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1989 trophy in Hotline Miami


Kill 1989 enemies

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How to unlock the 1989 trophy

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    This should come over the course of playing towards other trophies. However, if like me, you wanted this out of the way I found after one playthrough of the game, loading up Chapter 11 - Deadline was quickest for me. I used the Tony mask (unlocked by getting High Score on Chapter 1) as it is a one hit melee kill on most enemies. As you enter, kill the guard with the silenced pistol and you will be rushed by 4 melee enemies, try to take all these out with punches, then if successful, try to take out one guard to the right with a gun. You will be taken out by another guard with a gun more than likely but don't worry as death does not reset the kill counter and you can keep using this method to rack up the kills.

    EDIT: I played on the Vita only, and as TheNegativeIon mentions in the comments below, it may not work on the console version. Any confirmation either way would be appreciated.
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    TheNegativeIonAre you sure the kill counter doesn't reset after you die? This is the last trophy I need for the Platinum. And I've died quite a lot of times over the course of trying to A+ everything. Is this trophy known for being glitched or something? I dunno. Maybe seeing that you say that you can get naturally over the course of the other trophies, it only glitches for very few people and I'm just one of the unlucky ones? I've been grinding Chapter 11 for kills as you suggested for over an hour and I still don't have it. Either the kill counter DOES reset after death, the trophy glitched on me, or I'm just that damn good at the game. It really sucks that there's no way to keep track of your kill count. Maybe I should just delete my save file and start over?
    Posted by TheNegativeIon on 05 Sep 14 at 04:01
    WXMCSNot sure of any glitch issues, but this is the method I used. It took me a long time to get it, but I didn't go for A+ on everything (I'm terrible at the game). I agree on tracking the kill count, I hate it when games have a trophy for getting a certain amount of kills, collectables, etc and give you no way to track it. I hope you get it soon.
    Posted by WXMCS on 05 Sep 14 at 04:48
    TheNegativeIonOk. So I started a completely new save file on my PSVita. I played up to chapter 11 and then started grinding there for kills for about half an hour and then I got the trophy. So I really don't know what happened earlier; Maybe it did glitch on the PS3. So I guess if you don't get it before get all the others, then yeah, you might have to start fresh again. But anyway, no, your kill count really doesn't reset when you die. However, I was using Dennis (unlocked by reaching the par score in Chapter 5), which I think is much more effective simply because of the faster attacking rate. But this is a good solution regardless.
    Posted by TheNegativeIon on 07 Sep 14 at 21:29
    WXMCSI'm glad you got it! smile
    I played exclusively on the Vita, so maybe it may not work on the PS3 version. Thanks for the comments, I will update the solution to show it's not confirmed as working on the PS3.
    Posted by WXMCS on 08 Sep 14 at 00:12
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