Grimm's Dark Trip Back trophy in Twisted Metal

Grimm's Dark Trip Back

Complete the Grimm story on any difficulty.

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How to unlock the Grimm's Dark Trip Back trophy

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    The Dual Juggernauts, Electric Cage, A Race To Battle, and the Iron Maiden Battle are probably going to be the most irritating events for you to beat. Here's what I recommend doing for them:

    And with a car, you must think that the Juggernaut events are a pain. But since you've unlocked the Talon from beating The Brothers Grimm, you can pick up some Mega Guns (indicated by a very green hue, NOT to be confused with the Remote Bomb, which has a pale green hue) and use them on the Juggernauts. Firing your missiles when using Mega Guns is highly reccomended, as it will kill them faster. Shoot them from behind, as you'll take less damage than the front and up close. Shield against their firepower. With these in mind, do the same to the other Juggernaut. You just have to know where the Mega Guns are.

    Then afterwards, it reverts back to the original Death Match. If you plan to stay as the Talon, keep this in mind: they love freezing you. So you gotta Shield against them when possible. If you aren't comfortable with the Talon, then stick with a vehicle with high armor like Sweet Tooth or Outlaw. Make sure you have high-armored cars in the Garage, too.

    Ugh... Electric Cages suck... Don't you think? My best advice to you here is to stick with heavily armored vehicles that do lots of damage. The Outlaw and Sweet Tooth are both excellent choices for this map. The Talon, Reaper, and Kamikaze are all death traps and shouldn't be selected.

    It may be smart to try out the map a few times to get the pattern of the Electric Cage down before trying to tackle this event. It's really a matter of being able to kill all the competition before your Grace Period runs out, so as long as you are ready for a potentially lengthy match (that may cause a few headaches), you might be able to take this on without much trouble.

    This race is different than the last race. You are still driving under gates, but this time you aren't blowing everyone up yet. You simply have to be in the top four positions to complete the first segment of this event. Use Kamikaze, as he is more durable than Reaper and has a pretty damn impressive amount of speed when used in conjunction with turbo boosts.

    The final four will then face off in a stadium at the end of the race, which is the typical Twisted Metal "kill everyone" gameplay. Destroy the remaining cars to complete the event. The track can be annoying on your first few tries, so it's best to try this out a few times before actually beating it.

    The Iron Maiden boss battle is long and annoying. Pick a car with durability. Once again, I'm recommending Sweet Tooth or the Outlaw. Pretty much any armored vehicle will work. Anyway, let's jump into this thing head-first and talk about the first part of this multi-part boss battle from hell.

    The first goal is to shoot the Iron Maiden robot with rockets. The Iron Maiden is a giant robot piloted by fellow Twisted Metal competitor, Dollface. The first thing you'll notice probably is the truck equipped with missiles, as Calypso points it out during the opening cutscene to this event. But before you can do anything with it, you need to find a "leader" to sacrifice.

    Take notice of the limos driving around this area attacking you. Use your map to locate the red limo, which contains the leader. Destroy that car and then run over the driver to kidnap the leader. Destroy all the other limos and then drive to the back of the truck. Because they will just annoy the hell out of you while you stay behind the truck. You have to sit tight and wait for a meter to fill. Do your best to shield against the attacks of the Iron Maiden while the meter fills. When it's full, you'll toss the leader into the grinder sticking out of the truck, giving access to a remote-controlled missile.

    Pilot the missile into the robot, whilst avoiding its mid-air attacks. Use the Analog Sticks to control it. The left is to pilot it, the right is to speed it up. You can also use Shield with the missile, but it costs fuel. Don't hit the top or it will explode and you'll have to destroy the limos again. Once the missile hits, the next phase will begin.

    The truck will start driving away, with a green circle following behind it. Destroy the other red limo, but don't bother destroying the white limos this time. Since you're mobile, they won't knock you away from the back of the truck and prevent you from sacrificing the leader. With the leader in your possession, drive behind the truck and remain in the green circle long enough for the meter to fill.

    Take control of the missile again. Pilot the missile into the Iron Maiden for a second time to cause the Iron Maiden to flip out. Then turn your attention to the Iron Maiden itself and shoot it with weapons you picked up.

    The Iron Maiden will then throw up an Electric Cage. Stay within the Electric Cage and follow the Iron Maiden around the map. If your meter runs out this time, there is no "Grace Period". Just death.

    After the Iron Maiden's health has been nearly depleted, the fight will resume in clear shot of the Iron Maiden's face. Avoid all her attacks as you drive along the bridge. Zig and zag to the left and to the right and don't let up on her. When her health meter is finally completely depleted, the Iron Maiden will lose her grip and fall off the side of the bridge.

    When the dust settles, drive around a bit until the Iron Maiden reappears, but this time head-only. Resume attacking it with all you've got until its health bar has been depleted. This will mark the end of this grueling event.

    I hope this helped you. You don't even know how difficult the Iron Maiden battle is. The good thing is that when you die in a part of the battle, you resume from there. But you don't on Twisted difficulty.
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