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How to unlock the Ultimate Battler trophy

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    This strategy is for The Max (see comments for Impossible tips). There are plenty of other guides out there that cover the Doomsday strategies that will get you through all the other battles, and there’s nothing I can add to those, so I’d recommend just looking those up if you’re having trouble with other battles. As for Impossible, you’ll just have to see what works best for you among the various strategies. I beat Impossible on pure luck, it's way too difficult to plan out. I am not personally a very skilled fighting game player. I don’t even think I could call myself average. An honest assessment of my own skill is that I’m somewhere around the dividing line between the low end of average and below average. Depends on the day. YET, I was able to finish Ultimate Battler. I’ve been achievement/trophy hunting for 9 years, and I have to say this is the single hardest achievement or trophy I’ve ever accomplished, so if you’d honestly assess your own skill about how I assess my own, please know that this will be very hard, it will take you a very long time, and it will frustrate you to no end. But, with these tips and a lot of patience, I truly believe you can do it too.

    These tips and strategies are for the pre-patched version of the game. This means that you will want to delete the update patch for the game to be sure that this information is as accurate as possible. The strategy still works on the patched (or gold/ps4) version of the game, it just doesn’t work as well, as the patch fixes some holes in the AI. The trade-off there is that the patch also fixed some issues with the controls. I was at a point where I could do the combo in my sleep, but every once in a while, it just wouldn’t continue beyond the Pain Chain move. There were also times where I seemed to be stuck in a block. I would release the d-pad to begin my attack, and Grundy would just continue blocking. I personally found it to be worth it to put up with the frustration of the occasionally sloppy controls to exploit the weaker AI, but you may feel otherwise. This guide also won’t include any tips for fighting Batgirl, Zatanna, Zod, Lobo, Scorpion, or Martian Manhunter. Since this was the pre-patched version of the game, I didn’t have these fighters in my lineups, so if you’re going for this on the ultimate edition, Godspeed. If you want to take your own notes and send them my way, I’d be happy to edit this solution and credit you for your tips on these DLC characters.

    First of all, these tips will be referring to the Solomon Grundy strategy. There are several variants of the strategy out there, but they all revolve around using his Health Chain combo. I used the combo suggested by STWproductionz on Youtube, see this link for his combo and other tips:
    (skip to 1:35 for the combo itself). Note that I personally feel that he overstates the effectiveness of the jumping attack. It did work a lot of the time, and it was definitely a good trick to have in the bag (and you’ll need several), but it didn’t work anywhere near as well or as often as it seems to have for the video maker.

    I’ll be referring to Swamp Hands as just SH for the rest of this guide, and unless stated otherwise, I’m always referring to the meter-burned version of Swamp Hands. Take 20-30 minutes in practice mode getting fluent with meter-burning Swamp Hands and using the Health Chain combo. The AI is merciless in The Max, and you will not have a chance to practice in a live battle.

    Stick with the Health Chain combo. A question I had when starting this, which no guide answered, was why the Health Chain was recommended instead of the Attack or Defense Chains. I can’t speak for other guide writers, but after some experimentation and experience, the 4 reasons I stick with the Health Chain are: it does more damage than the other 2, it’s easier to remember without getting flustered and missing your timing, the times to input your next move are much easier to identify, and since you WILL be on the receiving end of several combos, having the health bonus is the most useful of the 3 bonuses.

    The other move you’ll need to be comfortable using is Walking Corpse (henceforth referred to as WC), particularly as a wakeup attack. I never quite got the timing down to a science on this, but I generally tried to input the button commands during Grundy’s stand-up animation, which was successful 75-90% of the time. WC walks through any and all attacks. You’ll still take the damage, but nothing short of a knockout will stop you. This is essential for getting some breathing room when you’re cornered, as you’ll either connect with your opponent, or they’ll jump over you, letting you out of the corner. Against certain opponents with projectile-heavy arsenals (Green Lantern and Sinestro, for example), WC was essential, as it nullified almost all their strategies for punishing you from a distance. Certain characters do have back/forward+3 attacks which employ animations which will let them get out of being hit with WC, even if they’re standing in a spot where it should have hit them. There’s no way around this, it’s just one of those things that make The Max as hard as it is.

