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Amplified Warrior

Equip a Mark III battle skill in the single player campaign.

Amplified Warrior0
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How to unlock the Amplified Warrior trophy

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    Basically, for this trophy, you need to have a weapon that can hold 3 battle skill slots, so that way you're able to equipped a Level 3 battleskill (takes up all 3 spots). Once you buy yourself a 3 battleskill slot weapon, go over to the battle skills screen, and select the weapon that can hold 3 slots, then select a level 3 battle skills (will have a "III" at the end)

    The earliest weapon I found to become available in the shot with 3 battle skill slots was right after completing the "Father and Son" mission, you'll be put into the hanger before you start your next mission "Defense of Constantine". The weapon that you're able to buy at that point for the trophy is a left and/or right shoulder (up to you) homing missile launcher, called the "Piz 6 Rev3", its cost is $3250.

    If you don't want to waste your money on a homing missile launcher for your shoulder for this trophy, or want to wait and see what other weapons there are to offer for this trophy, then proceed onto the "Defense of Constantine" mission and complete it. Afterwards, you'll have more weapons with 3 battle skill slots, these weapons will be: -

    Left Arm
    Melee: Heavy Pile - $4500
    Shield: Firewall Heavy 2 - $6000
    Burst Machine Gun: Mostro II - $5500
    Shotgun: Kirishima III - $3600

    Right Arm
    All the same as Left Arm, except one
    Bazooka: Banish 2 - $7000

    Left Shoulder
    Rocket Launcher: Albatross mk II - $6250
    Grenade Launcher: Skau 2 - $1750
    Missile Launcher: Celece XE - $4250 ~ Piz 6 rev 4 - $2750
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