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How to unlock the Puzzling Master trophy

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    There are 8 challenges in the game, all of which must be completed to earn this trophy. Simply follow the steps below for each challenge.

    Challenge 1. Garruk

    1. Cast both Angelic Blessing's on Skyhunter Skirmisher. This will make it 7/7.
    2. Attack with Skyhunter Skirmisher. You can attack with everything else as well but there's no need to.

    Challenge 2. Elspeth

    1. Cast Threaten on her Soul Warden. This will bring it over to your control.
    2. Cast Raging Goblin.
    3. Attack with the 3 creatures you can. She can only block 2 of your creatures.

    Challenge 3. Garruk

    1. Activate Elvish Piper's ability - target the Roughshod Mentor in your hand to put it onto the battlefield.
    2. Attack with your 3 Grizzly Bears. When your opponent declares his blockers, stop the timer.
    3. With the timer stopped, cast all 3 Giant Growth's on a single Grizzly Bear that's being blocked by a Civic Wayfinder.

    Challenge 4. Chandra

    1. Cast Megrim.
    2. Cast Ravenous Rats.
    3. Attack with the 5 creatures you can. She will survive the attack with 4 life but then take 4 damage from card effects.

    Challenge 5. Liliana

    1. Cast Elvish Eulogist. You will get an Elf Warrior token as well.
    2. Cast Elvish Warrior. This will give you another Elf Warrior token.
    3. Cast Eyeblight's Ending on her Nightmare and destroy it. You'll get a 3rd Elf Warrior token.
    4. Activate your Immaculate Magistrate's ability - target your Elven Riders to make it 13/13.
    5. Attack with Elven Riders. You can attack with everything else as well but there's no need to.

    Challenge 6. Chandra

    1. Activate Prodigal Pyromancer's ability - target Chandra to deal 1 damage to her.
    2. Cast Boomerang - target the Persuasion that's attached to Prodigal Pyromancer. This will return Persuasion to your hand and send Prodigal Pyromancer back to Chandra.
    3. Cast Persuasion on her Raging Goblin. This will bring it under your control.
    4. Attack with the 4 creatures you can.

    Challenge 7. Nissa

    1. Cast Terror on her Elvish Champion and destroy it.
    2. Attack with the 7 creatures you can.
    3. When prompted, activate your Flameblast Dragon's ability - target your own Sprouting Thrinax, dealing 3 damage to it and destroying it. Doing this will summon more tokens, boosting the tokens you are already attacking with to 6/6, thanks to Nissa's Coat of Arms, giving you enough damage to win.

    Note: If you haven't already got it, you should get the Devastator trophy after completing Challenge 7 as well.

    Challenge 8. Liliana

    1. Cast Incinerate on her Royal Assassin and destroy it.
    2. Cast your other Incinerate on her Ravenous Rats and destroy it as well.
    3. Cast Pariah on her Platinum Angel.
    4. Cast Sangrite Surge on your Knight of the Skyward Eye to make it 5/5.
    5. Activate your Knight of the Skyward Eye's ability to make it 8/8.
    6. Attack with Mistmeadow Skulk and Knight of the Skyward Eye.
    7. During the Damage step, stop the timer when your opponents Dread begins to activate.
    8. With the timer stopped, activate Brion Stoutarm's ability - target yourself and sacrifice your Knight of the Skyward Eye. Instead of damaging yourself, the damage is re-directed to her Platinum Angel because of Pariah. With Platinum Angel destroyed, you are now able to win the game.

    With all 8 challenges done, you should now have the trophy.
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