    Keep in mind, as I mentioned above, this will take practice. Do not expect to walk into The Max and beat it on your first, tenth, or maybe even 100th attempt. I went for The Max on a system that didn’t have my main save data on it, so when I started going for the Max, I was at 0 wins, 0 losses. Considering you can only lose once per battle before having to start over, I can look at my number of losses to get a fairly accurate estimate of how many times I had to try The Max before I beat it. I beat The Max on somewhere around my 350th try, give or take. So don't concern yourself with opponents at the end of the line-up when you're still getting up to speed. You won't make it that far anyway, so use your early tries as practice. Once you get to a point where you can string 5-6 wins together consistently, then you're at a point where you might be able to win with the right lineup and a little luck, so that's when you can start taking a look at your whole lineup. Something I noticed missing in other guides is the tip that you can just scroll to The Max on the battle screen and get a preview of your lineup. You don’t have to actually start the battle to see the whole thing. Sometimes the larger characters like Doomsday can eclipse other characters, so you won’t see some until you do actually start the battle, but at the very least, you can see who you’re up against first. After a while you’ll recognize characteristic traits popping out in the back, even if you can’t see the whole fighter, like Deathstroke’s sword hilt or rifle scope, Doomsday’s shoulder spikes, Lex’s geometric silhouette, etc. If you preview your lineup and see a fighter you don’t want, exit to the main screen and go back in for a new lineup. There will still be instances where you won’t see an unbeatable fighter in the lineup until you actually start the battle and see them all scroll past you, but this will at least save you a lot of time on the battles when you can see those unbeatables.

    Every guide I see says to spam interactables. Do NOT treat that as a universal rule. There are enough characters with projectiles, upward diagonal attacks, and just general speed that you should only even try interactables against certain characters. Even then, you have to consider the type of interactable. My advice is to use them extremely sparingly, and if you’re up for exercising your memory, read on.
    ---1. You should never go for an interactable if your opponent is less than 1 dash away, no matter who it is or what type of interactable it is (unless you want to get hit, more on that later). They ALL have melee attacks that can hit you from that distance. You might get lucky, but it’s not worth it.
    ---2. Some characters, like Sinestro and Raven, can hit you anywhere on the field, and their projectiles are fast enough to hit you before you can hit them, even if they’re standing up from a knockdown. Like #1, you might get lucky, but I don’t recommend ever trying it. This also applies to the Flash. Despite having no projectiles, he can easily close the gap and hit you with a melee attack most of the time, and dodge the object the rest of the time.
    ---3. There are 4 types of interactables that I’ll talk about. I won’t list which characters you can use each attack against, as to beat The Max, you’ll have to know every character well enough to know these things anyway.
    ------a. First is the glass walls in Atlantis. You’re almost always guaranteed to successfully hit with this attack as long as your character isn’t at the maximum distance from you. You’re also almost always guaranteed to take a hit in the process. Your call.
    ------b. Next are the interactables that you activate from the ground and keep you on the ground when using them. This includes things like the globe in the Watchtower, the space pod in the Fortress of Solitude, and the gas tanks and toolchest on Ferris Air Field. These are the riskiest interactables and have the lowest chance of succeeding. They’re only ever safe against characters like Bane (no projectile attacks) and even then, only at maximum distance.
    ------c. Third are interactables that you activate on the ground, jump into the air, and throw downward, like the ground robots at the Hall of Justice or the tree in Themyscira. These are safe against the same characters as b, as well as characters that don’t have (or don’t use, for whatever reason) their high projectile attacks, like Superman, Shazam, Grundy, or Killer Frost. These are still quite risky though, as some characters, like Joker, can’t hit you in the air, but they CAN hit you before you ever make it into the air. Avoid any character with quick projectile attacks.
    ------d. Last are the interactables that you jump to activate and throw downwards like the lion heads on Themyscira or the TV monitors on Joker/Arkham Asylum. These are slightly safer than C, as you’re only at risk from characters with attacks that can hit you in the air. So even characters like Harley and Joker with quick projectile attacks that will stop you from using C projectiles can’t hit you with these as long as you have enough distance.
    ---4. Sometimes it’s worth going for interactables even knowing you’ll fail just to get them out of play. For example, if I go to throw a TV monitor at Sinestro, he WILL hit me with a meteor drop, but that meteor drop will do less damage to me than the TV will if he throws it himself. Know who the power characters are and who can use these interactables against you, and use your judgement.

