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Minimalist trophy in The Forgotten City


Reach the best ending with the smallest number of loops

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How to unlock the Minimalist trophy

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed
    21 Nov 2021 21 Nov 2021 21 Nov 2021
    You can do this in just three jumps, like I did.

    Heavy Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

    First Run
    Skip the tour and run to the clinic in the forum, and talk to the doctor to find out what she needed. DO KOT PROGRESS THIS FURTHER.

    Next go across to Vergil's store and talk to him about the grafitti and tell him you'll help. Again, do not follow this further.

    Go back to the aparatments you passed on the waybin to town and go to
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Next we'll set up some other bits, take the back entrance out the apartment building turn right and eventually, you'll come to a hut with a golden woman and a chest it in. Take the bottle of wine and head back to the apartment building, once inside take the set of stairs on your right (next to Livia) and take the key in the chest in the left hand room. Now head to the clinic and open that chest. Next climb the stairs going up towards the Great Temple by heading left out of the marketplace (as if heading for Malleous' villa) and take the back route passed the toilets and climb the wall, reading the note on the damaged temple, head back the way you came. Walk up to Fabia and tell her not to hide in the temple and then tell the Assassin to go in to the Temple.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Head up to the great Temple and witness a horrible event, jump down in to malleolus' Villa and talk to him, tell him you know who he really is and that you'l find proof, don't ask him to pull out the elections just yet. Grab the key to the front door and then head upstairs, convince his wife to side with you saying you don't like a beautiful woman being locked up. Then telling her you'll keep the letter.
    Go down and talk to Malleolus and tell him to withdraw from the race using the letter as blackmail. Head outside and fond Equita and talk to her about the underworld and accept the quest to find out more about how people came to be here.

    Walk around asking everyone until you have three topics to talk to her about. Go back to her and talk about them all, follow her to the bath house and exhaust all options until the tablet quests appear.

    Go back to Fabia and talk about Vergil, she'll mention Rufius was near his shop, talk to the doctor and tell her you know the cure for his condition and then talk tk Rufius to give him the bark. You can convince him to not only leave Vergil alone, but also to give us the key for the Roman Shrine.

    At this point commit a crime by stealing the resin from Desius' stall to help Iulia and then run to the Temple we came in at and time jump.

    Second run
    During this run we'll tell Galerius to help Iulia, help Fabia, help Rufius and remove Malleolus from the election race.

    Next is a painful moment, wait for Galerius to finish his chores and then talk to him, speak plainly with him and then head to the theatre, from here enter the caves and hug the right hand wall until you see a thin walkway on your right, follow this to a locked gate, use Rifius' key on the gate and get the Roman Tablet.

    This run is almost over. Hopefully, Galerius has nominated himself (I did find every now and then he'd decide to disappear and not do what he is supposed to do). Start the election. If you did everything correctly, Galerius will be the new Magistrate. Go to where Duli is imprisoned and wait til the cell is opened. Pick up the Greek Tablet. You can't stop what happends next, Duli will steal something and we have to use the time loop again. DULI!!!!!

    Final run
    You'll now have two tablets in your possession. The Greek and Roman tablets.

    Now, some people will tell you you need the Golden Bow, this isn't true, you can skip it entirely and it just adds length to a run that's really short.

    As usual send Galerius off on his rounds and wait for him to be finished, talk to him like normal and then head to the temple next to the one that Fabia normally spawns at. The bottom right hand side of the main statue jas a crawl space underneath it. Head down there and have a philosophy debate with the old hermit and ask about Kabash. He'll give you a key to the catacombs eventually and you can run this entire section easily without having to fight. When you get to the big chamber where peeled gold weirdos spawn, run up the building on your right. upto the roof, across the board and then down toward Kabash. Talk to him and get the Egyptian Tablet and then jump down for the sumerian tablet. Pick it up in the water and run through, when you trigger the buttons step to one side and let the boulder passed.

    Talk down Kabash at the "boss fight" and then sprint out of the final bit.

    Now, once back in the city. We will be going up to the Great temple. Put the tablets in the obelisk and then come back down and start the elections. Sprint back up to the great temple ans enter it. The Gods order is descending if you've forgotten Pluto - Hades - Osiris - Kerbal. Then go in to talk down the God of the Underworld.
    Doing the requirements for "Psycho" will not unlock the trophy.
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