Elixir of Fate trophy in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Elixir of Fate

Made a potion with the Essence of Fate.

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How to unlock the Elixir of Fate trophy

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    Okay, to net this one you'll first obviously need some Essence of Fate reagents. Essence of Fate is acquired two different ways. The first is to simply collect it like you would off a plant just like any other reagent, however there are very few of these plants in the world and they tend to be closer to the end game areas of the game. Some earlier areas that only have one plant each are in the Southwest region of Ettinmere and west of the Ballads Oratory in a small cave here by the lake (guarded by a Crudok).

    The other way to net this reagent (which is much more common) is to continually Fateshift enemies whenever your Fate meter is full. Every time you do this, there is a small percentage that an enemy will have an Essence of fate on their body which is able to be looted. If, like myself,you used your Fateshifting ability often, by the time you're level 20 you should have near a dozen of these already, but again it is a random percentage it will be on an enemy.

    Either way, once you have Essence of fate there are a number of high level alchemy potions you can make with it. As with the other skills, you need to put some points into this one so using our standard fateweaver trick is recommended if you don't favor Alchemy in your character's playthrough (or using an Alchemy potion).

    Once your Alchemy level is above 5 (allowing you to create potions with 4 reagents) then head to an Alchemy table and select "Experiment". If you only have one or two Essence of Fate then create the following recipe:
    - 1 Cripplespore Cap
    - 1 Sky Blossom
    - 1 Star Thistle
    - 1 Essence of Fate.

    This will create a Greater Phasewalking potion (causes invisibility for a brief period of time).

    Another FANTASTIC potion to have if you don't mind using 4 Essences of Fate is a Fate Potion (created by combining 4 Essences of Fate) This potion instantly refills your Fate meter to full and is extremely useful towards the end game.
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    chargerstophI attempted your solution early, around level 12, without having the recipe and did not unlock the trophy. One level later, I obtained another essence and tried again, using the recipe I had previously created and the trophy unlocked. I don't know if that is an actual thing, but it happened to me.
    Posted by chargerstoph on 10 Oct 13 at 07:29
    Slider257@chargerstoph - Sounds like you might have encountered one of the (sadly) many glitches in the game. I remember a year or so back on the Xbox 360 version of the game where I had finished all the requirements for the "Green Thumb" achievement and wound up having to collect an additional 5 of some of the earlier reagents (I didn't keep exact track) before the achievement unlocked.

    I can confirm you do not need to "know" the recipe for the trophy to unlock as I did not know a single reagent recipe and created a health potion and unlocked the other alchemy related trophy.
    Posted by Slider257 on 10 Oct 13 at 18:02
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