    I've found that it's extremely difficult to win Max battles if you're using your meter for anything other than Swamp Hands. That means no supers, no meter burning other attacks, no block breaks, no clashes, and no wagering in the opponent's clash (or at least leaving yourself one bar). To this end, it becomes essential to learn to bait your opponents into hitting you with projectile attacks. The health chain combo doesn’t generate an entire bar of special meter by itself, so you’re going to have to take some damage to generate enough special meter for your next SH. A regular (non-MB) SH is great for this. Some characters will jump over it without counter attacking, and this still generates a bit of special for you, which might be enough. But even if they do hit you, as long as you’re far enough away, that’s all they can do – 1 hit (for the most part; a few characters like Sinestro, Aquaman, and Black Adam have multi-hit projectiles). This is FAR preferable to being on the receiving end of an entire combo. Going for interactables is another great way to bait them. Against the characters that you know will stop you, this is a quick way to elicit a hit from them. And if for some reason they don’t try to stop you, or they miss, you managed to take a big bite out of their life bar.

    Despite the fact that every character is supposed to be at maximum difficulty, it just doesn’t always feel that way, so don’t let yourself ever get too comfortable. Sometimes the computer just doesn’t go for the counter, and it walks right into your attack. Sometimes you can’t get a single attack out before it finishes you completely. If you aren’t an expert player (and I do mean expert), any one of the 24 characters can completely eat you alive. There is no such thing as a free win in this mode. Some characters can be beaten more reliably, but no character is ever a guarantee.

    Crouching 1-3 combo: This is a very quick 2 hit combo that is successful against most enemies as long as it’s timed right. You can often crouch to lure an enemy into close range, and the second hit of the combo will knock them down (assuming it connects, of course). This can be used to get an opponent into a vulnerable position to start your SH combos, and it’s also a relatively safe combo for biding your time and building up your special meter.

    Jumping 3: You can’t block in the air, so jumping is almost always a losing proposition in The Max. That being said, your jump+3 attack has more success than most other basic attacks in this mode. Certain characters are just really suckers for it for whatever reason (Joker, Harley, Shazam, and Superman come to mind, though there are others), and it can come in handy against some characters that counter you if you go for SH at close range. Don’t make it your bread and butter, but you should at least be comfortable with the timing of it – make sure you don’t hit 3 until you’re right next to your opponent; you should be making contact at the very beginning of the attack animation, not the end. Too early and you’ll get countered every time.

    Crouching 2: This move is rare but in specific circumstances, can come in handy and get you some special meter. The situation were I found this most useful was in regards to overhead interactables at the center of the stage, like the Fortress of Solitude and Ferris Air Hanger. I would start off the match by crouching, and rapidly pause/unpause to give me a chance to predict their jump. This allowed me to uppercut my enemy when they would go for the interactable, giving me the first attack special bar. I never had any success grabbing the interactable myself anyway so this was usually the best course of action. This move also came in handy when certain enemies got tired of my crouching 1-3 combos and tried to jump in on me. Truth be told they were usually successful, but once in a while I caught them.


    Shazam - Shazam is quite easy. The only thing to watch out for with Shazam is his Atlas Torpedo move. Initiate SH from too far away, and he'll use it, which evades SH. Learn your proper distance for Shazam, and he will have absolutely no answer for you. Your only challenge will be getting that special meter up without taking too much damage, but other than that, with mostly close-range attacks, short combos, and a very slow and easily evaded projectile, Shazam should generally be a cakewalk.

    Joker - No real trick to Joker. None of his attacks are dashing attacks that help him evade SH, his rolling laughing gas tank is very easy to see coming, and once you’re fluent enough with SH, he can’t shoot you fast enough to stop you.

    Grundy - For your mirror matches (which were quite rare to be honest, I fought Grundy exactly once), you'll run into the same problems that make this an effective strategy for you. Keep your twin at a distance or he'll use WC and go to combo town on you, and SH does not break through WC. Other than that, I felt like Grundy was an easy win. Your results may vary since I'm basing this off of a single fight, but for that exact reason, it probably doesn't matter.

    Bane - Use SH when Bane is about 1 dash away. Bane’s forward+3 attack makes him jump, so close-range SH will miss just about every time. Since you want to keep some distance from Bane, try not to corner him. The closer you are to Bane, the more perfect your timing has to be. If Bane does get you cornered, he can be hard to shake off since his stomping combo is fast enough to break you out of SH. WC can get you some breathing room.

