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Astute Recruiter trophy in Digimon Survive

Astute Recruiter

Recruited a Free Monster.

Astute Recruiter0
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How to unlock the Astute Recruiter trophy

  • KanadianKeizerKanadianKeizer
    29 Jul 2022 29 Jul 2022 02 Aug 2022
    Story related and unmissable.
    Shortly after regrouping at the school you'll be given a tutorial on Free Battles from the map menu.
    During this battle you'll be taught how to threaten bribe blackmail convince Digimon into joining your party.

    For a more in-depth explanation:

    You must select "Talk" when in a Free Battle and press cn_R1 to select the "Foe" list.
    From there you can select a Digimon (one that is faded out isn't a Digimon you can talk to) and they will ask you a series of questions that can range from their favorite food to their opinion of you.

    The "best" answer fills 2 bars, the "good" answer fills 1, the "bad" answer takes away 1, and the "worst" answer takes away 2.
    It is a total guessing game on what the correct answer is however the same species of Digimon ask the same questions (albeit randomly) and the answer never changes (from my experience, anyway).
    When a meter is filled at least halfway (3 bars) you can ask the Digimon to join you or ask it for an item.

    Above the option to join is a percentage. This number is based on two factors: the type of Digimon you're trying to convince and your karama in relation to that type.
    Moral/Red makes it easier to persuade Virus types (the angry sun icon)
    Wrath/Yellow increases the chance to recruit Data types (the cube icon)
    Harmony/Green makes it more likely to recruit Vaccine types (the tear drop icon).

    Since karma is improved through dialogue options there's no way to revert or alter the karma without booting up an older save or restarting so pick wisely!

    If you find it difficult to recruit a specific Digimon you can press cn_start and restart the battle using the answers you know give the best reactions.
    If all the Digimon fail to join the battle will end so you'll have to enter a new one. If you want you can, again with cn_start, forfeit the match to return to the map screen and repeat the process to cycle through potential enemies as desired.
    You must also use a partner Digimon (one with a human) to use the talk feature in Free Battle and if you're just farming chances to befriend a Digimon you can start the battle by pressing cn_start after you place your first Digimon instead of loading up your entire roster.
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