recommended operatives for each mission.
    Anyone able to shed any light on this? I thought I did mission 36 perfectly (all stealth, although i didn't get the kill them all bonus at the end so must have missed a couple of enemies) and was totally shocked to find I only got awarded 2 stars. The only thing I can think is that I did keep reloading my checkpoints when I messed up and got spotted.
    Posted by A_Tennis_Giraffe on 21 Aug 13 at 08:34
    The only thing I can think of is that the EU version of the game may have different requirements for stars than the US version. For the US version, it's completely based on points.
    Posted on 21 Aug 13 at 13:41
    Also, maybe the EU version has different score requirements for each level.
    Posted on 21 Aug 13 at 13:42
    A_Tennis_GiraffeHmm ok, that did briefly cross my mind actually, but then I couldn't understand why it would be any different being the exact same game. I guess I will just have to keep trying then and maybe try some different tactics to see if it makes any difference.
    Posted by A_Tennis_Giraffe on 21 Aug 13 at 15:12
    Check the manual for the game and see if it says anything.
    Posted on 21 Aug 13 at 16:45
    I'm gonna increase the scores in the solution just in case.
    Posted on 21 Aug 13 at 16:47
    Alright I changed the scores for 17, 33, and 36. Try shooting for those new numbers.
    Posted on 21 Aug 13 at 16:48
    A_Tennis_GiraffeOk, finally got it done!
    Here's the scores which got me the 5 stars on those missions mentioned above, just for extra reference for anyone else reading -
    Mission 17 - 131,366
    Mission 33 - 161,253
    Mission 36 - 273,587
    So those numbers you've changed them to definitely seem closer to the mark :) Well they were for me anyway!
    Posted by A_Tennis_Giraffe on 06 Sep 13 at 02:16
    Thanks, Giraffe!
    Posted on 06 Sep 13 at 15:42
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