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Pacifist trophy in Stray


Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.

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How to unlock the Pacifist trophy

  • DarthTigoreDarthTigore
    07 Jan 2023 10 Jan 2023 10 Jan 2023
    Starting with the first time you get off the boat in the Sewers until you run under the closing door, don’t use the light (cn_L1) to kill Zurks. You are allowed to use the environment and to shake them off (cn_O). In the first encounter, make sure you run in, flip the switch, and wait on the barrels until the boat arrives.

    Then in the large room with a switch and two doors, run in flip the switch, shake off any Zurks, then circle around the left side. When you reach the next tunnel with platforms in the middle, jump to the platforms after most of the Zurks drop off. After the platforms, hug the right wall up the ramp then zig-zag down the remainder of the corridor.

    Next, in the room with 2 hackable panels, start the hack on the right panel and immediately turn around and start backtracking. Jump between segments to put some distance between you and the Zurks and keep to the right side when approaching the left panel.

    In the final chase sequence, move left/right down the initial tunnel. Then, use the walkways to lure the Zurks in one direction, while running the other way. Alternate paths when available. Once you reach the closing door, the trophy will unlock.

    This video shows the full path taken in the Sewers to earn the Pacifist trophy while grabbing the 3 collectibles in the chapter.

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    DrEldarionJust wanted to note that if you die at any point it doesn't matter. You can just keep retrying any sections you fail and as long as you never kill any zurks, you'll still be good for the trophy.
    Posted by DrEldarion on 01 Apr 23 at 14:49
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  • Jeff-ChobJeff-Chob
    21 Jul 2022 21 Jul 2022 21 Jul 2022
    Simply put, just don’t hit cn_L1 (L1) on your controller when in the Sewers and this trophy will pop at the end of the section.

    Once you enter the Sewers after leaving the Slums and get on the boat with Momo, all you need to do is simply not use the Defluxor to kill a single Zurk (basically meaning don’t touch the cn_L1 (L1) button when near Zurks) until the end of the Sewers section.

    You can explode all of the egg sacs you come across in the Sewers by running though / past them, and the Zurks can kill themselves / explode trying to attach to you or when you detach them from yourself when mashing cn_O (O). Dying to the Zurks is absolutely fine too…

    Just as long as you can resist the temptation to hit cn_L1 (L1) at any point in the Sewers, you’ll 100% get this trophy at the end of the section!
  • SlayeretteSeanSlayeretteSean
    15 Jul 2022 19 Jul 2022 19 Jul 2022
    Once you reach The Sewers you will be tasked with making it to the end of this level without killing a single Zurk. While it probably sounds like quite a daunting task, it shouldn't provide you with too much of a challenge to complete.

    For the most part, you should be able to run away from most encounters and dodge the pesky little Zurks that are pursuing you. There will be two areas that may cause you a problem or two, the first is a dark room that is overflowing with Zurk eggs, you will most likely pop a few even if you are being careful. What you are looking for is a lever that is on a pillar in front of the two big metal doors that will open up once you pull said lever. Then you can make a break for it, dodging more encroaching Zurk's

    The room may cause you some pain!The room may cause you some pain!

    The second area that may cause you trouble and a few deaths is a large room that has many eyes lining the fleshy walls. You will first need to avoid a bunch of Zurk eggs and make your way to the back of the room, jumping on some barrels that bob in the murky waters.

    Keep your eyes out for two of these at the back of the room!Keep your eyes out for two of these at the back of the room!

    You are looking for two of the above switches that B-12 can hack into that will open the giant metal door to the side of either switch. Once you hack one of the switches, all the eyes in the room will open up and a swarm of Zurk's will try to stop you from reaching the other switch. Dodge to the best of your abilities and make it to that other switch. Once the door is open you can safely jump onto more barrels that are floating in the water and make your escape.

    Once you reach the next room your weapon to attack the Zurk's will be destroyed so you will have to dodge the final Zurk's that swarm you. Thankfully you should be a pro at avoiding these nasty little critters, so this final chase sequence shouldn't cause too many issues. Once you make it to the end of the room and run under the large metal door that is closing, you will earn this lovely little gold trophy!
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