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Defender trophy in Dragon Age: Origins


Preserved the lives of half the troops at Denerim's Gates in "The Final Battle"

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How to unlock the Defender trophy

  • GrimmLAN13GrimmLAN13
    11 May 2014 11 May 2014
    The area that this trophy counts in are the areas before you enter Fort Drakon. As long as you don't summon any of your allies, this trophy is yours. Then you can summon your allies on the rooftop to 'help' with the final battle.
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  • strifekunstrifekun
    31 Aug 2014 06 Sep 2014
    Like GrimmLAN13 said, the easiest way to do this is to not summon any allied troops to help you throughout the final quest.

    Though if you want to use your troops, there is a way to keep them alive. You just need to level them up. The emissaries at your camp /do/ serve a purpose, and when give the correct items, will level your troops up.

    * Golems - are at max level and don't require any items (4 troops, lvl 15)
    * Werewolves - are at max level and don't require any items (16 toops, lvl 12)

    Dalish - Elfroots, deep mushrooms, metal shards, deathroots - Max troops 50 + Max lvl 9 - 10 xp per item
    Redcliffe - Money - Max troops 50 + Max lvl 7 - 10 xp for 50 silver; 42 xp for 2 sovereigns; 225 xp for 10 sovereigns; 750 xp for 30 sovereigns
    Dwarves - Sapphires, Amethysts, Malachites, Topazes - Max troops 50 + Max lvl 9 - 10 xp per gem
    Mages - Runes (no grandmasters) - Max troops 12 + Max lvl 10 - 10 xp per rune
    Templars - Runes (no grandmasters) - Max troops 16 + Max lvl 12 - 10 xp per rune

    There is no good way to tell if your troops have been leveled up. Some people like to go by what the emissaries say after you've deposited items, but it's not conclusive.

    (some info taken from the da wiki)
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