    Harley Quinn – Harley has to be hit from around 1 dash away. Closer than 1 dash, and she will do her foot-first dive toward you which lets her evade SH and kick off her combo. As long as you keep out of range of that one attack, Harley rarely has an answer for you outside of her cupcake throwing move, but she doesn’t use that all that often for whatever reason. If she does use it, it will slow you down too much to close the gap and start your combo. Consider it a lost cause if she uses this move, regroup, and try again. The other thing to watch out for with Harley is her super move. It’s generally a blessing when a character goes for their super against you if it’s anyone but Harley, because obviously they burn off their entire special meter, and it often does less damage than a combo. In Harley’s case though, her super ends in a way that bounces you toward her, and her super can chain into a combo for a ridiculous amount of damage. Harley spent most of my time playing The Max in my “Hit or Miss” section, until I figured out a trick close to the end of my time dealing with The Max. When you go for a regular SH, Harley will almost always jump over it (like most characters), but once she’s within a certain distance, she’ll jump over it and shoot down at you. This attack does minimal damage but generates special meter for you just the same. Once I figured this trick out, I never lost to Harley again. Keep her at a distance, keep baiting her into doing this attack, and you’ll absolutely stomp her.

    ***HIT OR MISS
    Aquaman - Aquaman is irritating. His 8000-hit combo is just a chore to sit through (you know the one I mean), and his attacks have so much range that it's hard to maintain breathing room. SH can shrug off most of his attacks, so hitting Aquaman isn't too difficult, you just have to watch out for his mega-combo that does more damage than ours, and his character trait. If you see Aquaman activate Waters of Life (character trait), just back away. The computer is never very aggressive in The Max if you just walk backwards with a bit of space between you and the AI. Waters of Life fades fairly quickly, so you don't have to backpedal for long. Waters of Life lets Aquaman recover quickly from being juggled, so there's basically no way to use combos on him while it's active. As long as you're not cornered when he activates it, you should be ok. Close-range WC is also successful a lot of the time, as Aquaman is generally already going for an attack by the time you’re that close. Dashing toward him and immediately going for WC worked like a charm more often than not.

    Black Adam – Black Adam can be challenging just because he has several attacks that can hit you from almost anywhere on the screen, and he moves quickly. There are no special tricks to hitting Black Adam. Your best bet is to try to hit him with SH from at least 1 dash away, but he can close the distance quickly, so it’s difficult to keep him at a distance in the first place.

    Cyborg – Cyborg is a cakewalk if you can keep him at a distance, but that can be challenging to do. Once Cyborg gets in close, it’s very hard to get him off of you. One nice perk is that Cyborg’s character trait only gives him back a very minimal amount of health, and it leaves him standing in one place for long enough to hit him with an interactable or SH. His projectiles are also very slow moving.

    Nightwing - Nightwing's forward+3 involves him jumping, so he will simply do that if you attempt to hit him with Swamp Hands while he's at close range. If Nightwing gets you in a corner, it's over. Nightwing just has too many moves and too many ways to juggle you. Your only salvation under normal circumstances is that he can't immediately go into another combo because you get knocked away. So if you're in the corner... bad news. His moves hit far too fast for even a wakeup attack, so you're just doomed. Your only chance is one of his combos bouncing you over his head and on to the open side of the field. Nightwing is beatable, but only if you can keep him at a distance. The other factor to pay attention to is his stance. When Nightwing is in Eskrima Sticks stance, you have a much wider sweet spot to work with. He doesn’t have any moves that cover a significant amount of distance and get him off the ground, so as long as he’s out of melee range, you’re generally safe. When he’s in Staff stance though, his back+3 attack uses his staff as a pole to vault him forward. It gets him off the ground and moves him forward quickly. So if Nightwing isn’t at least a dash away, he’ll vault over SH and attack you. The other difference is that, when in Eskrima Sticks stance, Nightwing only has his ground sparks attack, which is a bit slow to start up, so you can safely hit him with interactables (2) from a distance. In staff stance, Nightwing can hit you anywhere on the field with his Ground Blast move, which hits quickly, so only jumping interactables are safe (and still only from a distance).

    Sinestro - Sinestro is way too fast with his projectiles, and if you try Swamp Hands from 1 dash away or more, he WILL interrupt you. Sometimes he uses his meteor drop, and that's just slow enough to successfully hit him with SH, but he'll be free by the time you stand up. It can be tricky to find an opening in his melee attacks since several of them dash toward you, but your best bet is hitting him from just inside 1 dash range. Once Sinestro was in melee range, he went for his back+3 attack 9 times out of 10, which is slow and keeps him in one place. Don’t go for SH until Sinestro is in melee range, and once he is, don’t hesitate.

