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Motor Mash King

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How to unlock the Motor Mash King trophy

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    22 Nov 2014 21 Nov 2014
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    Credits for this solution to SecondHeartbeat (TrueAchievements), user and estimated XBOX gamer.


    1- Wreck your rival
    2- Earn 50 points in one motor mash event
    3- Win a motor mash event

    To wreck your rival your going to want to concentrate all of your attacks on the car with the arrow above it. This can be frustrating if everyone keeps stealing your wreck but it's easy to accomplish.

    As for the other two, they are easily accomplished after reaching Rank 30. Equip yourself with the Mod which enables you to fragment mines by driving close to them. Spend all your efforts looking to fragment the mines which are dropped and only directly attack cars if you're not going out of your way to do so. The mines will fragment if you crash into them but you can do without getting wrecked because it will cost you time and give your opponents points. Also power-ups can fragment mines but they can be used in better ways.

    This should gain you a ton of points on it's own but you can gain even more..

    Once your reach Rank 40 equip the decoy mod which turns all of your dropped power ups into decoys, alongside the fragmenting mines mod. Now do as before but this time every power-up which you pick up, just drop it as a decoy (unless you pick up a mine, in which case you may want to fire it out in front of you and fragment it or headshot an oncoming opponent). Doesn't particularly matter where you drop the decoys because everybody seems to be incredibly reckless in this game mode. Though the best places to drop them are high traffic areas and right behind power-ups.

    The only reasons you may not win the match are if others are doing the exact same thing and are more efficient than you at doing it, there simply aren't many mines being dropped or your facing smart opponents (unlikely). The majority of your opponents will likely fall incredibly short. Trust me, using this method I gained a Winning Streak x10 and in my last game on the figure of 8 track I scored 218 points. Hope this helps you out.
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