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I am Speed trophy in Stray (PS4)

I am Speed

Complete the game in less than 2 hours.

I am Speed0
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How to unlock the I am Speed trophy

  • SurfingRazielSurfingRaziel
    Locked 20 Jul 2022 20 Jul 2022
    I would advise you playthrough the game first and collect the other trophies before tackling this one, the potential multiple playthroughs will get you familiarised with the levels and objectives contained within. that being said, only two levels can really be called Hub like levels The Slums and Midtown, the rest are a very linear affair and will mostly be running from point A to B as fast as you can dodging anything that is a threat.

    Here is a video of my successful run with the trophy popping at the end, if you want a visual guide for what I did and how to replicate it for yourself. This clocked out at around 1 hour and 40 minutes, give or take the starting of the stream and so on.

    There are a few things you can do to speed up your playthrough; firstly running all the time will help you immensely, so get used to holding down cn_R2.

    Secondly skip all dialogue with the cn_S and end all dialogue with the cn_O if at anytime you forget what your objective is press cn_down and this will remind you what to do and not waste your time panicking.

    Here are also some tips to manage your time more effectively and to show which parts of what quests to start first to maximise your efficiency.

    The Slums: immediately after taking to the Guardian robot and showing him the postcard, climb up to the robots throwing paint and interrupt them with a meow; this will gain us access to the Super Spirit Detergent later. Now just grab all three Notebooks from the Outsiders apartments and then visit Momo.

    After the platforming section to attach the Transmitter you will meet Momo at the bar and then leave to meet Seamus, now collect the Super Spirit Detergent you unlocked earlier on your way to Seamus's apartment.

    Now with the Broken Tracker in paw go to the trading robot and trade the Super Spirit Detergent for the Electrical Cable and give it to Grandma to knit into a Blanket. Now head to Elliot's apartment giving him the Blanket first and then the Broken Tracker for him to fix it. Then just play the game normally from here.

    Midtown: after arriving in Midtown go straight Residential Area to find Clementine and destroy two of the Cameras on your way up the one of the right and the one at the back, remembering to take out the last one on your way back from meeting Clementine. Don't forget to talking to the dancing robot for a Cassette Tape, before heading straight for the bar.

    Wake up the sleeping robot and then make a beeline for the clothing store with the Workers Jacket, use the Cassette Tape and steal the Workers Jacket. Then go to Blazer, handing him the note and then the Workers Jacket. After this go back towards the bar and jump in the box outside the hat store, just in time for the sleeping robot to get his lazy ass back to work. Now steal the Workers Helmet and then return to Blazer for a brief cutscene of him carrying you in a box into the factory.

    Now from here on you will have security drones on patrol, none of these are particularly hard and so just be patient with your timing. You can skip the first secruity drone in the the forth room, by walking around the crates near the lever for the shortcut back. Same advice for the Residential Area, just take your time and remember the layout from your previous visits.

    Now very final advise is to play with a fresh save file and not restart from the beginning using Chapter Select. I had to complete this twice because the trophy didn't pop up and here is the second video as proof. Either video will help you out, neither were cutting it too close, so I hope you all have a quick and easy run.
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    dshiznt3161when does the timer start? when we gain control of the cat or when the cut scene starts at the beginning?
    Posted by dshiznt3161 On 03 Aug 22 at 00:02
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