    Green Lantern - GL is an opponent you need to keep at a distance, and never jump if you’re anywhere near him. Keep GL outside of 1 dash away, and make sure you’re comfortable using WC, as it is a fantastic trump card to use against all of his various projectile attacks.

    Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman is tricky because of her differing stances. In Lasso stance, she will always use her meter burn tiara throw when you go for SH, and 2 hits is enough to stop your attack. The worst part about this is that it's just enough time for the meter burn animation, so you'll lose that bar of meter but have nothing to show for it. If you're close enough to her, the hits are spaced out just enough to get SH out, and if you're right around the apex of the tiara throw, it'll only hit once. In Sword/Shield stance, she doesn’t use her shield throw nearly as often. She does use it, just less frequently, no idea why. WW also has more long-range moves in Lasso stance. Basically, be careful when she's in Lasso stance, and be more aggressive when she's in Sword/Shield stance.

    Killer Frost - Frost is another character with a long-range attack that can hit you anywhere, and her ice daggers are also quick enough to interrupt SH, so you'll need to hit her from the furthest distance you can manage while still being able to close the gap before SH ends. This is tough because you don’t have a millisecond to spare. If your timing is good enough, you can hit her before she actually throws the daggers, but most of the time, she’ll hit you with them. You need to be far enough away where you can activate SH, but close enough to close the gap before she’s free. When I stared writing this guide, I had KF categorized as unbeatable, just to give you an idea of how frustrating she can be.

    Superman - Superman is very hit and miss. Sometimes he really utilizes his flying attacks, so he's hard to hit, but other times, he's all about brute force, and he's very easy to hit. Use your jumping interactables if you're at least 1 dash away from him, and make good use of your crouching combo. I think part of what they fixed with the patch was Superman's aim. Any time I was crouched and Superman attempted his flying ground smash move, he almost always missed and landed behind me, leaving himself open for an attack. This was often the only time I could hit him with SH. I don’t know why, but Superman was one of the only characters who jumped away from SH, so the big trick to beating him is timing SH just right. One small note that I would utilize with caution: I felt like Superman fought using different techniques depending on the skin he used. I felt like Regime Superman didn’t jump as much and went for more straight punch combos, while regular Superman jumped more and was harder to hit. Again, that may have completely been in my head, especially considering that makes no sense for them to fight differently, but pay attention in your Superman fights and see what you think.

    Batman – Batman has a LOT of projectiles at his disposal between his grapple gun, his character trait, and his batarangs. His slide kick also lets him close distance quickly. Your saving grace with Batman is that most of his combos knock you away from him when they finish, so as long as you aren’t cornered, you have a chance. You want to go for SH just outside 1 dash with Batman. Sometimes Batman goes for his grapple gun, and sometimes it’s the batarangs, and I couldn’t identify a pattern to save my life. If he throws batarangs, they’re going to hit you and slow you down, so it might be difficult to close the gap in time. When he tries his grapple gun though, the rope(?) disappears as soon as SH hits him, so you’re free and clear to close in on him. Any closer than 1 dash, and Batman will slide at you, which is quick enough to allow him to escape SH.

    Hawkgirl – Hawkgirl is a rare member of the lineup, but when she’s there, she’s beatable. Hawkgirl is another character with a jumping smash attack, and inside of 1 dash, she’ll use her mace charge attack if you go for SH. This means you want to hit her with SH just outside of 1 dash-length. Since you’ll be more than 1 dash away, you’ll have to be quick to close the gap and hit her with your own smash attack to start the combo. The other tricky thing with Hawkgirl is her flying ability. If/when Hawkgirl takes to the air, just walk backwards. There’s no point trying to hit her in the air, and she usually won’t attack if you’re backpedaling. You can try to hit her with SH right when she lands, but the timing can be tough, and if often leaves her too far away to close the gap before she can move again. Hawkgirl has attacks that can hit you if you go for interactables, but she rarely utilized them against me, so I was able to hit her with interactables pretty reliably. She does HAVE the attacks to stop you though, so try them at your own risk.

