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The Sandy Blade

Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah.

The Sandy Blade0
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  • TheRonamonTheRonamon58,937
    18 Dec 2013 19 Dec 2013
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    Kurt Ziza is one of the easiest secret bosses and I did this at level 62 on Proud mode, here is my strategy.

    Step 1 - Cast Aero straight away since he dispells your magic for a while, then destroy the balls on his hand
    Step 2 - Smash him while he's fallen
    Step 3 - He'll be behind a barrier and you have to destroy it with magic, at this point I summoned Bambi and kept on casting Gravity on him
    Step 4 - Smash him again
    Step 5 - Same as step one, but this time he does a spinning attack towards you, when he spins vertical, roll to the side, and when he spins horizontical, roll underneath him

    it just repeats from there, keep an Elixer or two on you to speed up the process of the second barrier.
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