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Playing Pool trophy in Hotline Miami

Playing Pool

Hit an enemy with a weapon bounced against a wall

Playing Pool0
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How to unlock the Playing Pool trophy

  • ExtremePhobiaExtremePhobia174,577
    08 Jul 2013 18 Aug 2013
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    To get this, all the needs to happen is that you throw a weapon which ricochets off of a wall before it hits an enemy and knocks him down.

    This will likely happen by accident eventually but if not, one of the easiest spots in the game is on Chapter 2. When you get there, clear the first floor and you'll have your choice of two sets of stairs to get to the second floor. Take the stairs on the left and the first enemy you see will be in a small rectangular room. If you have trouble intentionally hitting the wall and then him by aiming, use the lock on feature but wait until he's walking away from you to do it. It may be possible that he'll walk a step or two further and the weapon will bounce off the wall and hit him.

    Alternatively, this can also be done on the prologue level. After clearing the first floor of the train station, go down the stairs. Take out the first enemy and take his weapon. Below your screen will be two enemies and one of them will be pacing. The other will be standing still. Throw the weapon you just got through the doorway in such a way that it will hit the stationary enemy to get this Trophy.
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  • DrevinKnightDrevinKnight258,706
    27 Jan 2014 27 Jan 2014 27 Jan 2014
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    This can be done on Most likely any chapter but I recommend upstairs Chapter 2 like the other solution. First make sure when you clear the 1st floor that you have a weapon in hand. What I did since I couldn't get the other way to work was (wait for it) I walked in the rectangular room backwards aiming at the wall immediately below the door. The enemy's weapon changes but if he has a melee weapon he has to charge at you when he did I threw me weapon at the wall and it bounced back threw me and hit the enemy. I've done it 100 times and it definitely took less skill and calculating on my part. I'm sure there are better places to do this and probably better solutions but I just wanted everyone to have another option since TT doesn't have a huge solutions posting committee like our Microsoft brethren.

    Edit: another easy spot you can get this trophy is prelude/prologue
    When you've cleared the first floor pick up the baseball bat and head upstairs. There will be a guard around the first corner. Use your right analog stick to aim at the wall to the opposite of him.
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