    Raven - You have to hit Raven at close range. If you're at any kind of distance, she'll use her Soul Crush attack, which hits instantaneously. The start up animation is very short, and there's no travel time for the projectile to reach you, so your only chance is close range. This is difficult because Raven has a spinning attack that moves her forward. It doesn't quite have the range of a dashing attack but it's enough to give you a pretty small window to work with. I would also recommend NEVER going for interactables with Raven. She is just too fast with her Soul Crush attack. MAYBE you can hit Raven with an interactable once in a while, but her attack is so fast and can hit you anywhere on the screen, so I felt like it's just never worth it. If you just want to get the object out of play, sure, go for it, but never go for it with the goal of hitting her.

    Green Arrow – GA needs to be hit with SH from melee range. His dash move is quick enough where he’ll evade SH if you try it from any kind of distance. He’ll even dash if he’s at melee range, but he’ll dash toward you, and you’ll act as a wall for him to dash into, which means he’ll still be in the affected area when you launch SH, so it will grab him. The fact that you have to let GA get so close to hit him is what makes him such a challenging opponent. Any of the 24 characters are dangerous at close range, but nearly all the other characters can either be hit from further away, or their close-range attacks are slow enough where you have a pretty gracious period in which to hit them.

    Catwoman - Catwoman is very fast, has attacks that hit both high and low at the same time, and has a dashing move that lets her evade SH. You have to be at least 1 dash away from her to hit her with SH, otherwise she'll use her back+3 and completely evade it. The trick to Catwoman is keeping your distance, and that's very challenging to do with her. You also run into the problem that if you have too much distance, you can't close the gap quickly enough and probably have to use SH twice just to get your combo off. She also spends so much time in the air that it's difficult to reliably hit her with SH. Catwoman can be beaten relatively easily on a stage with lots of jumping interactables since she doesn’t have much of an answer for them, but since there’s no way to predict the stage you’ll fight her on, you don’t want to roll the dice on a later battle with her.

    Doomsday - Doomsday has so many dashing attacks that make it hard to keep any distance from him, and his Iron Skin ability lets him walk through most of your attacks. He's not unbeatable, but he requires a lot of aggression. He'll pound on you a LOT, so that should give you enough super meter to constantly be on him once he's wailed on you for a bit. As he's standing up from an attack, hit him with the next SH. Stay close enough to him where he won't use his Venom Tackle, and you should be able to continue hitting him with combos. The trick to Doomsday is hitting him with that first combo, though. Doomsday has had several perfect matches against me because I was never able to even get the first attack off. My only successes came from perfectly timed wakeup attacks and lucky crouching 1-3 combos, and those were rare.

    Ares - Ares is extremely difficult to hit. His teleportation move is instantaneous, and the fact that he ends up behind you puts you at a huge disadvantage. Ares therefore requires flawless timing to beat, because your only real chance is to time SH perfectly to hit him just as he stands up so that you can hit him in the very small window you have. As for how to get him down in the first place, a crouching 1-3 was the only way I had any kind of consistent success, but that only worked 75% of the time at best. Ares IS beatable but I got so frustrated with fighting up that I ended up treating him as unbeatable.

    Lex - His character ability lets him shrug off one hit no matter how powerful, and it recharges quickly. Combine that with attacks that can hit you anywhere on the field and some dashing moves, and he’s always going to be a hard-fought battle. The trick with Lex is to hit him with attacks that will drop his shield. His lance blast is slow-moving, and his orbital strikes take a bit to activate, so as long as you have some distance, you should be able to hit him with interactables or a regular SH to drop his shield. Make sure you’re at least 1 dash away from Lex before going for the SH, otherwise he’ll grab you with his gravity pull, and he can do that again and again. Again, Lex is VERY difficult to beat - most guides classify him as unbeatable with the Grundy strategy - but with the right timing, it’s doable.

    Deathstroke - He can interrupt any attack you throw at him with his dual pistols. Grundy is just too slow to be able to do anything against Deathstroke.

    Flash – Just too fast. Grundy is a slow moving character, and the Flash has too many ways to evade anything and everything you throw at him. You can occasionally hit him with one combo, but his character trait lets him inflict so much damage on you with a single combo that you’re VERY unlikely to pull it off enough times to win before he can destroy you.
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    Thanatos8285So now that I have completed Impossible, I wanted to post an update with tips for that battle, but it just isn't possible to go into the same amount of detail as I did with The Max. The Max is difficult because the computer reads your controller inputs, and it exploits every possible opening to inflict as much damage as possible with perfect strategies and combos. The ONLY saving grace of this is that it makes the computer predictable. I know that Raven WILL hit me with Soul Crush every time I go for an interactable. I know Sinestro WILL hit me with a meteor drop if I try SH from more than a dash away. That means I know exactly how to bait those characters into doing those moves, and I know exactly what not to do to avoid those things. You don't have that luxury with Impossible, but make no mistake, it's still FAR easier. I finished Impossible in 10-15 tries (over 2-3 days), compared with The Max's 350 (over a month). It's just a bit more frustrating because you never know what you're getting. The AI on Impossible is not as perfect, which leads to unpredictable strategies, so the kinds of tips I gave for The Max just aren't very useful. With that said, read on for my Impossible tips:

    I used Doomsday for Impossible. His Iron Skin ability saved me from several combos and gave me opportunities to hit my super move, as well as to hit level transitions. I only went for these sparingly, as they were always high-risk propositions, but sometimes I just needed that extra 10% of my health bar that bad.

    I relied on the standard Doomsday combo as my bread and butter - Body splash -> Square/Triangle/X combo -> Venom Tackle -> immediately dash forward once -> forward body splash -> repeat. You want to be jumping while they're still on the ground, and coming down on the with a body splash right when they're standing up. Sometimes I meter-burned my Venom Tackles, sometimes I didn't. I generally saved my special meter for MB Supernovas, though.

    MB Supernova: This is an essential move for closing the distance. Sometimes I timed my Venom Tackle poorly, or hit the enemy with an interactable, and usually finishing the first life bar sends your enemy tumbling away. These are generally your most vulnerable times, especially against characters that have a good skill set for keeping you at bay, like Sinestro, GL, and Aquaman. A MB Supernova drops you right on top of them and gives you your opening to start up your combos. Only Sinestro had a good counter for this move, as his meteor drop is fast enough to knock you out of the sky. He didn't always do it though, so try it a few times, and if he meteor drops you every time, change tactics.

    Iron Skin: Your character trait. Unfortunately your moves can still be interrupted while Iron Skin is active, but you take less damage, and you can't be knocked down, so you're at least safe from huge combos. Iron Skin does take a few frames to activate, so I never activated it unless my opponent had just been knocked down. A few other things to keep in mind: Superman's character trait lets him destroy Iron Skin, so don't sacrifice an opening for an attack just to activate it, as he may just activate his own character trait and nullify it. You also do still take damage so don't get reckless and stupid and end up knocked out. Lastly, Iron Skin's duration is shorter than your super move animation, level transitions, and the transition between opponent life bars. If you want to activate it so that you can achieve one of those three things, go for it, but if you want to keep it active, don't do it right before one of those 3 events, because you'll have wasted it.

    As I said, the characters are too unpredictable to give extensive notes. What I will say though, is that certain characters are a huge pain, and you do NOT want to face them later in your lineup. These characters are Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, and Catwoman. All 5 of these characters have upward attacks that they furiously abuse when you go for body splashes, and since that's an essential component of Doomsday's combo, they're very problematic. Since the AI isn't set to Very Hard, you'll still be able to hit all of them from time to time, but the more of these that you can face in your first 10 fights, the better. If you end up getting them later, spam your interactables, make sure you keep Iron Skin active as much as possible, and cross your fingers.

    That's all for Impossible. Luck plays a much bigger role in Impossible than it did in The Max, but overall it was much easier to beat. You just need patience. There will very likely be times where you face an opponent at a very low number, like 9 or 10, who will stomp you, and you'll question how you're ever supposed to make it to 24 if 9/10 is this hard. Just hang in there. The difficulty is erratic, and while you may get dropped all the way to your last 1/10th of a life bar in fight number 10, fights 11-16 may all be total stomps in your favor, and you might regain your entire life bar. During my successful run, Catwoman almost finished me at fight number 16 (we're talking barely 2-3 pixels of life left), but 17-23 were all very easy fights, and I walked into fight 24 against Black Adam at full health. The only time I recommend quitting and trying again is if you can see one of the 5 fighters I mentioned waiting for you anywhere in the 20-24 range. It's just not worth the frustration. You might win, but probably not, and your time is better spent trying again (to say nothing of how much you'll be sparing your mental health).

    Good luck!
    Posted by Thanatos8285 on 18 Apr 18 at 17:05
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